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The skill window UI, large version.
The skill window UI, small version.
A fully Danned skill will have its star icon disappear.
A capped skill cannot be advanced further.
For a comparison of the AP needed for each skill, see Stats and Skills.
For a gallery of skill icons, see Category:Skill Icons.
For monster-only skills, see Category:Monster Skills.
For pet-only skills, see Category:Pet Skills.
For partner-exclusive skills, see Partners.


  • A Skill is an active or passive ability of a character or NPC in Mabinogi.
    • There are a max of 16~19 Ranks for each skill. Some skills have fewer ranks implemented.
    • The ranks are labeled and ordered Novice, F, E, D, C, B, A, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Dan 1, Dan 2, Dan 3. Novice is the lowest rank and Dan 3 is the highest rank.
  • Active Skills may have loading times (the time it takes to be able to use the skill) or cooldowns (the time it takes to be able to use the skill again).
  • Skills require Ability Points (AP) to rank them up and become stronger.

Ranking Skills

  • In order to rank up a Skill, a minimum of 100 Skill Experience Points must be earned for that rank's "Training Requirements".
    • Training Requirements differ between skills. Sometimes they require Books or Quests. Other times they require the Skill to be used in specific ways.
  • When 100 Skill Experience Points or more have been earned, an "Advance" button appears next to the Skill
    • Ranking up a Skill not only improves the Skill itself, but can also provide permanent Stats or progress towards mastery in a Talent.
    • Ranking up a Skill provides a small amount of Character EXP on rank up.
    • Skills can be set to automatically rank up as long as the Character has enough Ability Points.
  • If the Skill is Rank 1, a Master Title for that Skill can be obtained by reaching 100 Skill Experience Points instead.
    • In order to rank up a Skill into Dan, at least 100 Skill Experience Points is required as well.

Training Skills

  • The most straight forward way to earn Skill Experience Points is to complete the Training Requirements in the Count specified by the Skill.
    • For example, Cooking Rank 4 requires the player to cook pies 10 times for a total of 5 Skill Experience Points. Cooking Rank 4 has a total of 100 Skill Experience Points and this represents 5/100 Points.
  • Perfectly meeting the Training Requirements of a Skill increases the Character EXP rewarded for ranking the skill.
    • It is not recommended to perfectly train a Skill, as the Character EXP is very small.
  • While it is possible to faithfully follow the Training Requirements of a Skill, players may lessen the burden of training Skills by using two modifiers available to them.

Skill Count EXP

  • Skill Count EXP Modifiers multiplies the progress a player makes while completing Training Requirements.
    • Using the above Cooking Rank 4 example and a x2 Modifier, the player could cook pies 5 times for the whole total of 5 Skill Experience Points. The player would have all 10/10 Counts of cooking pies and 5/100 of Cooking Rank 4's total Experience Points.
    • Note: The maximum for this value is hard capped at x8 Training.
  • Being currently Born into a Talent provides a x2 Bonus to Skills in that Talent.
  • The Passive of Flying Food Truck Pets provides a x2 Bonus to the Cooking Skill.
  • Various potions provide this stacking effect; they include the Skill EXP Potions (i.e. Combat Skill 2x EXP Potion), Complete Skill EXP Potions, Royal Complete Skill EXP Potions, and Astrology Potions (i.e. Virgo Starbright Potion).
  • Various events, titles, Astrology balloons provide this stacking effect.

Skill Total Count EXP

Avoiding Training

  • There are a few ways to avoid completing Training Requirements.
    • For most skills that have over 30 points of Skill Experience Points, you may train the skill with AP by clicking the AP Train button (see below).
      • This functions similar to a Skill Count EXP Modifier.
    • For most skills that have over 30 points of Skill Experience Points in a specific Training Requirement, you may use the empowered Brionac's AP Training to train the skill at the cost of some of the Brionac's durability.
      • This functions similar to a Skill Count EXP Modifier.
    • Using Skill Training Seals.
      • This functions similar to a Skill Total Count EXP Modifier.

