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This category includes ineffective weapons.

For non-weapon equippable items, see Category:Equipment.
For non-weapon, non-wearable items, see Category:Items.

This category is for items that can be equipped and used as weapons.

For a quick comparisons of weapons of a similar type go Category:Weapon Lists.
For information about shields go to Category:Shields.

Weapon Grades

Weapons dropped from monsters have increased durability, max attack, min attack, and critical, but decreased balance. Durability increase is random and determines the change in the other stats. All weapons dropped from monsters will have 1 durability remaining, with the exception of irreparable weapons.

Durability Increase Max Attack Min Attack Critical Balance
1 +1~3 +0~3 +0~3 -2~12
2 +1~3 +1~3 +1~3 -4~12
3 +2~3 +1~3 +2~3 -6~12
4 +3 +3 +3 -12
  • Monster type and strength have no effect on the received grade.
  • Weapons dropped by the Master Lich will always have 4 durability grade plus the stats of a random grade listed above.
    • Balance loss is still -2~12 and based on the additional stats after 4 durability grade.
  • The lower the additional durability is, the lower the chance is to receive the maximum stat increase.
  • Balance loss will increase as the Max, Min, and Critical gains increase.
  • Note: Weapon drops which have a fixed increase in durability (such as those from Dragon field bosses) will have their stats randomly chosen from one of the above grades.
    • Weapons received from other sources either have no stat change or a fixed change unique to that source.

Synthesized weapons are subject to completely random stats with no relation to each other.

Durability Increase Max Attack Min Attack Critical Balance
-2~+2 -3~+3 -3~+3 -5~+5 -5~+5

Weapons created through Carpentry and Blacksmithing will be of a certain grade depending on how well the crafter completed the item. Rank bonuses from the aforementioned skills will be added on top of the grade bonus.

Grade Attack Power Balance Critical Durability
Normal 0~0 0 0 0
D- 0~1 1 0 2
D 0~1 2 1 3
D+ 1~1 2 1 3
C 1~1 3 1 4
C+ 1~1 4 2 4
B 1~2 4 2 5
B+ 1~2 5 3 5
A 2~2 6 3 5
A+ 2~2 7 4 5
S 2~2 8 4 5
S+ 2~2 9 5 5
X 2~2 10 5 5
  • A signature will appear on items that are B+ grade or better, provided the crafter is rank 9 or higher in the crafting skill.
  • Weapons can also be subjected to a process of ascension to form a Spirit Weapon to further increase their power. Additionally, the NPC Kaelic can increase weapon power through a process known as Erg infusion.

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