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For the content of servers outside of Nexon America, see Foreign Content.
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A patch, sometimes referred to as updates, is typically a major addition to the game. Patches are organized into Chapters, Generations, Seasons, and/or Episodes. Each Chapter is made up of Generations, and each Generation is made up of either Seasons or Episodes.

Currently, Mabinogi North America's Client is at Version 384, which was updated on December 15th, 2022. The latest content update is NEXT: New Beast.

For more information, see the official NA and KR Archives:


Beta Testing

Before Closed Beta

On December 19th, 2007 Nexon America released its NA Mabinogi teaser site, featuring a small teaser Mabinogi video.

Some time later on the official website has been released with little to no information about Mabinogi.

On January 4th, 2008 Nexon started posting video clips of Lorna and Pan explaining to players what can be done inside the game, the first episode was released on that day.

Closed Beta

A Couple of days after January 4th, 2008 Nexon opened the registration to the Closed Beta.

On January 25th, 2008 Nexon decided to end the Closed Beta registration process, and notified all the registered accounts that the Closed Beta would start on January 29th, 2008 and gave the download links to the Closed Beta client.

On January 29th, 2008 the Closed Beta finally began, and Nexon started the server called Nao (so called Mari now, which is interestingly the other way it should be), it is unknown how many players logged in during this time.

On February 5th, 2008 the Closed Beta ended, it ran for 8 days and was shut down at 9 P.M. PST, all the characters were deleted.

Pre-Open Beta

A day after the end of the Closed Beta, on February 6th, 2008 Nexon posted an announcement on the official website that Pre-Open Beta was to be launched on February 23rd, 2008, and any person would be eligible.

On February 22nd, 2008 players noticed that the patch server had started working, and their Closed Beta clients updated to version 6, this was the first patch recorded by players in Mabinogi.

On February 23rd, 2008 the Pre-Open Beta was launched at 10 A.M. PST, and servers had been opened again with the single server called Nao.

On February 25th, 2008 the servers were shutdown, and Pre-Open Beta had ended at 10 A.M. PST. Nexon had announced to their players that Open Beta will launch on March 5th, 2008. The Pre-Open Beta ran in total for 2 days.

Open Beta

On March 5th, 2008 the patch server had been launched again, and people updated their clients, at 3 A.M. PST the servers of Open Beta had been opened with the servers named Mari, Tarlach, and Ruairi.

On March 26th, 2008 the servers had been shutdown at 5 P.M. PST, and the Open Beta ended, and all the characters left untouched.

Chapter 1

Generation 1 through 3 is mostly about humans (Paladin and Dark Knight) and gods, and takes place on the continent of Uladh.

The label "Chapter 1" was retroactively applied to these three Generations since the unveiling of Chapter 2.

Generation 1 - The Advent of the Goddess

Main Updates

Item Updates

Map Updates

  • Intermediate dungeons of Alby, Ciar and Fiodh for one, two, and four people are now available.

Skill Updates

Generation 1, Season 1

Generation 1, Season 2

Generation 2 - Paladin

Main Updates

Item Updates

Map Updates

Skills Updates

Generation 2, Season 1

Generation 2, Season 2

Generation 2, Season 3

Generation 2, Season 4

Generation 3 - Dark Knight

Main Updates

Map Updates

Item Updates

  • New Cloth/Leather/Heavy Armor has been released.

Skill Updates

Generation 3, Season 1

Generation 3, Season 2

Generation 3, Season 3

Generation 3, Season 4

Generation 3, Season 5 (Extra Generation)

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is from Generation 4 to Generation 8, which takes place in Iria, where Elves and Giants live.

Pioneers of Iria

Pioneers of Iria was the name of the patch that consisted of Generation 4, 5, and 6. It was implemented on February 20, 2009, and consisted of the following:

Generation 7 - Ancient Secrets of Irinid

Generation 7 was released as one patch in NA.

Generation 8 - Dragon

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is from Generation 9 - 12, which takes place in the west part of Uladh.

Generation 9 - Alchemist

Main Updates

Minor Updates

Generation 9, Season 1

Generation 9, Season 2

Generation 9, Season 3

Generation 10 - The Goddess of Light

Main Updates

Minor Updates

Skill Updates

Generation 11 - Sword of the Gods

Main Updates

Minor Updates

  • Smart Weapon system added. (Weapons will automatically change slots when certain skills are used. This is optional.)
  • Mail Notification added.
  • All of Uladh's dungeon Moon Gates vanished.
  • New Emotions and dancing added.