Ap Training

Handicraft can be AP trained. Refining cannot because it is Rank 1. Blacksmithing can, but does not have 30 training points yet.
The AP Training interface, allowing selection of a method to train.

AP Training is the ability to complete training requirements for Skills by spending AP instead of training them normally.

  • To AP train a skill, the following requirements must be met:
    • The selected skill has at least 30 points of training.
    • The skill must not be Rank 1.
    • The method to be trained must have at least 11 maximum counts.
    • The method cannot be in an "Unknown Training Method" state.
  • 20% of the total counts will be added to the chosen method.
    • If this would add more than 30 Skill Experience Points, it will instead stop at adding enough counts to add 30 Points.
  • AP used for training skills will not be refunded from a skill reset.
  • The AP cost can start as low as 1 AP, but gradually increases the more points are given and/or the higher the skill rank.
  • Can be used on all skills, except for the following:


  • Prior to the NEXT: New Beast Update, being currently Born into a Talent and Current Level 100+ provided a Skill Total Count EXP Modifier Bonus to Skills in that Talent.

Main Skills

  • Skills are subdivided into different categories based on type.
Type Specialty Color Training Method
Production Mastery.png
Production and living Gold AP
Combat Mastery.png
Close-ranged or archery-based combat Red AP
Magic Mastery.png
AOE, Support, Mana regeneration Blue AP
Alchemy Mastery.png
Life skill assist or magic-like attacks Red-Orange Gradient AP
Knuckle Mastery.png
1:1 Close-ranged combat Gray AP
Playing Instrument.png
song creation, buffs Pink AP
Control Marionette.png
AOE crowd control Teal-Light Blue Gradient AP
Dual Gun Mastery.png
Dual Guns
Middle-range rapid firing attacks Turquoise-Pink Gradient AP
Shuriken Mastery.png
Mix of close and long-ranged combat, traps, aggro control Dark Red AP
Chain Blade Mastery.png
Long-ranged combat, aggro control Purple-Pink Gradient AP
Hybrid Talents. Light gray AP
Mixes two talents and creates new skills. Passive bonus stats. Mixes the corresponding talents's colors. Leveling up
Spirit of Order.png(Human)Soul of Chaos.png(Human)Fury of Connous.png(Elf)Daemon of Physis.png(Giant)
Race-specific Transformation
Temporary Stat strengthening White/Purple/Teal/Dark Red Leveling up
Awakening of Light.png
Allows the player to embody themselves with the power of a god and use their abilities Black, Gray, White Levels and Rebirth
Shield of Trust.pngCelestial Spike.pngJudgment Blade.pngDivine Link.png
Divine power, utility Sub-Skills Blue with color frame AP
Nascent Divinity.png
Transformation of an otherworldly order Yellow-framed Light blue AP
Palalan Embrace.png
Celestial (Palala)
Random buff Yellow Potential
Shine of Eweca.png
Celestial (Eweca)
Passive stat bonuses Pink Ranks with current level, resets at level 1. Amount relative to cumulative level
Might of Ladeca.png(Giant)Breath of Ladeca.png(Human)Vision of Ladeca.png(Elf)
Celestial (Ladeca)
Race-specific skill. Pale blue Ranks with current level, resets at level 1

Other Skills

  • Unlearned: this tab is for skills that the player has yet to learn. It also tells what category the skill belongs to and how to learn it.
    • When hovering over the skill, important key words, usually pertaining to quests or other skills, are labeled in orange. The coloration does not show when opening the skill's "Learn Method" window.
    • Certain skills, like Arcana-related Skills and Memorial Link are omitted from the list and will never show up under this tab.
  • Actions: Technically skills, however, they require no AP and do not rank up. These have a green background and are accessible from the "Action" window.
  • Player skills used by monsters, NPCs, pets, or partners are equal to that of a Human, unless the race is an Elf or Giant.
  • Player skills used by monsters, NPCs, pets, or partners bear different loading/cooldown times than players even if their race is that of a human, elf, or giant.
    • This is due to the Genesis update only applying to player cooldown times.
  • Technique: Usually passive effects that a player can equip on and off, some of them include effects that are activated in the same manner of skills. See here for more information.