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Generation 16: Macbeth

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Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
If you do not wish to read further, please return to the home page.
G16 Title.png
G16 Mainstream Icon.png
  • To start Generation 16, you must have completed Generation 15 or get your cumulative level to 700 and talk to Duncan.
  • As you continue to do Generation 16, you will have choices to make. These choices will affect the ending you get.

Generation 16: Macbeth, also known as Generation 16: The Fighter's Way, is the final piece of Chapter 4. A large-scale war between the Tuatha de Danann and Peaca Dungeon's undead army led by Lugh and Bella plays out within the Aliech Kingdom, with Milletians, Shakespeare, and the Gods caught in the midst of battle. This generation is supposedly based on another of Shakespeare's plays, Macbeth.

Changes in Generation 16 Due to Updates

NPCs involved in Macbeth

Clouded Sky

Admiral Owen.png Name Clouded Sky NPC Admiral Owen, Odran

I need to ask about the small... incident at Belvast Prision.
- Admiral Owen


  1. Upon logging in, you will receive a quest.
  2. Talk to Admiral Owen in the Commonwealth of Belvast. Prompted: Tell the Truth or Lie, followed by: Apologize or Run Away, then Tell the Truth or Say No (Lie), and finally Listen Quietly or Yawn. He will give you 5 Stamina 100 Potions.
    • There will be Giant Guard Commanders that will notice you and may go into combat stance. They will not attack you.
    • Like the previous Generation, the choices made will affect the outcome at the end of this generation.
  3. Head to the cemetery and talk to the Suspicious Man. Once you talk to him you will begin the Shadow Mission Fervent Heart.
    • You will be warped to Scathach Scout Camp.
    • The Royal Alchemists and Patrolmen will be fighting each other. Ignore them and do not engage in combat with the Royal Alchemists.
      • They have an unusual tendency to throw rocks at you if you do happen to engage in combat with them, ultimately pinning you down. It is best to leave and restart the mission.
    • Head near the entrance of the camp and Odran will talk to you. Prompted: Mind your own business! or I dunno.
      • As an alternative, you may talk to Odran to trigger this event.
      • While being mounted on a pet at this point will automatically desummon upon Odran's conversation.
    • After the conversation, exit the camp and the Suspicious Man will speak to you. Prompted: Yes or No. He will drop his guise and reveal himself as Admiral Owen. Afterwards, you will be warped to the Scathach Caverns.
    • Make your way into the shipwreck to speak with Scathach. A cutscene will occur, followed by lines of dialogue. Prompted: Hold her hand or Refuse, followed by: Yes, No.
    • After speaking with Scathach, you will complete the shadow mission and be warped back to Admiral Owen.
  4. Speak to Admiral Owen. Prompted: Watch Quietly or Cough Loudly, followed by: Report Everything or Report About the War Only.
  5. After finishing the conversation with Admiral Owen, you will receive the quest, The Sound of Bells, as well as trigger the Shadow Mission Death of Goddess Morrighan along with a cutscene.
  6. Complete the quest. [45,000 EXP]

The Sound of Bells

Bella.png Name The Sound of Bells NPC Shakespeare, Bella, Morrighan

Morrighan must be stopped. Please, kill her.
- Bella


  1. Follow Bella's orders.
    • If you exited or failed the mission, talk to Admiral Owen to trigger it again.
    • You will role play as Shakespeare.
    • Speak with Bella then make your way to the ledge of the Hanging Garden in Tara Rath Castle's second floor to meet with Morrighan.
      • Bella must stay alive in this mission.
      • The opponents have fairly low Health. A single Smash or Windmill will take them out instantly.
      • It is not necessary to defeat the two Armored Skeletons guarding Morrighan.
    • Approach Morrighan to activate a cutscene.
    • After the cutscene, escape the Royal Castle. By heading down the stairs, eight Tara Royal Guardsmen will intercept you; defeat them to activate a cutscene which completes the mission.
  2. Complete the quest. [20,000 EXP]

