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Iria II: Prologue - Aces

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The Saga: Iria II

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Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
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Iria II Title.png
Saga Mainstream Icon.png
  • To start the Prologue, open the Chapter Info menu, select the "Chapter 5 The Saga" tab, click the Watch button, and select "Prologue - Aces" under "Iria II".
  • You may not play other episodes while playing the Prologue.
  • Replaying the Prologue costs 5,000 Gold.
  • Warning: Choosing to stop the Episode at any point will erase all progress.
  • You can not skip the cutscenes on your first playthrough of the Episode.
Berched left for a hot spring holiday, leaving a dismayed Merlin behind to babysit Tarlach. But Merlin's caretaking has left a lot to be desired, and Tarlach has reached out for help.


Iria II: Prologue - Aces is the prologue of The Saga: Iria II. Sometime after Iria: Episode 10 - Divine Fury: The Advent, the Milletian and the Aces have been called to help take care of Tarlach.

NPCs involved in Prologue - Aces

Tarlach's Letter

Young Tarlach.png Name Tarlach's Letter NPC Young Tarlach


My name's Tarlach and I'm 6 years old and I live in Tailteann. My master left me here and said he'd be back in 10 days, but Merlin won't stop picking on me and Starlet won't make him. Will you help me?
- Tarlach


  1. Read Tarlach's Letter.
    • The letter is automatically obtained after watching the cutscene and can be stored in the Special Inventory.
    • Upon using the letter, a cutscene will occur. You will be teleported to the Druid's House in Taillteann after the cutscene.
  2. Talk to Young Tarlach.
    • A cutscene will start.
  3. Complete the quest. [3,000 EXP; 100 Gold]

Starlet Makes Lunch

Starlet.png Name Starlet Makes Lunch NPC Starlet
Young Tarlach

I'm looking for something yummy to make for Tarlach! Come by and help me out!
- Starlet


  1. Talk to Starlet at the Druid's House.
    • A cutscene will start.
  2. Talk to Young Tarlach at the Druid's House.
  3. Talk to Starlet at the Druid's House.
  4. Complete the quest. [3,000 EXP; 3,000 Gold]

The Chef of Legend

Merlin.png Name The Chef of Legend NPC Merlin

So... I know of a legendary chef in Erinn.
- Merlin


  1. Talk to Merlin at the Druid's House.
  2. Talk to Merlin at the Lake in Abb Neagh.
  3. Give Merlin a 60cm+ Abb Neagh Carp.
    • You do not have to fish the Abb Neagh Carp yourself. You may obtain it from other players.
    • He will take the fish at the beginning of the conversation and complete the quest requirement at the end.
    • You will lose the Fishing Rod and Bait Feeder he gave you.
  4. Talk to Merlin at the Druid's House.
  5. Talk to Merlin at Blago Prarie.
    • Merlin is located near the crossroad of Lezzaro's Winery and Farm.
  6. Give Merlin 10 Blago Noir and 10 Errans Sauvignon.
    • He will take the grapes at the beginning of the conversation and complete the quest requirement at the end.
    • There are two methods of acquiring grapes:
  7. Complete the quest. [25,000 EXP; 15,000 Gold]

Last Attempt

Merlin.png Name Last Attempt NPC Merlin

We're going to starve at this rate. Let's try to coax this chief out of hiding one more time.
- Merlin


  1. Talk to Merlin at the Druid's House.
  2. Talk to Merlin again and you will be given the choice to do the RP Shadow Mission, "The Juiciest Boar".
    • You will role-play as yourself, with 10 in each stat, and with the following Items: Broadsword, Targe Shield, and 5 HP 30 Potions.
    • There will be eight Juicy Boars scattered throughout the mission. You must use Rock Throwing three times on each boar.
      • Boars are also affected by normal attacks. However, it is highly advised not to attack them normally.
      • Boars may attack you while you climb the ladder.
    • Climbing nearby ladders will drop aggro. Boars that drop aggro will return to their spawn point.
      • Do note that Rock Throwing will displace the user if used while moving. In the case this happens, you may not be able to climb the ladder.
      • In the case that you are chased too far away from the ladders, use the trees around the map to hide behind.
      • The boars will multi-aggro and are capable of easily killing you.
      • Each time you attack or throw a rock at a boar, they will change into a brighter shade of red. Upon the third hit, they will run away and eventually despawn.
    • Upon completing the objective, you will be prompted with a dialogue and the Juiciest Boar will appear.
      • This boss will be weaker than the previous boars and will only use normal attacks, Defense, and Counterattack.
      • Using the ladders will drop the aggro, but upon getting off, the Boar will immediately aggro you again.
    • After slaying the Juiciest Boar, you must manually exit the mission.
  3. Talk to Merlin.
  4. Talk to Starlet.
  5. Complete the quest. [15,000 EXP; 25,000 Gold; AP 20 Potion]
    • Replaying this Prologue does not reward another AP Potion.

The Saga: Iria II

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