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Iria II: Episode 3 - Pursuit

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The Saga: Iria II

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Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
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Iria II Title.png
Saga Mainstream Icon.png
  • To start Episode 3, open the Chapter Info menu, select the "Chapter 5 The Saga" tab, click the Watch button, and select "Pursuit" under "Iria II".
  • You may not play other episodes while playing this episode.
  • Replaying the episode costs 5,000 Gold.
  • Warning: Choosing to stop the Episode at any point will erase all progress.
The gang teams up with the great Treasure Hunter to track down Tarlach, but Merlin's pocketbook might not survive the journey!


Iria II: Episode 3 - Pursuit is the third episode of The Saga: Iria II. The Milletian, Merlin, and Treasure Hunter follow the Cessair all across Iria to recover Young Tarlach.

NPCs involved in Episode 3 - Pursuit

Canvassing the Streets

Merlin.png Name Canvassing the Streets NPC Drunkard
Treasure Hunter

To start the episode, open the Saga menu, select the "Iria II" tab, select "Pursuit", and watch the Episode 3 cinematic.
Before the cinematic, you will be teleported to the docks of Port Cobh. After the cinematic, you will be teleported to Port Qilla.


  1. Talk to Merlin in Port Qilla.
  2. Ask around about Tarlach in Qilla Base Camp.
    • Talk to the Drunkard located outside of the camp to complete this step.
    • During this stage of the quest, all NPCs within the camp will only converse with you about the missing Young Tarlach. The NPCs will not function normally until this step is completed.
  3. Talk to the Treasure Hunter.
  4. Talk to Merlin.
    • He is located near the Port Qilla Mana Tunnel. A cutscene will play.
  5. Complete the quest. [8000 EXP, 5000 Gold]


Merlin.png Name Desertbound NPC Merlin
Expedition Sam
Treasure Hunter

Let the Treasure Hunter deal with Maiz Prairie. We can go to the valley. Somebody has to have seen Tarlach if he passed that way. - Merlin


  1. Talk to Expedition Sam in Kaypi Canyon.
    • He is located on the first "n" in "Canyon" on the map.
  2. Talk to the Treasure Hunter in Muyu Desert.
  3. Talk to Lopez in the Nares Plateau.
    • Lopez is located west of the Rhino Mark, between the "a" and "u" of the word "Plateau" on the map.
  4. Talk to Merlin in the Longa Desert Oasis.
  5. Talk to Merlin again.
    • A cutscene will play.
  6. Complete the quest. [10,000 EXP, 8000 Gold]

Thief of Filia

Merlin.png Name Thief of Filia NPC Atrata
Treasure Hunter

That darn thief is going to pay for tricking me! Let's get to Filia while I'm still angry! - Merlin


  1. Talk to Atrata.
  2. Talk to the Treasure Hunter. Select Follow the tracks to proceed with the quest.
    • You will enter the Shadow Mission, "Follow the Medicine".
      • You must follow the Treasure Hunter.
      • It is safe to ignore the Treasure Hunter's frequent warning to "keep up". If you fall too far behind, he will stop and wait for you.
      • You will fight the following monsters as you follow the Treasure Hunter: Demonic Archer x6 → Black Sand Scorpion x10 → Venomous Rock Scorpion x10
      • Defeat them and continue to follow the Treasure Hunter.
      • After the third wave, follow the Treasure Hunter to a certain point to complete the mission.
  3. Find Lopez.
  4. Complete the quest. [8000 EXP, 5000 Gold]

Prophecy and Proof

Treasure Hunter.png Name Prophecy and Proof NPC Akule
Dying Glutton Monkey
Healthy Glutton Monkey
Treasure Hunter

We've got the truth this time, I'm sure of it. Tarlach's trail leads to Cor. Meet me there. - Treasure Hunter


  1. Talk to Akule in Cor.
    • He is located above the "c" in "Cor" on the map.
    • A cutscene will play.
  2. Talk to Tupai.
  3. Talk to the Treasure Hunter in Zardine Hot Springs. Choose "Make Medicine" to proceed with the quest.
    • You will enter the Shadow Mission, "Map to a Cure", where you role-play as the Treasure Hunter.
      • Hunt nearby monsters and hit rocks to collect 3 Creepy Sprouts, 4 Scorpion Hairs, 6 Bitterbite Herbs, 2 Lava Fruits, 4 Peculiar Dust, and 5 Hot Ash.
        • Creepy Sprouts can be dropped by Whirlpool Snakes.
        • Scorpion Hair can be dropped by Wandering Scorpions.
        • Bitterbite Herbs can be dropped by Gravel Rhinos.
        • Lava Fruit can be dropped by Fruited Lizards.
        • Hot Ash can be found hitting the larger rocks (in the bushes).
        • Peculiar Dust can be found hitting the smaller rocks (by the sign of the nearest Hot Spring).
          • Since there is only 1 Stamina 300 Potion in the inventory, it is best to look for the Hot Ash and Peculiar Dust first. To conserve stamina, some animals maybe defeated with one shot while the others may require Bullet Slide and Shooting Rush to be dispatched.
  4. Concoct the Treasure Hunter's Special Potion and talk to the Dying Glutton Monkey.
  5. Talk to the Healthy Glutton Monkey.
  6. Complete the quest. [8000 EXP, 5000 Gold]


Merlin.png Name Pursuit NPC Merlin
Treasure Hunter

I don't know what's weirder: that the kid came all the way out here, that he had company, or that I'm taking orders from a monkey. Either way, we need to check out Zardine. - Merlin


  1. Talk to Merlin.
  2. Talk to the Treasure Hunter.
    • Choose You two make everything difficult. to trigger a cutscene.
    • You will enter the Shadow Mission, "The Hot-Air Chase", where you will role-play as yourself.
      • Talk to the Treasure Hunter to get on the Hot-Air Balloon.
        • The Hot-Air Balloon has 2000 HP. Press "Z" to use Flints to heal the balloon. You have only 5 flints to use, so use them wisely.
        • Using the Ballistas on the balloon will change the camera into First-Person view. Press "Esc" to leave the ballista.
        • Aim at the enemies with your cursor. The cursor will move up and down while aiming.
        • Click on the enemies to defeat them. Aim accurately as there is a 3 second reload between each shot.
      • You must attack Enslaved Wyverns and Enslaved Alpha Wyverns without letting the Hot-Air Balloon's HP reach zero. Defeat the enemy's balloon to complete the mission.
      • You will be teleported to the base of Lake Calida.
  3. Talk to Merlin.
  4. Complete the quest. [50,000 EXP; 30,000 Gold; AP 20 Potion]
    • Replaying this episode does not reward another AP Potion.

The Saga: Iria II

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