The Blood-soaked Feather

Admiral Owen.png Name The Blood-soaked Feather NPC Admiral Owen, Eirawen, Irritated Physician, Scared Royal Guard

Find out what exactly happened to the Aliech Kingdom.
- Admiral Owen


  1. Talk to Admiral Owen.
  2. Talk to Lezarro at Tara. Prompted: Give me the Details or Keep it Short.
  3. Talk to Eirawen at the Hanging Garden in Tara Rath Royal Castle's second floor. Prompted: Your Name or Reasons for Being Here, followed by Correct or What do you think?
  4. Talk to the Frightened Castle Guard at the Infirmary in Tara Rath Royal Castle's first floor. Prompted: Speak Calmly or Shout
    • Sometimes the Irritated Physician and the Scared Royal Guard will not appear where they are supposed to. Ctrl + Left Click can be used to speak to them.
      • If that does not fix the problem relogging or changing channel would work.
  5. Go back to the Gate Hall in the castle's first floor. Search the shining spots on the floor until you obtain the Bloody Quill Pen key item.
    • The shining spots are considered NPCs. Therefore, you may use Ctrl + Left Click to find the shining spots.
    • Checking a shiny spot may also yield the following item or monster: 100 Gold, Large Nail, Food Waste, Hand-biting Brown Rat.
  6. Complete the quest. [15,000 EXP]

The Crow's Call

Eirawen.png Name The Crow's Call NPC Eirawen, Glewyas, Pencast, Lugh

What's taking so long? Hurry up!
- Eirawen


  1. Talk to Eirawen at the Hanging Garden in Tara Rath Royal Castle's second floor. Prompted: Green Assassin or No, followed by Quill Pen or Say Nothing, then Yes or No, finally Accept or Refuse.
  2. Talk to Glewyas at the Kitchen in Tara Rath Castle's first floor to receive a E. O. Grand Blago and a Large Ladle.
    • The Large Ladle received has 4 Durability compared to the regular version, which has 11 durability.
  3. Talk to Pencast outside the Pontiff's Court. Prompted: Offer Condolences or Yawn Loudly, followed by About Eirawen... or Give Him the Grand Blago and finally Coax or Yell.
    • If you chose About Eirawen..., you will be forced to choose the second option afterwards.
  4. Talk to Eirawen at the Great Hall on the second floor in Tara Rath Castle. Prompted: He is loyal to you or He supports Lugh Lavada.
  5. After the conversation with Eirawen, you will receive the solo Shadow Mission Usurp the Throne.
    • Talk to Eirawen.
    • Talk to Lugh. Prompted: Yes or No.
    • Talk to Eirawen.
  6. After the mission you will be transported to the castle door of Rath Royal Castle.
    • There is a glitch that prevents you from leaving to Tara's map from the castle area. This can be remedied by re-entering Tara.
  7. Complete the quest. [15,000 EXP]

All-consuming Darkness

Cichol.png Name All-consuming Darkness NPC Cichol, Shakespeare

So we meet again, my uninvited guest.
- Cichol


  1. You will receive the quest as you watch the cutscene.
  2. After the cutscene, you will receive the Shadow Mission An Unlikely Love.
    • If you did not receive the quest, speak with Eirawen at Belvast port.
    • The mission is fifteen minutes long.
    • You will be role-playing as Shakespeare in the Crossroad.
    • If you fail to complete the mission, change channels or relog to receive it again.
    • Talk to Cichol. Prompted: Ugh... What happened? or Ugh... Where are we?, followed by Puppet of the Goddess or Destruction of Paradise.
  3. Complete the quest. [20,000 EXP]

