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Generation 12: Return of the Hero

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For the in-game script of this Generation, see Script - Generation 12: Return of the Hero.

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G12 Title.png
Chapter 3 Mainstream Icon.png
  • To start Generation 12, you must have completed Generation 11 or get your cumulative level to 450 and talk to Duncan.

Generation 12: Return of the Hero is the final piece to Chapter 3. The war between the Royal Alchemists and the Corrupted Alchemists continue within the plot, but meanwhile, the King of the Gods, Nuadha, makes his return, but has sinister plans for the other Gods, their city Falias, and the Milletian.

Changes in Generation 12 Due to Updates

NPCs involved in Return of the Hero

Threat of the Homunculus

Threat of the Homunculus

Sinead.png Name Threat of the Homunculus NPC Sinead

  1. Talk to Sinead in Rath Castle 2F to receive the Tara shadow mission, Investigate the Homunculus Experiment. The mission has no time limit.
    • The difficulty of this mission is not fixed on Intermediate and may scale all the way up to Hard.
    • The mission starts north of Tara and takes the same path as Shadow Cast City. Head towards the square defeating three waves of enemies.
      • Sulfur Spiders will Self-Destruct upon death. Caution is advised.
    • You will encounter a Boy. Talk to him, then fight a fourth wave of monsters.
    • Talk to the boy once more to have him lead the way. The boy will run to the barrier at the town square.
      • You don't actually have to follow him, you can ride a mountable pet to the barrier and wait for him.
    • Talk to the boy to unlock the barrier. Enter to fight the boss, Corrupted Alchemist X 3. After clearing, manually exit the mission.
  2. Talk to Sinead.
  3. Complete the quest (18,000 EXP) and wait for the next quest to arrive.

Arat Alchemy Society

Secret Lair Pass.png Name Arat Alchemy Society NPC Collen, Jenna, James, Helvetius

All party members on this quest will also receive completion.


  1. Talk to Collen at Taillteann's church to receive the Taillteann shadow mission, Arat Alchemy Society. You may bring one player to assist you. Both players can complete the quest objective as long as they talk to Jenna at the end.
    • You will begin outside Taillteann's southern gate and must fight nine sets of enemies on the way towards the Taillteann Headquarters.
    • After you defeat all enemies, Jenna will appear near the Taillteann Headquarters. Talk to her to clear the mission.
  2. Talk to James at Emain Macha's cathedral to receive the item Secret Lair Pass (1 x 2) and a Red Wing of the Goddess to Peaca Dungeon.
  3. Complete the quest (10,500 EXP) and wait for the next quest to arrive.

Elder Royal Alchemist Lennox

Helvetius's Personal Letter.png Name Senior Royal Alchemist Lennox NPC Lennox, Jarlath

  1. Talk to Lennox in Rath Castle 1st Floor. He will take Helvetius's Personal Letter from you and give you the solo Shadow Mission Obtain Information from Jarlath. There is no time limit.
    • Start the mission at the Tara stonehenge.
    • There is a supply chest with Arat Berry Supplies.
    • You must speak to Jarlath in the upper-left room of the castle.
    • You will encounter Blinkers and Ice Mines.
      • You can completely avoid all fighting if you head through the Dining Hall (the center room). However, you will encounter additional ice mines there.
      • If you fail the mission, talk to Lennox to receive the mission again.
    • After speaking to Jarlath, there will be a cutscene and the mission will be completed.
  2. Talk to Lennox.
  3. Complete the quest. You will receive 10,500 EXP.
  4. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Mobilizing the Royal Alchemists

