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Restful Wind

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Fire Storm.png An enchanted wind blows when the Nimbus is summoned. Nearby party members are healed and nearby enemies are put to sleep.


  • Possessed only by the Nimbus, Stormy Nimbus, Rainbow Nimbus, and Astral Nimbus.
  • When summoning the Nimbus, it generates an aura around it, restoring HP, Injury, and Colossus Marionette/Pierrot Marionette HP, increases Defense and Protection, and increases Mana and Stamina recovery rate to all nearby party members.
  • Enemies caught in the aura are immediately put to sleep, similarly to Lullaby.
    • Unlike Lullaby, a sleeping enemy does not take additional damage.
    • Unlike Lullaby, the same enemy can be put to sleep more than once.
    • Unlike Lullaby, other players can be put to sleep through PvP.
  • Using Restful Wind on a target affected by Lullaby will override the latter's visual effect, causing it to disappear after Restful Wind's duration has passed, but does not cancel Lullaby's sleeping effects.
  • Enabling Mini Effects causes the aura and sleeping effects to become invisible.


Rank F
HP Recovery 150
Injury Recovery 30
Marionette HP Recovery 500
Defense Bonus 20
Protection Bonus 5
Mana/Stamina Recovery [%] 400
Mana [/sec] (Day) 0.2
Mana [/sec] (Night) 0.6
Stamina [/sec] 2
Buff Duration [sec] 30
Sleep Duration [sec] 4