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The interface used to enhance items with Erg.
  • Erg is a system for sacrificing other weapons and materials to power up your weapons.
  • It is possible to have multiple Erg-infused weapons.
  • Weapons will gain various bonuses as they level, depending on the type of weapon.
  • Erg infusion is performed by talking to Kaelic
  • Erg can be transferred from one weapon to another using a Transference Catalyst.


  • In order to infuse Erg into a weapon, you feed it other weapons and resources.
    • Infusing levels up the Erg for higher bonuses.
    • Expanding ranks up the weapon to increase the Erg infusion level cap.

Disallowed Items

  • The below items cannot receive Erg enhancement or be used as upgrade materials.
    • Classic* Ego/Spirit weapons
    • Gathering or Life skill tools
    • Merlin / Shyllien Mana Knuckles
    • Guard Cylinders
    • Any weapon not belonging to an Erg category (i.e. Scythes).
    • Any weapon that has been sealed to you


Source Weapon Requirements

  • Source Weapon cannot be sealed, or spirited.

Target Weapon Requirements

  • Target Weapon must not be personalized.
    • If the target weapon is trade-unlocked, it can be used.
  • Target Weapon cannot be sealed, or spirited.
  • Target Weapon must be the same type as Source Weapon.
    • Bows and Crossbows are not considered the same weapon type.

After transfer levels up to 4 erg levels may be lost, and the target weapon will be personalized. Max Erg Level is not lost.


The upgrades and reforge lines on this weapon contribute Erg.
  • Infusing other weapons into the target item raises the Erg EXP in order to gain Erg levels.
  • The "required material" weapon should be the same category (i.e. Shuriken, 1-handed Blunt).
    • Additional material weapons do not need to be of the same weapon category.
  • When the Erg upgrade interface is open, hovering over an item in your inventory will display the Erg EXP value.
  • If combined Erg EXP of infusion items is higher than required for level, only the needed amount will be obtained.

Level EXP

Weapon Bonuses

  • Crafted items are worth more Erg, as are upgraded, reforged, enchanted items, and such.
    • For example a shop-bought Dagger is worth 10 Erg EXP, while a player-crafted one is worth 150 Erg EXP.
  • The below tables list the bonus Erg granted by various types of modifications. These bonuses are not granted to store-bought items.
    • Each Erg value is the total bonus added.

Expansion/Sacrifice Items

  • When Weapon Ergs reach a certain level, they are capped and items must be sacrificed to increase its level cap.
    • The cap occurs every 5 levels.
    • If successful, all required sacrifice items will be consumed. Otherwise, only the first three items (marked with an exclamation point in-game) will be consumed for each attempt to increase its level cap.
  • The materials needed for attempting to advance each Erg Rank is shown from left to right
  • The bolded items (Consumed Materials) will be consumed for each attempt, even if the rank up fails.
  • The non-bolded items (Erg Material, Special Item and Weapon) will only be consumed once the rank up succeeds.
  • Be aware that not all weapons of a weapon type can be Special Upgraded. In particular, very few Control Bars and Shurikens have access to these upgrades.
    • Similarly, do not mistake one-handed and two-handed weapons when preparing weapons for sacrifice.


  • The type of bonuses that a weapon gets depends on the type of weapon it is.
  • Note: chain "+ dorcha acquired" is 1% per value to percent increase, for example at rank 1 level 50 will add +80% to 150%, for a total gain of 0.5*(150%+80%) = 1.15 dorcha per hit.

Dual Guns



Control Bars

Bows & Crossbows





2H Swords

1H Swords

1H Axes

1H Blunts

2H Axes

2H Blunts