A Dark Fate Comes

Eirawen.png Name A Dark Fate Comes NPC Eirawen, Duncan, Aodhan, Betty

I need you to do something. Meet me at Dunbarton School, NOW!
- Eirawen


  1. Talk to Eirawen within the School in Dunbarton. Prompted: Accept or Refuse. You will receive a Letter for Duncan and a Letter for Aodhan.
    • You may choose to read the letters, however this will affect the outcome at the end of the Generation.
  2. Talk to Duncan in Tir Chonaill. Prompted: I Remember or No.
  3. Talk to Aodhan in Emain Macha. Prompted: I Remember or No.
  4. Talk to Betty inside the School in Dunbarton. Prompted: Hold Hands or Quietly Watch. You will begin the solo Shadow Mission Assassin.
    • You will start outside the West Entrance of Dunbarton.
    • Head towards Osna Sail, and watch a cutscene.
    • Enter Osna Sail and walk towards the first clearing, watch a cutscene.
      • Note: You and your pet may be attacked during the cutscene.
    • You will then face three assassins, two of whom use melee attacks and one who uses ranged attacks.
      • They have a wide range of aggro, so avoiding it may be difficult to do. They will not target Eirawen, however.
      • They are all Elves, possess level 2 Heavy Stander, and are highly resistant to any poisoning effect.
      • The assassins have quite a wide area of aggro; avoiding aggro at the start will be very difficult to do.
      • The melee assassins are capable of using Assault Slash. Be wary of their Smash.
      • The ranged assassin is capable of Mirage Missile. Keep an eye on its movements.
      • You can summon Adniel in this mission.
    • After you defeat all enemies, talk to Eirawen to clear the mission. Prompted: Slap her or Shake her, followed by Yes or No, then Leave her alone or Hug her.
    • You will be automatically moved to the Commonwealth of Belvast.
  5. Complete the quest. [20,000 EXP]
  6. Talk to Eirawen at the Commonwealth of Belvast near the harbor to start the next quest.

From Beyond

Cichol.png Name From Beyond NPC Eirawen, Shakespeare, Cichol

You'll find your proof at the place.
- Cichol


  1. Talk to Eirawen in the Commonwealth of Belvast near the Harbor. Prompted: Hold Hands or Do Nothing. You will start the next Shadow Mission From Beyond where you will roleplay as Shakespeare.
    • Shakespeare now has Rank 1 in all Magic and most Alchemy Skills in addition to the Combat and Life Skills from the previous RP.
    • Shakespeare has an Avon Shield and Shakespeare's Feather Sword equipped in his primary weapon slot and a Tidal Wave Cylinder in his secondary weapon slot.
      • Shakespeare's Feather Sword doubles as a Wand and Staff. Equipping it allows Shakespeare to cast all magic skills except Party Healing. He can also run with Meditation activated when using the Quill Sword.
      • Switching to auxiliary equipment and back again allows Shakespeare to gain knowledge of the Shield Mastery and Magic Weapon Mastery skills, Shakespeare has 10 AP to spend which can be used to rank Shield Mastery and Magic Weapon Mastery.
    • Head towards the north-northeast part of the Graveyard of Another World until you come upon a white-colored tombstone. Several monsters will spawn as you approach the tombstone.
    • Examine the tombstone. Prompted: Take a Deep Breath or Calm Down.
    • Talk to Cichol to complete the mission. Prompted: Clench Fists or Stare at Cichol.
    • Zombies also spawn throughout the Graveyard, though you are not required to defeat them.
  2. Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [20,000 EXP]


Eirawen.png Name Unburied NPC Eirawen, Admiral Owen, Scathach

I made it to Belvast, but I need your help again. Please come see me.
- Eirawen


  1. Talk to Eirawen in the Commonwealth of Belvast near the harbor. Prompted: Listen or What do you want now?, followed by Say Something or Stay Still.
  2. Talk to Admiral Owen in Belvast. Prompted: Yes or No, followed by Sure or No
  3. Make your way to Scathach Cavern and talk to Scathach while she is in her witch form. Prompted: Yes or No.
    • She will only be in her witch form from 6:00 AM ~ 5:50 PM, in-game time.
  4. Complete the quest and relog or change channel to view a cutscene. [15,000 EXP]