Secret Note.png Name Mobilizing the Royal Alchemists NPC Sinead, Nuadha

  1. Talk to Sinead to receive the Tara shadow mission, Investigate the Underground Waterway. The mission has a time limit of 1 hour.
    • The mission takes place at Rath Royal Castle, you will start in a gated space with Leymore.
    • Talk to Leymore to begin the mission and have him follow you. The mission will fail if Leymore is defeated.
    • Clear two rooms and continue forward until you approach Amos. Amos will close the gate and flee. Wait for Leymore arrive and a small dialog will occur where he asks to split up. This will begin a pattern, each time he gets away you will wait a bit, then backtrack to a previously barred off room to hit a switch, defeat enemies, and unlock the gate. Continue until you and Leymore have both cornered him.
    • Now you must go to the Underground Waterway. Leymore will not join you. It's at the upper right room of the castle map.
    • Before the upper right room you will enter a room with a switch which spawns a Corrupt Alchemist. Defeat him to get a key and reveal a chest containing a Secret Note (1 x 1) item with the code.
    • In the upper right room, enter the closet to move to the secret room. From anywhere inside the secret room, enter the secret phrase on the note into chat to reveal the staircase. The secret phrase is case sensitive: you must enter it exactly how it appears.
    • Traverse the waterway to find 3 corrupt alchemists. Defeat them and continue to find a Goddess Statue which will clear the mission.
  2. Return and talk to Sinead to receive the Tara shadow mission, Investigate the Underground Waterway 2 and Badhbh Cath's Talisman (Bronze) (1 x 2). The mission has a time limit of 1 hour.
    • The mission takes place at Rath Royal Castle. Near the start you will find a chest with Arat Berry.
    • You must clear 4 rooms and a secret note room on your way to the Underground Waterway. Enter the same way you learned how in the previous mission, by saying the secret phrase from the note in the secret room.
    • In the Underground Waterway, there are several Ice Mines in the center of the first 3 octagonal sections. You may avoid them by passing through away from the center.
    • Use the Badhbh Cath's Talisman once you return to the Statue and a cutscene will occur, followed by an encounter with Nuadha and four Daols who are all inhostile. After talking with Nuadha, you will clear the mission.
      • When you are within range, an on screen message will appear with the text "Try using the Badhbh Cath's Talisman"
      • The talisman will not work if you are too close to the statue, you may need to move closer to or further from the statue before you can get it to work. Keep trying in different spots.
  3. Complete the quest. You will receive 26,000 EXP.
  4. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Alchemy and Homunculus

Stamped Letter.png Name Alchemy and Homunculus NPC Lennox

  1. Talk to Lennox.
  2. Complete the quest. You will receive 8,000 EXP.
  3. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Path of a God

Path of a God

Nuadha's Talisman.png Name Path of a God NPC Nuadha

  1. You will receive the solo Shadow Mission The Path to Becoming a God and Nuadha's Talisman.
    • Start this mission at Tara's Stonehenge.
    • Go through the underground waterway and speak to Nuadha to clear the mission.
    • There are no Ice Mines.
  2. Complete the quest. You will receive 10,500 EXP.
  3. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Alpin's Proposition

Lilieas's Donation.png Name Alpin's Proposition NPC Alpin, Aineah, Guard, Lileas, Keith, Hans, Padan

  1. Talk to Alpin in the Rath Castle 2F Garden.
  2. Talk to Aineah in Rath Castle Great Hall.
  3. Talk to the left Guard in front of the Castle.
  4. Talk to Alpin.
  5. Talk to Lileas at the Jousting Arena to obtain keyword Lileas Deluxe Honey Set.
  6. Use the Lileas Deluxe Honey Set Keyword on one of the following NPCs:
    Keith (Bank), Hans (Square), or Padan (camp near Tara's Stonehenge)
    The keyword will then disappear.
  7. Talk to Lileas again to receive the item Lileas's Donation (2 x 2).
  8. Click the box in Pontiff's Court to donate Lileas's Donation. The box is in the building, east of the door.
  9. Complete the quest. You will receive 12,500 EXP.
  10. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Badhbh Cath's Talisman

Badhbh Cath's Talisman (Silver).png Name Badhbh Cath's Talisman NPC Alpin

Thanks to you, the wedding was a success! Now it's my turn to keep my promise to you. -Alpin

  1. Talk to Alpin. You'll get a cutscene. You'll receive Badhbh Cath's Talisman (Silver) and the Tara Shadow Mission, Goddess of Light.
    • On entering the mission, you'll get a cutscene.
    • Neamhain is being attacked. Move onto Neamhain to clear the mission. If you take longer than a minute the mission will fail.
      • All four Daols will immediately aggro. Even if you defeat the Daols, nothing happens, so it is ill-advised to fight them.
      • A simple tactic to clear this mission is to run directly past the Daols. A fast mount may help and it is recommended to summon it before entering the mission.
      • Elven and Crystal Deer's Hide do not work. Shadow Cloak does work.
  • Complete the quest. [10,500 EXP]

