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The Shadow Realm is a mirror copy of the world of Erinn that was created by an unknown cause. It is constantly growing and expanding. You may enter the Shadow Realm with the help of an ancient artifact known as the Stonehenge. The Shadow Realm is used as a refuge by Fomorians and a base of operations by the Corrupted Alchemists.


  • In the Shadow Realm, one cannot fly using flying pets or Hot Air Balloons.
  • Like Erinn, monsters labeled Weak or Weakest will not reward any experience upon defeat.
  • Which location in the Shadow Realm that is arrived upon is dependent on which Shadow Mission.
  • Shadow Missions may be obtained from Mainstream Quests or the Shadow Mission Board.
  • The Shadow Realm is unique in that some of the trees grow Arat Berries, which may only be used in the Shadow Realm.
  • Unlike Dungeons, wounds are restored by using the Rest skill.
  • Adniel's Horn Bugle may only be used within the Shadow Realm, but only outside of indoor areas.
  • Interestingly, the times of day within the Shadow Realm are reverse to the real world. For instance, when its morning in Erinn, it is night time in the Shadow Realm, and when it is night time in Erinn, it is morning in the Shadow Realm.