The Turbulent Seas

Cichol.png Name The Turbulent Seas NPC Eirawen, Admiral Owen, Scathach

You must gather the materials to create the Truth Orb
- Cichol


  1. You will receive a new quest, The Turbulent Seas, and will immediately start the Shadow Mission Necessities where you will roleplay as Shakespeare.
    • Shakespeare will still have all the same skills and equipment he did in the previous roleplay mission.
    • The mission is split into 3 parts. Shakespeare must defeat all enemies and obtain a key item in each part.
      1. Defeat the three Manannan Golems in Beach of Scathach and loot the Manannan's Tear that drops from the third Golem. Use the portal that appears to move on to the next part.
      2. Defeat the eight Corrupted Aonbharrs in Falias and loot the Red Falias Fragment that drops from the last Aonbharr. Use the portal that appears to move on to the next part.
      3. Defeat the three Balrogs near Raspa Volcano, causing rain to fall and allow you to mine a Flint stone nearby. The mission automatically clears afterwards and a cutscene will play.
        • At this stage, Shakespeare has a Pickaxe equipped, replacing the Quill Sword and Shield of Avon in his main weapon slot.
  2. Manually complete the quest The Turbulent Seas and relog or change channel to view a cutscene. [20,000 EXP]

The Fallen Light

Scathach Witch.png Name The Fallen Light NPC Eirawen, Admiral Owen, Corentin, Alpin, Bella, Scathach

Knight of the Light? Knight of the Dead is more like it.
- Scathach


  1. Talk to Eirawen at the Admiral's Residence in Belvast. Prompted: Tell the Truth or Put a Positive Spin on It, followed by Yes or Seemed fine to me, then finally Get on your knees or Stay standing. During the conversation, you will receive Letter for Corentin from Admiral Owen.
    • You may choose to read the letter, however this will negatively affect the outcome at the end of the Generation.
  2. Talk to Corentin inside the Pontiff's Court in Tara.
  3. Go wait inside the Confessional located at the same area to continue the conversation. Prompted: Sleep or Stay Awake.
  4. Talk to Alpin at the hanging garden on the second floor of Tara's Rath Royal Castle. The solo Shadow Mission Tower of Death will begin.
    • The difficulty of this mission is set to Basic regardless of total level.
    • Make your way down the corridor. You will automatically listen in on a conversation between Bella and Lugh. Prompted: Stay Still or Run, followed by Look or Refuse, then finally Shakespeare saw the future or Say nothing.
    • After the mission is cleared, you will be automatically sent to Scathach Caverns.
  5. Talk to Scathach in her witch form. Prompted: Accept or Refuse. After the conversation, you will receive the quest Can Our Hands Become Clean?
  6. Manually complete the quest Can Our Hands Become Clean?. [20,000 EXP]
  7. Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [15,000 EXP]

Can Our Hands Become Clean?

Cichol.png Name Can Our Hands Become Clean? NPC Shakespeare, Cichol

You should be able to synthesize the ingredients in Tailteann. Come to Albey Dungeon afterwards.
- Cichol


  1. Deliver the Truth Sphere to Cichol.
    • You will begin the Shadow Mission Truth Helm where you will roleplay Shakespeare.
    • Shakespeare loses his Quill Sword and his Avon Shield.
    • Starting from the south gate of Taillteann, make your way towards the Alchemist's House.
    • Your goal is to use the Dry Oven and synthesize the Sphere of Truth using Manannan's Tear, Red Falias Fragment and Flint.
      • Although the success rate is 99%, there is still a chance that it may fail. Failing will result in a mission failure and you must restart the mission.
    • There are ten Corrupt Alchemists roaming the Dry Ovens. You may ignore them, but it is advised to eliminate them so they do not interrupt your synthesizing.
    • Once the Sphere of Truth is synthesized, the mission will be cleared and a cutscene will automatically play.