All-Out War

Doubts about Nuadha

Manual- Temple Knight Coat of Arms.png

The Battle of Mag Tuireadh.png

Name Doubts about Nuadha NPC Lennox, Corentin, Collen, Jenna
  1. Talk to Lennox on the first floor of Rath Royal Castle.
  2. Talk to Corentin in the Tara Pontiff's Court.
  3. Go to the Confessional to gather information about the book.
    • To enter, a robe and a clothing must be equipped. Weapons and armor must not be equipped.
    • Use the Rest skill to sit in the chair and wait for an NPC to talk to you. Leave when you have obtained the information.
  4. Talk to Collen in Taillteann.
  5. Get the Temple Knight Coat of Arms from Jenna.
  6. Obtain 'The Battle of Mag Tuireadh'.
  7. Talk to Lennox on the first floor of Rath Royal Castle.
  • Complete the quest. [20,500 EXP]

Goddess Morrighan

Badhbh Cath's Talisman (Gold).png Name Goddess Morrighan NPC Corentin, Morrighan

  1. Talk to Corentin in the Tara Pontiff's Court.
  2. Talk to Morrighan.
  • Complete the quest. [10,500 EXP]

All Out Attack

Tower Cylinder.png Name All Out Attack! NPC Lennox, Leymore, Jenna, Helvetius

Talking to Lennox during this quest will allow a player to access all the bonuses from the Tower Cylinder.

  1. Talk to Lennox on the first floor of Rath Royal Castle.
  2. Attack the Arat Alchemy Society.
  • Complete the quest. [26,000 EXP]


Nuadha's Trap

Holy Water of Falias.png Name Nuadha's Trap NPC Morrighan

Morrighan is in danger. Please use the Holy Water of Falias, which contains the memory of Morrighan, at the Taillteann altar! - Eabha

  1. Clear the Morrighan RP.
  • Complete the quest. [20,500 EXP]

Morrighan Caught in a Trap

Falias Fragment.png Name Morrighan Caught in a Trap NPC Morrighan, Falias Gatekeeper
  1. Talk to the Falias Gatekeeper.
  2. Rescue Morrighan.
  • Complete the quest. [12,500 EXP]

Treasure of the Gods

The Four Vates

The Ark of Falias.png Name The Four Vates NPC Dorren, Berched

I received the sad news about Lennox and Helvetius. Seeing my old friends depart this world makes me reminisce about the past. - Dorren

  1. Talk to Dorren in Taillteann.
  2. Talk to Berched in Taillteann.
  • Complete the quest. [12,500 EXP]

Fragments of Falias

The Ark of Falias.png Name Fragments of Falias NPC

When the fragments of Falias are gathered, the Brionac will regain its power. - Falias Gatekeeper

  1. Clear the Lezarro and the Treasures of the Gods quest.
  2. Clear the Andras's Clue quest.
  3. Clear the Belita of the Royal Geological Society quest.
  4. Clear the Wave Sweeper quest.
  5. Clear the Voight's Memory quest.
  6. Clear the Finding the Seventh Treasure quest.
  7. Clear the Golden Apple quest.
  • Complete the quest. [38,000 EXP]

Lezarro and the Treasures of the Gods

Goblet of Truth (The Ark of Falias).png Name Lezarro and the Treasures of the Gods NPC

I looked into the treasures of the Gods that you were looking for. I think Lezarro may be able to offer you some help. - Cai

  1. Talk to Lezarro in Tara.
  2. Obtain the First Treasure.
  3. Obtain the Goblet of Truth.
  • Complete the quest. [10,500 EXP]

Andras's Clue

Uaithne (The Ark of Falias).png Name Andras's Clue NPC

Father asked me to help you. According to Hagel in Connous, you should be able to find another treasure of the Gods inside the underground maze in Connous.