New Pets

Skill Updates

Generation 11, Season 1

Generation 11, Season 2

Generation 12 - Return of the Hero

Generation 12, Season 1

Generation 12, Season 2

Chapter 4 - Shakespeare

Chapter 4 revolves around a Shakespearean theme.

Generation 13 - Hamlet

Generation 13, Season 1

Generation 13, Season 2

Generation 14 - Romeo and Juliet

Main Updates

Minor Updates

Skill Updates

Generation 14, Season 1

Generation 14, Season 2

Generation 14, Season 3

Generation 14, Season 4

Generation 15 - Merchant of Venice

Generation 15, Season 1

Generation 15, Season 2

Generation 15, Season 3

Generation 15, Season 4

Generation 16 - Macbeth

Generation 16, Season 1

Generation 16, Season 2: Genesis

Chapter 5

Generation 17 - The Classic

Generation 17, Season 1: Grandmaster

Generation 17, Season 2: Bound in Destiny: Puppeteer

Generation 17, Season 3: Shamala

Generation 17, Season 4: Nightmare

Generation 17, Season 5 - The Saga: Iria

Generation 17 or The Saga: Iria is split into ten "episodes", in which each consecutive episode is released every Friday 6:00pm PDT100 starting the release of the first episode. Although each episode adds content, some content may be released in patches in between episodes aired after scheduled maintenance.

Iria Update

Iria: Episode 1 - Fate's Origin: The Demon

Iria: Episode 2 - Hero's Return: The Trap

Iria: Episode 3 - Waking Nightmare: The Chase

White Dragon Raid

Iria: Episode 4 - Mystic Training: The Ritual

Iria: Episode 5 - Proud Heritage: The Battle

Iria: Episode 6 - Demon Night: The Truth

Skill Update

Iria: Episode 7 - Heroic Path: The Choice

Iria: Episode 8 - Holy Land: The Sacrifice

Iria: Episode 9 - Fate's Design: The Stand

Iria: Episode 10 - Divine Fury: The Advent

The Enlightenment




Professor J

Culinary Artist

New Beginnings

From the Shadows

Aces (Continued)

Treasure Hunter

Generation 18: The Saga: Iria II

The Saga: Iria II is split into a "prologue" plus six "episodes", in which each consecutive episode is released every Friday 6:00pm PDT100 starting the release of the first episode. Although each episode adds content, some content may be released in patches in between episodes aired after scheduled maintenance.

Iria II: Prologue - Aces

Iria II: Episode 1 - Merlin

Iria II: Episode 2 - The Missing

Iria II: Episode 3 - Pursuit

Iria II: Episode 4 - The Black Book

Iria II: Episode 5 - Dian Cecht

Iria II: Episode 6 - Ritual and Sacrifice

Chapter 6

Generation 19: The Divine Knights



Generation 20: The Gate of Sanctuary

A New Dawn For Dungeons



Grandmaster Renewal

Giant Overhaul

Skill Advancement Renewal

Flight Expansion

Ninja Renewal and Traveler's Guide

Chain of Destruction

Generation 21: The Guardian's Path

Homestead Life Skill Update

Memory Book

Chapter 7

Generation 22: Apocalypse

Giant Renewal

Generation 23: Tempest

Fantastic Memory

Fantastic Melody

Spirit Ascension

G24: Ascension Part 1

G24: Ascension Part 2

My Little Pet

P.E.T Part 1

P.E.T Part 2

Quality of Life

Campfire Spirit

Dungeon Guide System

Generation 25 Hypernova: Eclipse

Generation 25 Hypernova: Glyphwright

Spirit Transformation Liqueur Update

A Fresh Memory

Demolition and Ruination Weapons

Reforging Tools Update

Stardust Part 1

Stardust Part 2


Crom Bás

Custom Motion


Great Era of Commerce - Part 1

Great Era of Commerce - Part 2

Quality of Life Updates



  • During the patch called 'The Pioneers of Iria', Nexon North America released three Generations in one patch: Generation 4, Generation 5, and Generation 6 at the same time.
    • It should be noted that Nexon updated the patch to Generation 6 Season 4, but it did not have some of the content in Generation 4 to 6. Most of that content was released with Generation 7 and Generation 8.
  • There are times when Nexon North America creates its own minor patches and does not name or announce them. These patch notes are not released here due to that reason.
  • Nexon North America has the right to and may change any updates from their Foreign Content renditions. Nexon North America may also choose to not include any updates or part of updates.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 This was initially intended but bugs/glitches on Nexon's side caused this to be removed and later implemented.
  2. 2.0 2.1 This was an intended feature in a previous version yet implemented now due to glitches in the past.