Unspeakable Thoughts

Eirawen.png Name Unspeakable Thoughts NPC Eirawen, Admiral Owen, Andras, Odran

You can't stand by while these terrible things happen in Tara! This isn't just about me anymore.
- Eirawen


  1. Talk to Eirawen at the Admiral's Residence in the Commonwealth of Belvast. Prompted: Console Her or Tara....
  2. Talk to Admiral Owen. Prompted: Yes or Cough Loudly.
  3. Talk to Andras in Taillteann.
  4. Talk to Andras again. Prompt: Go or Wait. Choose Go to start the Shadow Mission Secret Meeting.
    • It is recommended to attempt this mission with a party due to the large number of Peaca Dungeon monsters present.
      • Although the mission is based on the leader's total level, party members do not have to be within the requirement to join. (Example: a total level of 300 can join a party set in Hard difficulty)
    • At the westernmost beacon mound within Taillteann, the party leader must talk to Andras atop the mound. Prompted: Stop the Fight or Watch.
      • If spawned below the mound, stand near the beacon and hold the "Alt" key to click on NPC Andras easily.
      • All party members that enter the shadow mission begin from below the mound.
    • Defeat all the monsters that spawn; the NPCs and the party leader will descend the beacon mound to join the battle. There will be 3 waves of about twenty or so monsters in the first two waves with the last having only ten.
    • The following are monsters that will spawn in the mission: Ghost Cloaker, Cloaker, Ghoul (Blue and Gray), Bound Hollow Knight
      • The Bound Hollow Knight serves as the boss of the final wave.
    • If Andras, Odran, Padan, or Sinead dies, the mission will fail.
      • A trick is to have the party leader not finish the conversation with the NPCs to keep them from harm.
        • This also means that the Party Leader cannot participate in the battle, so plan accordingly.
    • Once all the spawned monsters are defeated, talk to the NPCs to end the mission. Prompt: I am fine or No.
  5. Talk to Eirawen at the Lighthouse in the Commonwealth of Belvast. A cutscene will play afterwards.
  6. Complete the quest and relog or change channel to watch a cutscene. [15,000 EXP]

Bella's Hand

StrangeBoy.png Name Bella's Hand NPC Shakespeare, Annick

I'm in the Rundal Dungeon! Please help!
- Mysterious Man


  1. After watching the cutsene, you will receive the quest along with a Suspicious Rundal Dungeon Pass in your inventory. Use the pass at the Altar of Rundal Dungeon.
    • This is a solo dungeon.
    • The dungeon has 15 rooms and consists of only 1 floor.
    • The following are monsters that may appear: Giant Bat, Red Spider, Dark Blue Spider, Treasure Mimic, Pirate Red Skeleton (Normal and Hook), Captain Red Skeleton, Skeleton Wolves (both the normal and advanced variety).
    • A short cutscene will play upon entering the Boss Room and you will have to face the third Guardian of Avon, Merrow.
    • Shakespeare will be present to help you with the fight. He takes very little damage from the Merrow but also deals little damage to her.
    • Merrow has the Advanced Heavy Stander skill, preventing her from being knocked back and knocked down at all.
    • All of Merrow's attacks will give you the "Merrow's Curse" status effect if hit, causing you to slowly deplete Stamina and Mana for about 5 seconds.
    • Merrow's attacks include:
      • A normal attack
      • Merrow's Smash
      • Merrow's Water Tornado - A light blue circle with the Guardian of Avon mark will appear, centered around her target, in the ground to indicate the attack. The circle will chase around the target for about 4 seconds, in which it will turn white for one second, summoning a large whirlpool. The attack has massive splash range at the end.
      • Merrow's Wave - She will raise both of her hands and summon a wave behind you for about 2 seconds before sending it towards your direction. The wave can be dodged by moving to the left, right, or even behind her.
    • After defeating Merrow, collect your rewards from the treasure chest room and exit the dungeon.
  2. Talk to Shakespeare in Dunbarton. He is located inside the small alley left of the Unicorn Statue.
  3. Talk to Annick at the Pub in Port Cobh. She will give you a collection book, named Annick's Collection List, to fill.
  4. Fill the collection book and obtain Annick's Errand Box.
  5. Talk to Annick and she will give you a Belvast Supply Bundle.
  6. Talk to Shakespeare back at the same place in Dunbarton.
  7. Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [20,000 EXP]

