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Basic Information

Durability, as it appears under an item's attributes
  • Every piece of equipment has durability. When durability reaches 0, most equipment cannot be used until repaired. Equipment with 0 base durability, such as Magic Powders and Empty Bottles, can still be equipped.
  • Durability is lost through:
    • Usage:
      • All equipment will lose durability over time as the player is hit.
        • Specifically: Every time the player is hit, only one randomly selected equipment will lose durability at a time.
        • The amount of durability lost per hit is independent of the amount of damage received.
        • In terms of body armor: Heavy Armor will lose durability the slowest, followed by Light Armor, and lastly, clothing.
      • In the case of weapons, they will lose durability when attacking, regardless of whether or not the attack is successful.
        • Striking a prop, such as a pole, has no effect on a weapon's durability.
      • Enchanting an item with Holy Flame decreases the durability by 1.5x the normal rate.
  • Once a piece of equipment reaches 0 durability, all its effects are ignored until the equipment is repaired.
    • In the case of weapons, its number of hits, attack speed, and splash properties will still be applied.
  • The durability of an item will affect its resale value to NPCs: the lower the durability, the lower the resell value; at 0 durability, down to half of its original value.
  • Maximum durability can be permanently lost through repairing or an enchanting failure, and cannot be recovered.
  • Maximum durability can be increased through certain Upgrades, a Golden Hammer of Durability, a Platinum Hammer of Durability, or an Altered Ferghus's Hammer.

Durability Loss Reduction

  • There are four methods to reduce durability loss:
    • Blessing equipment with Holy Water of Lymilark. Blessed equipment reduces durability loss by 50%.
    • Having VIP Premium Service. This reduces durability loss by 25%.
    • The Melody Step effect from a Freestyle Jam reduces durability loss by 25%.
    • Items with a certain Set Bonus can reduce durability loss by 30%.
      • This applies for everything you have equipped while the set bonus is active.
  • Bonuses are multiplicative, meaning a total of 62.5% reduced durability loss can be achieved with VIP service on a blessed item.

Durability Loss Rate

  • All numbers are based off the assumption of unblessed items and lack of VIP Premium Service.


  • All weapons lose 0.001 ~ 0.030 durability per melee attack.
    • Bash notably uses 0.030 durability per hit.
  • Ranged weapons lose 0.001 ~ 0.030 durability per shot and melee attack (e.g. Counterattack, Windmill).
  • Wands lose 0.02 durability per spell usage.
    • Durability is lost when the spell is used, not when cast.
      • This means that the durability is consumed when the spell hits the target, not when the spell loads/finishes loading.
  • Cylinders, Tower Cylinders, and Guard Cylinders lose 0.011(?) durability per use.
  • Weapons or tools used for gathering lose 0.1 durability per gather.
  • Cooking tools lose 0.2(?) durability per cooking attempt.
  • Instruments lose 0.001 ~ 0.059 durability per performance.
  • Microphones do not lose durability while using Song.
  • Pierrot Marionette and Colossus Marionette attacks under the influence of Act 9: Invigorating Encore lose ? durability.
  • Way of the Gun temporarily prevents durability loss for Dual Guns.
  • Final Hit temporarily prevents durability loss for Swords, Axes, and Blunt Weapons.