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Blowing myself up will hurt.


Lost Sahuagin


  • The monster passively explodes prior to its death.
  • Lost Sahuagins and Bomb Steeds can self-destruct at will, but only under certain conditions.
    • Lost Sahuagins only self-detonates if its HP is less than 50%. Bomb Steeds on the other hand explode after a certain time.
    • If the monster is still alive when it decides to self-destruct, there will be a delay while it preps the skill, this delay does not exist if the monster is killed by something other than itself. In this case it will explode immediately.
    • When the monster has self-destructed on its own, it does not produce experience. In addition, monsters who are killed by the explosion also will not produce Experience.
  • The bomb has an explosion radius similar to an Escape Bomb, or to the range of a wandless magic bolt (e.g. using any Bolt spell, such as Icebolt, without a wand equipped).
    • You should try to be at least half a room away when the monster detonates itself.
  • The explosion usually causes very high damage, similar to a low ranked Fireball.
  • Ranged, Magic, or Alchemy attacks are recommended against any enemy using this skill.
    • Dual Gun attacks are more risky due to their smaller range and extremely mild stun. However, only their Normal Attacks can achieve this, as their skills have lesser range.
  • A safe way to avoid the explosion is to stay out of the room.
    • Be careful, as the door opens and you and the detonation is close to the door, you will get hit.
  • Another way to avoid damage is to use Rank 5 Barrier Spikes, allowing you to use attacks at close proximity without taking damage.
  • Yet another way is to kill the monster with the detachment hit of Puppet's Snare. The monster will fall to the ground and no explosion will occur.
  • A monster with this skill hits everything within its range. This includes monsters and the person who is controlling a monster.
    • Exploding in a group of other monsters with this skill can start a chain reaction.
  • Monster Mercenaries and Marionettes are unaffected by Self-Destruct.
  • If killed by Pummel (except for the initial kick), the monster explodes right after the backflip animation.

Monsters with the Skill