Blood and Death

Admiral Owen.png Name Blood and Death NPC Shakespeare, Eirawen, Lugh, Morrighan

Death to the tyrant!
- Admiral Owen


  1. Talk to Shakespeare in Dunbarton. Prompted: Ready or Not Yet. Choose Ready to initiate the final Shadow Mission History's Curtain Call.
    • Similar to the mission Secret Meeting, the monsters in this mission are monsters that normally spawn in Peaca Dungeon.
    • This mission requires at least 2 players minimum to enter.
    • It is highly advisable to attempt the mission with a fully prepared party due to the high number and difficulty of the monsters that appear.
    • The oldest character based on date of creation aside from party leader will role-play as Shakespeare throughout the mission. (e.g. a character in the party that was created during Generation 7's implementation will be Shakespeare unless another character in the same party was made before G7's implementation.)
      • Be aware that the player role-playing him will not be able to clear their own quest for that run.
      • Shakespeare is considered outside of the party and therefore will not receive buffs from Defense, Party Healing, and Music Skills.
      • Shakespeare is considered a "monster" to the party and will receive damage from reflective Barrier Spikes as well as Rain Casting's lightning effect.
      • Should the player role-playing as Shakespeare disconnect, the mission can still be completed although it may be rather difficult depending on where the party is at.
    • After the cutscene, you will start outside Tara's gate to Rath Royal Castle.
      • Bug: The cutscene that plays upon entering the mission may be repeated again.
        • The cutscene replays every time a player enters the mission. If a player is lagging and then enters the mission, it will be replayed once more for all members of the party, including the person role-playing as Shakespeare.
        • If you are talking to Eirawen when this happens, your character will be stuck in place and the mission will fail. You must re-enter in order to start the mission again.
        • The best way to prevent the cutscene from playing multiple times, do not skip the cutscene. This includes all members of the party.
    • The party leader must talk to the NPCs. Prompted: Dignified or Impassioned, followed by: For Vengeance or For Honor, and finally Unify or Sacrifice. A cutscene will occur.
    • You will then have to battle 5 waves of monsters as you make your way in.
      • 1st Wave: Ghoul x8, Cloaker x4, Giant Firefly x2
      • 2nd Wave: Ghoul x10, Cloaker x6, Giant Firefly x4
      • 3rd Wave: Ghoul x8, Cloaker x8, Ghost Cloaker x2, Giant Firefly x4
      • 4th Wave: Ghoul x10, Cloaker x4, Ghost Cloaker x4, Giant Firefly x4
      • 5th Wave: Demi Lich x1, Ghoul x6, Cloaker x3, Ghost Cloaker x2, Giant Firefly x2
        • The Demi Lich is not immune to damage, and does not require the Ghost Sword.
        • In the fifth wave, only the Demi Lich has to be defeated in order to move on. However, it is highly recommended to take out most of the monsters surrounding the Demi Lich.
          • Eliminating all the enemies (save for the Demi Lich) within the fifth wave will cause them to respawn.
        • After defeating the Demi Lich, you will be automatically moved to the gate hall on the castle's first floor.
          • CAUTION: If a party member is Knocked Unconscious or using a certain skill (such as Rest) during this teleportation, that party member will not be teleported to the next area. In the event that the party leader is unconscious, the mission cannot be completed and must be restarted, as it is not possible to switch party leaders in that state.
      • During the fight, you will be aided by many NPCs, including Admiral Owen, Andras, Odran, Padan, Sinead, Eirawen, and all of their followers.
        • The Human Soldiers of Taillteann are invulnerable similar to the Elf Guard/Giant Guard.
        • NPCs are capable of leveling up during the mission.
        • It is not necessary for the NPCs to survive. However, it is recommended that at least some survive in order to aid the party in the event that people leave.
    • The party leader must head to the Great Hall in the second floor and enter the Throne Room to begin the final battle with Lugh.
