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Iria: Episode 10 - Divine Fury: The Advent

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The Saga: Iria

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Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
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  • To start Episode 10, open the Chapter Info menu, select the "Chapter 5 The Saga" tab, click the Watch button, and select "EP 10 - Divine Fury: The Advent" under "Iria".
  • You may not play other episodes while playing Episode 10.
  • Replaying Episode 10 costs 5,000 Gold.
  • Warning: Choosing to stop the Episode at any point will erase all progress.
  • You can not skip the cutscenes on your first playthrough of the Episode.
You, Shamala, Millia, and Akule have survived the coming of a goddess. But how will this affect your lives in the long run?


Iria: Episode 10 - Divine Fury: The Advent is the tenth and final episode of The Saga: Iria. After the Milletian interrupts the plans of Ruairi and Tarlach, Lia Fail becomes increasingly unstable and summons Macha, the Goddess of Destruction, to defend it, forcing everyone to temporarily band together to defeat her.

The Shadow Mission difficulty is based on your total level:

Beginner for 1~99 total
Intermediate for 100~299 total
Advanced for 300~999 total
Hard for 1000+ total

NPCs involved in Divine Fury: The Advent

Final Battle

Akule Eagle.png Name Final Battle NPC Akule
Cessair's Heart

To start the episode, open the Saga menu, select the "Iria" tab, and select "EP 10 - Divine Fury: The Advent", and watch the Episode 10 cinematic.


  1. Talk to Akule located south of Pera Volcano in Zardine. A cutscene will occur and you will be taken into the Shadow Mission, "Into Battle".
    • Defeat 2 Cessairs, then Cessair's Heart (Monster). A cutscene will occur, ending the mission.
      • The Cessair have complete stun immunity and will also use Final Hit as well as Assault Slash. They have an extremely large aggro radius, multi aggro, deal high damage, and will pursue you a great distance so proceed with caution.
        • They have Natural Shield. After being struck with a ranged skill, they are capable of using Evasion.
        • Due to their stun immunity, using melee attacks is not recommended as they will immediately intercept it. Additionally, using pets with a stun on-summon attack, such as the Thunder Dragon's Thunder Storm and the Nimbus's Restful Wind, have no effect. However, pets with a knockdown on-summon attack, such as Fire Dragon's Fire Storm, can help take off the heat, though they will immediately get back up and attack.
      • Cessair's Heart uses a variety of powerful Dual Gun Skills, however the very first thing she will attempt to do is Reload. She can be taken down easily as long as she does not successfully use the skill.
  2. Talk to Akule. You will be taken into the Shadow Mission, "Into Battle 2".
    • Defeat 8 Aonbharrs. A cutscene will occur, ending the mission.
      • The Aonbharrs have multi-aggro and a far detection range.
      • Upon defeating one Aonbharr, two will spawn to replace it.
  3. Talk to Akule. You will be taken into the Shadow Mission, "Inferno".
    • This mission is fixed on basic regardless of total level.
    • Attack Macha until she has less than 40% HP. A cutscene will occur.
      • Macha has 100 HP and all damage done to her is reduced to 1. She will use Teleportation to move across large distances in the battlefield every so often, leaving behind a Red Falias Floating Stone in her place. She teleports in a set pattern, and eventually teleports in place. She does not attack, walk, or run around otherwise.
        • The Red Falias Floating Stones will Chain Cast Fireball, but are fairly weak.
        • A fast weapon (e.g. Dagger) and a mount is recommended. Commanding the mount to attack will also help shave off her HP faster.
        • A single Smash bleed can shed enough of her health to trigger the cutscene, as it ignores her defensive stats.
        • Dance of Death will also bypass her defensive stats and kill her instantly.
        • Using melee attacks with Brionac while using Demigod or Shock, can shed some of her Protection off, allowing you to do more than 1 damage. However, this method is not recommended due to the increased Durability consumption unless Final Hit is used.
        • Life Drain will not work on her.
        • Using Shylock's Step will allow you to catch up to Macha quicker.
  4. Talk to Tarlach in the Shadow Mission.
  5. Complete the quest. [8,000 EXP]

Then, nothing happened.

Odran.png Name Then, nothing happened. NPC Odran

WARNING: Completion of this quest will cause Tarlach to disappear from Sidhe Sneachta, temporarily remaining if one has a quest related to him. This is intended and not a bug.
Completion of this quest will cause Young Tarlach to appear beside Berched in Tailteann.
Completion of this quest will cause Shamala to reappear in Cor.


  1. Talk to Odran, Dowra, or Maike located south of Pera Volcano in Zardine.
  2. Talk to Akule located in The Holy Land of Shamans, on the other side of the river at the central circle.
  3. Talk to Shamala located near Akule. The credits cutscene will occur.
    • Unlike other cutscenes, you can skip it even when doing the episode for the first time.
    • You will be transported to the La Terra Highlands Mana Tunnel after the cutscene.
  4. Complete the quest. [100,000 EXP, Complete Saga Box, Saga EP10 Box]
    • You will also receive a Saga's End Box if you have completed all ten episodes for the first time.
    • Replaying Episode 10 does not reward a Complete Saga Box.
    • You may only obtain up to 1 Saga EP Box a day for all episodes.
      • However, you will always receive a box for the first time finishing the episode.
      • The Daily Bonus is applied on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
      • This resets at 7:00am PST100.

The Saga: Iria

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