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Brionac, also known as the Sword of the Gods, Light of the Dark Sun, and Holy Sword, is the "mastermind" behind Generation 11, awarded for completing the Generation 11 Mainstream Scenario.

Brionac Equipped.png Brionac Sheathed.png Brionace Hilt.png Brionac Training.png
Equipped Sheathed Handle Design Brionac Training

Unusable Description: The holy sword that has evolved from the Caliburn. It's said to be somehow connected to the ancient Partholonian race. It currently cannot be used.
Usable Description: A weapon evolved from the Caliburn. The power of the Caliburn is actualized in the Brionac. To restore the Brionac, the wielder must sacrifice a portion of their ability. The Brionac is activated when it absorbs a certain amount of electrical energy. The Brionac loses durability simply by being equipped.

Base Stats and Information

Icon of Brionac
1 × 5
Very Slow 2 Hit Weapon
Base Stats Limitations
Damage 70~149 Injury 0%~0% Human Spirit Dorren
100% = 4 AP
Balance 35% Critical 39% Elf Enchant
Stun 2.7 sec
0/0 Giant Reforge
Durability 14
NPC Value?
0 G
S. Radius
S. Angle
S. Damage
Enchant Types?
/ Two-handed Weapon / Sword / Metal / 
Other Information
  • Is a Close Combat Weapon and receives various melee skill bonuses.
  • Giants may equip this weapon along with a shield.
  • Completely bound to the character.
  • Can only be stored in the bank tab of the owner.
  • Can be placed in the "Me" tab of the inventory.
  • Not compatible with any Appearance Scrolls.
  • Cannot receive Erg enhancement.
Obtained From?
Sold By?
  • None

Mainstream Story

Dye Details

Items can be dyed using Dye Ampoules. The colors available depend on the palette of the part to be dyed.

  Part A Part B Part C
Dyed Part The blade and hilt The decorative piece between blade and hilt and the end The small bands on the center and the end
Palette Used Weapon Metal Hilt Metal Armor Metal

Special Abilities

  • When using the Shock and Awakening of Light Skills, the Damage, Critical Hit Rate, Balance, Splash Range and Splash Radius of Brionac increases considerably. If the Shock was boosted with the Elemental Wave skill, the Brionac also gains increased splash range.
    • The rate of Durability loss also increases however.
    • While the increased Critical and Balance do not appear on the character screen, it is still applied.
    • The increased splash range from an Elemental Wave-buffed Shock will persist past the boost's normal duration, lasting until the Brionac is unequipped.
  • Shock's effect on Brionac lasts 3 minutes, while Awakening of Light's effect lasts for the entire duration.
    • The Shock's effect on the Brionac will disappear if you remove it from your hands in any way.
    • Even if one removes the Brionac from their hands if infused with Awakening of Light, they can gain back its powers by re-equipping the weapon.
  • Dorren in Taillteann is the only NPC capable of repairing Brionac. It costs 4 AP per point with no failures.
    • You may also repair Brionac on your own when infused with Shock/Awakening of Light.
      • This is performed by selecting the glowing spear skill icon on the Brionac interface and then choosing how many points of durability to restore.
  • When using Shock or Awakening of Light, you may create the Portal of Falias after completing Generation 12.
    • This is performed by clicking the Portal skill icon on the Brionac interface.
    • This will consume 1 Falias Fragment.
  • Despite being a two-handed weapon, Elves are capable of wielding it.
  • When using Brionac and infused with Awakening of Light, a special version of Spear of Light called "Spear of God" can be used, dealing approximately 7 times more damage than Spear of Light, however Durability will be sacrificed upon using Spear of God.
    • This effect is increased further when Brionac is under the influence of Shock.
    • This effect only occurs when the player chooses to use Spear of Light via the Brionac interface.
  • When awakened, either through Shock or Awakening of Light, each attack of Brionac reduces boss-type enemies' (example: Black Dragon, Giant Alligator, Giant Lion, Merrow, etc.) protection by 3 permanently. Each attack can stack and can effectively reduce a boss-type monster's protection to zero if used enough times.
    • This effect is sometimes referred to as peel by the community
    • Example: The Black Dragon which has 120 flat protection, would require 40 hits with Brionac to reduce to 0.
    • This won't reduce magical protection however.

Skill Training

  • When using Shock/Awakening of Light, you can sacrifice some of Brionac's Durability to automatically train a skill once every 12 hours real time.
    • This is performed by clicking the dark spear skill icon on the Brionac interface then selecting which skill and requirement you wish to train.
    • The skill cannot be Rank 1, 1 Dan, 2 Dan, or 3 Dan.
    • You will be prompted to choose a skill to train.
      • Skills which are eligible will be flashing.
    • Upon choosing a skill, you must choose a Training Method for that skill.
      • The Proficiency bar will show the amount of Experience increase when training the selected Training Method.
      • A message will come up asking if you are sure and informing you of the amount of Durability Brionac will lose.
      • You will receive 10% of the total counts of training for the Training Method you choose, or a number equivalent to 10 Skill Proficiency Points, whichever is lower.
  • You must have already trained at least 30% of the particular Training Method yourself.
  • Skill requirements that must be fulfilled less than 10 times total may not be trained.
    • Transformation Skills and Book/Quest-based Skill requirements cannot be trained.
  • Most skills reduce 0.25 durability when trained in this manner. The table below shows known exceptions.
Skill Cost
Alchemy Mastery 0.5
Enchant 2.0
Weaving 0.75
Refining 0.75
Potion Making 0.75
Carpentry 4.0
Blacksmithing 6.0
Tailoring 2.0


  • Certain features are only accessible when casting Shock on the Brionac or using Awakening of Light with the weapon equipped.
  • The interface will appear in the lower left hand corner of the screen.
  • You must have hit "Complete" on the Uroboros quest in order to view the Brionac interface.
  • There are 4 buttons on the interface:
    • Brionac Skill Training.png Auto-Train Skill
    • Brionac Repair.png Repair Brionac
    • Spear of Light.png Use Spear of God
      • This cannot be used if players have their power aligned with Morrighan.
    • Portal of Falias.png Create a Portal to Falias (Generation 12)


  • Brionac is the name of the weapon that Lugh Lavada used to fight the Fomorians in the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh.
    • However, Briana doubts his Brionac has any relation to this Brionac.
    • If the player speaks to Nele with the Lugh, the Knight of Light Keyword, he will say that the Brionac is capable of piercing through anything and everything. Also, he states that his Brionac is a spear.
  • Aer says the blade is also known as the "Light of the Dark Sun".
  • The Falias Gatekeeper says Falias was named "Brionac" in the beginning of time.
  • In every cutscene in which the Brionac is held (aside from the player equipped with it before engaging the cutscene), the wielder will treat the weapon as a One-Handed Sword although it is a Two-Handed Sword.