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For a full list of available reforges, see Reforge/Full List.
For the old reforge system, see Reforge/2021Archived.


The user interface of the Reforging menu. 1-Type of Reforging tool used. 2-The item which will be reforged. 3-Activation button. 4-Number of reforges of the current type available in the inventory. 5-The item's current attributes. 6-The item's new attributes. 7-The rank of the item. 8-The number of attributes of the item. 9-Attribute list and help menu.

A reforge is an additional upgrade that can be added through the use of various Reforging Tools. It may give the user additional stats, power up certain skills, or cause skills to become longer or wider. Not all types of equipment can be reforged. [1]


An item reaching Rank 1.
  • Reforging grants random attributes to the equipment.
  • Items can be reforged with any reforging tool.
    • This means that comparatively to the Old System, you do not need to use a Basic Reforge first on the item.

Attributes and Rank

A list of Attributes obtainable for an item.
  • Up to three attributes100 may be obtained.
  • Attributes are limited100 by equipment types.
  • Attributes can be received at an equal probability.
  • Items will be given a rank that indicates the maximum level to which the attribute effects may be enhanced.
    • Most Rank 3 effects go from 1 ~ 5.
    • Most Rank 2 effects go from 1 ~ 10.
    • Most Rank 1 effects go from 1 ~ 20.

Attribute details

  • Attributes that can only be used by a specific race appear only on equipment that that race can wear.
    • Example: The Final Hit Cooldown Reduction Attribute, which can only be used by Human races, is organized into 'Heavy Armor' and 'Hat' item types, and can be worn by Humans in equipment items categorized for all races, Human only, Human/Elf only, and Human/Giant-only.
    • Example: The Magnum Shot Damage Attribute, which can only be used by Human and Elf races, is organized into 'Heavy Gauntlets', 'Gloves', and 'Accessory' item types, and can be worn by Humans or Elves in equipment items categorized for all races, Human only, Elf-only, and Human/Elf-only.
  • The available reforging Attributes will differ for items with the following labels when compared to other items.
    • “Giant Full Swing Exclusive Weapon” label to Giant Full Swing-only weapons.
    • “Unable to use Enthralling Performance” to instruments that cannot be used with this skill.
    • “Commerce Enhancement Outfit” label to Commerce Outfits.

Hope Essence

Equipment types

Limit Break

An example of a limit break.

When using the Exquisite Reforging Tool on items that are Reforging Rank 1, it is possible to obtain Attributes that are granted at a higher level than the Maximum Level, known as the Limit Break.

  • The appearance and availability of a Limit Break depends on the Available Attributes for an item.
  • The Limit Break column is displayed based on Reforging Rank 1.
  • The minimum/maximum level of the Limit Break level is determined according to the maximum level based on Reforging Rank 1 of the Attribute.
    • Example: Attribute with a maximum level of 20 based on Rank 1: Limit Break Level 21~25
    • Example: Attribute with a maximum level of 10 based on Rank 1: Limit Break Level 11~13
  • The maximum level of an attribute is indicated in the item tooltip when displaying the Reforging Attribute.

Reforging Tool Info

Reforging Tool Types

  • See Here for a list.

Training EXP Reforges

  • Items that give training EXP bonuses grant a 10% bonus to training EXP per level for that particular skill.
    • Example: a Gathering Knife with Production Mastery Training EXP 2 Level will alter Rank 3 Production Mastery's "Succeed in creating or gathering an item using a skill" from +3.00(12/60) to +3.60(12/60) while it is equipped.
      • Upon un-equipping the affected item, training values return to their original amounts.
      • This attribute is useful for ranking skills up by increasing the training value each point provides. It provides no use for those trying to obtain "Master" titles.
      • While the values do change, the training increase is not retroactive. The training you have done already will remain at its original values. Only training done with the affected gear will receive the increased Training EXP.

Reforges by Equipment Type

Reforges by Equipment Type