  1. Talk to Andras in Taillteann.
  2. Obtain the Second Treasure.
  3. Obtain the Uaithne.
  • Complete the quest. [20,500 EXP]

Belita of the Royal Geological Society

Magic Wand (The Ark of Falias).png Name Belita of the Royal Geological Society NPC

The Royal Geological Society referred me to someone named Belita. She seems to have some clues about a treasure of the Gods... You better head to Zardine. - Leymore

  1. Talk to Belita in the Calida Exploration Camp.
  2. Talk to Legatus at Lake Calida.
  3. Obtain the Third Treasure.
    • After talking to Legatus, he will send you to Myrddin at Rano Beach.
    • You'll get 3 separate stacks of 100 Falias Bait Tins (2 x 2 each). The bait is used in the next quest.
  4. Obtain Magic Wand.
  • Complete the quest. [12,500 EXP]

Wave Sweeper

Wave Sweeper (The Ark of Falias).png Name Wave Sweeper NPC

I am Myrddin, First Officer of the Petra Marine Transportation Corp. I heard that you were looking for the treasures of the Gods. Please come see me. I'm located at the southern tip of Iria.

  1. Obtain the Fourth Treasure.
  2. Obtain Wave Sweeper.
  • Complete the quest. [20,500 EXP]

Magic Breastplate

Magic Breastplate (The Ark of Falias).png Name Magic Breastplate NPC

Young man, I heard that you were looking for remnants of the Gods. Come see me when you get the chance. - Kousai

  1. Talk to Kousai in Cor.
  2. Talk to Voight in Cor.
  3. Obtain the Fifth Treasure.
  4. Obtain the Magic Breastplate.
  • Complete the quest. [20,500 EXP]

Voight's Memory

Failinis (The Ark of Falias).png Name Voight's Memory NPC

If I recall correctly, Alexina had one of those treasure of the gods things. - Voight

  1. Talk to Alexina at the Qilla Base Camp.
  2. Obtain the Sixth Treasure.
  3. Obtain the Failinis.
  • Complete the quest. [10,500 EXP]

Finding the Seventh Treasure

Magic Club (The Ark of Falias).png Name Finding the Seventh Treasure NPC

Use the Solea Treasure Box Key to obtain the Magic Club inside the underground maze. - Alexina

  1. Obtain the Seventh Treasure.
    • Go inside Solea Underground Tunnel and use the key to open one of any chest to obtain Magic Club.
    • A group of chests can be found quickly by sticking to the left wall and following it.
  2. Obtain the Magic Club.
  • Complete the quest. [20,500 EXP]

Golden Apple

Golden Apple (The Ark of Falias).png Name Golden Apple NPC

I've discovered where the last treasure of the Gods, the Golden Apple, is located. but there is a problem... Go see Karpfen, the leader of the Giant Expeditionary Force. - Jenna

  1. Talk to Karpfen in Taillteann.
    • You'll be given the Taillteann Shadow Mission, Golden Apple.
  2. Obtain the Eighth Treasure.
  3. Obtain the Golden Apple.
  • Complete the quest. [26,000 EXP]

Fragments of Falias

Fragments of Falias

Falias Slab.png Name Fragments of Falias NPC

The fragments of Falias have finally been gathered. It is now time for the Sword of the Gods to revive. - Morrighan

  1. Receive the Collection Book Reward for The Ark of Falias
  2. Meet Morrighan.
  • Complete the quest. [20,500 EXP]

The Finale

Falias Stonehenge Fragment.png Name The Final Chapter NPC Eabha, Nuadha

The light of Caliburn has been restored. You have the power to stop Nuadha. - Falias Gatekeeper

  1. Transport to Falias using the Brionac.
  2. Talk to Falias's Eabha.
  3. Restore the Stonehenge pillar.
  4. Stop Nuadha.
    • After clearing the mission, you'll automatically exit.
    • You'll be awarded rank F Wings of Rage and rank F Wings of Eclipse. You'll also automatically be given Morrighan's support, disabling Neamhain's Spear of Light and Fury of Light.
      • To change which Goddess' powers you may use, go to Falias and talk to Eabha with 5 Holy Water of Lymilark in your inventory. You may only change power alignment once per real-life week. You do not have to wait a week after completing Generation 12 to change power alignment.

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