      • Lugh is capable of using Life Drain (Monster), Final Hit and Assault Slash. He can also summon Ghasts (Red, Blue and Green). His weapon boasts extremely high attack power and an extremely wide splash range.
        • Only Admiral Owen will assist you in this part. You receive a "new" Admiral Owen with full health. If he dies, the mission fails, although Owen's HP is high enough to sustain aggro from both Lugh and the Ghasts.
        • A way to keep aggro off players is to use Rank 1 Rain Casting near Lugh's spawn point. Be advised that this will hit the player role-playing as Shakespeare.
          • If Rain Casting is not an option, kill two of the three Ghasts and have one person lure and trap it by one of the pillars in the room, otherwise Lugh will replace his fallen minions. Because Ghasts have a tendency to switch aggro at random, Lugh should be placed on the opposite end of the room and far away from the Ghasts.
        • In the event that Lugh is frozen in place and cannot be attacked, the person that last caught Lugh's aggro must leave and re-enter the room.
      • After defeating Lugh, all players will be transported to the Hanging Garden.
        • It is possible to die to Ghasts during the transition conversation.
      • There is a glitch that may prevent players from entering the next room(s). If this happens, players cannot progress and the mission must be restarted.
      • There is a glitch that allows players to enter the Hanging Garden from the Great Hall, and if they do so, they are trapped in that room. Should this happen to the party leader, they must switch leaders to another member who is not in the Hanging Garden, but if this happens to all the members in the party, the mission cannot be completed and must be restarted.
      • There is a glitch that causes the transitioning dialogue to randomly appear right before the Lugh battle, ultimately sending them to the Garden and rendering them unable to assist in the Lugh battle. Should this happen to the party leader, they must switch to another member who is not in the Hanging Garden, but if this happens to all the members in the party, the mission cannot be completed and must be restarted..
    • The party leader must talk to the NPCs to clear the mission.
    • You will be automatically transported back to the southeast entrance of Dunbarton.
  2. Talk to Shakespeare at the Hanging Garden at Tara's Rath Royal Castle to view the ending.
    • The choices you made throughout the generation will affect the ending.
      • You will see Shakespeare beginning to write his new story in his room, his appearance varies. You will also see Morrighan returning to Falias, with Cichol's and Nuadha's presence varying.
  3. After the ending credits, complete the quest to receive your rewards. [15,000 EXP, Journal Achievement "Macbeth" (100 points), Bella's Notebook, Str +3, Will +3, Dex +3, Int +3, Luck +3].
    • If you have completed Generation 16 prior to the renewal, you will receive a congratulatory quest for clearing Generation 16 and receive Str +3, Will +3, Dex +3, Int +3, Luck +3 after completion of the quest.

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  • Unlike the other Generations within Chapter 4, Generation 16 has no movie-like cutscenes.
  • Unlike the other Generations within Chapter 4, Avon takes no part within this Generation.
    • Merrow does appear as a mid-boss but the final Guardian of Avon was not revealed.
  • Generation 16 is the only Chapter 4 Generation that does not reward a Persona.
    • However, a Persona of Lugh was originally intended, but was scrapped.
  • Unlike the other Generations within Chapter 4, there are no NPCs from the original Macbeth.
    • Instead, three in-game NPCs (Lugh, Bella, and Eirawen) plus the Milletian adopts the role of four Macbeth characters (Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Malcolm, and Macduff, respectively).
    • Both versions of Scathach and Bella have been show in promotional artwork together, suggesting that the three form the Three Witches of Macbeth.
  • Similar to the previous Generation, Shakespeare within the game did not actually write Macbeth. Instead, the events that took place were similar to the original story.