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An overview of Dunbarton.

Description and Geography

Full-size map, including the environs.
Minimap focused on the city.

The easternmost city of the Uladh kingdom. An important city in terms of industry and business, Dunbarton connects the northern & southern kingdoms of Uladh.
The city of Dunbarton is enclosed on all sides by walls, which in turn is surrounded by sprawling farmlands. The Town Hall is renowned for its hospitality to travelers, and Dunbarton is also famous for its Restaurant, Bookstore, School and Weapons Shop.[1]

Commerce Dunbarton Icon.png Dunbarton is a city built on highlands east of Antrim Mountains. Bridging the northern and southern halves of Uladh continent, the city has developed into a center of trade and commerce and thence flourished.

Dunbarton (pronounced /dʌnˈbɑːrtən/) is located at a crossroads between various other towns and cities. The climate is comparatively chilly and high in precipitation, due to the cold wind from the north and moist sea air from the east. Drinking water is facilitated by a well, as no streams or rivers run through Dunbarton. The surrounding countryside is part of Dunbarton's territory, predominantly used for agriculture.

The unicorn statue is a well-known location within the city, overlooking a small stage. Concerts and meetings are held here.

Lord Fordyce of Dunbarton rarely makes public appearances, so the Town Office is the main point of contact for official business such as Guild creation and management, and the Dungeon Guide and Daily Quests. The city also has its own church, healer house, restaurant, general store, bookstore, clothing shop, and weapons shop, as well as a large school containing a library. The local Trading Post is outside the northern gate, and the royal astronomy society have set up by the western gate.

Due to its central position in Uladh, the way Moon Gates used to function, and Continent Warp, Dunbarton flourished and has maintained its reputation as a high player populated town for many years.
Player Shops can be found spanning from the town square to the moongate, and event NPCs are frequently placed in Dunbarton.

A mysterious rock theorized to be a remnant of the First Battle of Mag Tuireadh is being excavated to the west. The stone acts as a means to teleport directly to Uladh Dungeon altars.


Areas of Interest


Animal/Crop/Monster Source
Resource Obtained From Location
Wool.png Wool
Fine Wool.png Fine Wool
Sheep West of the city walls
Cobweb.png Cobweb Spiders West of the city walls
Egg.png Egg Hen North of the city walls
Milk.png Milk Cow South-West of the city walls
Potato.png Potato
Bean.png Bean
Potato Field Town outskirts
Resource Obtained From Location
Apple.png Apple
Branches.png Branches
Tree hitting (Apple Tree) Town outskirts
Berry.png Berry
Branches.png Branches
Tree hitting (Cedar Tree) Inside the town
Firewood.png Firewood (Tree) (Gathering Axe equipped) from Trees Any tree
Resource Obtained From Location
Water.png Water Well or other source Behind Weapons Shop
behind Healer's House
behind Grocery store
near Bell Tower
Base Herb.png Base Herb Herb Patch Along the southern part of the map, near the forest
Large Nail.png Large Nail
Small Gem.png Small Gem
Small Green Gem.png Small Blue Gem.png Small Red Gem.png Colored Small Gems
Hitting man-made objects Pathways
Inside the town


  • Bank
  • Bookstore
  • Church
  • Clothing Shop
  • General Shop
  • Grocery Store
  • Healer's House
  • Mailbox
  • Quest Board
  • Royal Society of Astronomy Outpost
  • School
  • Housing Board
  • Trading Post
  • Town Office
  • Weapons Shop


Local NPCs


Areas Connected


Track Title
An Old, Reliable Road Sign
Dugald Aisle and Dunbarton Fields
An Old, Reliable Road Sign (Orchestra)
(Prague FILMHarmonic Orchestra Version)
Dugald Aisle and Dunbarton Fields
An Old, Reliable Road Sign (Kor. Orchestra)
(Korean Symphony Orchestra Version)
Dugald Aisle and Dunbarton Fields
A New Town
Dunbarton Town
A New Town (Orchestra)
(Prague FILMHarmonic Orchestra Version)
Dunbarton Town
A New Town (Kor. Orchestra)
(Korean Symphony Orchestra Version)
Dunbarton Town


  • In contrast to every other location in Uladh and the nearby Antrim Mountains named in The Dunbarton Environs, Dunbarton is of Scottish origin and not Irish.
    • Dunbarton comes from dún (meaning fort) while barton refers to Breton or Briton.
    • The heavy reliance on the unicorn as an emblem for Dunbarton also references this, as the unicorn is a national symbol of Scotland.
  • Before the Trading Post was implemented in the Generation 15, Season 1 Update, there was once an additional Potato Field that players could gather Potatoes from. If one clicks in certain spots of the dirt field in front of the Trading Post, it is possible to unearth potatoes.
  • The Bell Tower used to found on the south-east corner of the Square.
  • Eavan used to maintain the Lost and Found service.
  • One of the Harvest Song basic melodies uses Dunbarton's theme.
  • The Square used to be a "square" shape.
  • According to the book Animal-loving Healer, Dunbarton has a Sales tax.
  • The Practice Scarecrows that can be found near Aranwen will give skill training for basic requirements that do not require Combat Power. These include the early ranks of skills such as Combat Mastery, Magic Weapon Mastery, and Axe Mastery.
    • Hitting the Scarecrows will reveal dialogue. See here for more info.