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The Saga: Iria II

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Iria II Title.png
Saga Mainstream Icon.png The Saga: Iria II: is the second and final set of series of The Saga, taking place after The Saga: Iria. With Tarlach regressed into a child with no memory of his adult self, the Aces and the Milletian are invited by Berched to look after the child, but the Cessair and Ruairi have sinister plans in store for him.

Basic Information

The Saga: Iria II follows in an episodic format with short storyline quests, similar to The Saga: Iria. There are a total of 6 episodes, including a prologue. Players may do them in any order and are not required to complete The Saga: Iria in order to start The Saga: Iria II, but it is recommended to do them in order for a better understanding of the story that takes place.

The Saga: Iria II notably has complex mini-games or puzzles in its objectives rather than simply fighting and heading between places to talk to NPCs as in previous generations.


  • A new episode will be released every Friday at 6:00pm PDT100, starting October 10th, 2014.
  • When starting a new episode, an opening sequence will play.
  • All Shadow Missions are fixed on basic difficulty regardless of the player's cumulative level.
  • While playing some episodes for the first time, you cannot skip certain cutscenes. You may skip cutscenes on repeated playthroughs afterwards.
  • Completing an episode will reward you an AP 20 Potion for the first-time completion of that episode.
  • Completing all episodes of Iria II will reward an AP 60 Potion.
  • All episodes can be replayed for 5,000 Gold if one chooses to.
  • You may not start an episode if you have a Shadow Mission in your quest log.
  • There are no penalties for repeating a completed episode. You will receive full rewards from quests, dungeons, and shadow missions that take place in the episode with the exception of not receiving an AP Potion.
  • Unlike The Saga: Iria, Iria II does not have any daily bonuses.

List of Episodes

Significant Quotes

No tragedy could compare to this moment. At least... That's what I believed when I opened the door.


—The Saga: Iria II - Episode 1

I destroyed half of my heart to survive... And gave the other half to vengeance. Now, I am but the head of a monster.


—The Saga: Iria II - Episode 2

I will purify this world. I will banish you all. Food will turn to ash, water to dust... And your blood will turn black in your veins.


—The Saga: Iria II - Episode 3

My mother birthed a child that shouldn't have been born. My father saved the life of someone who should have died. My life won't be my own until this curse is broken.


—The Saga: Iria II - Episode 4

Humans are enamored with the impossible. Willingly blind, they march for hope down the path of destruction. I've seen countless heroes fall to their own base nature.


—The Saga: Iria II - Episode 5

There is much left to do, no matter what corruption is within me. I can see the happiness I must create and the misery I mustn't bring. Tragedy will strike when I can no longer separate the two.


—The Saga: Iria II - Episode 6