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Category:Dual Guns

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Basic Information

When equipped with Dual Guns, an ammo counter will be displayed below the character's feet.
Ammo counter turns dull red when low on ammo.
  • Dual Guns are a type of weapon that consists of a pair of firearms used to deal rapid fire attacks.
    • The two guns are considered a single weapon rather than two separate firearms.
    • Dual Gun Normal Attacks vastly differ from other weapons. For more information, see Dual Gun Mastery.
  • Dual Guns are required to use Dual Gun Skills.
  • Assault Slash can be used with Dual Guns.
  • Smash and Charge cannot be used with Dual Guns.
  • Dual Guns cannot hit enemies in Flight.
  • Dual Guns trigger Natural Shield.
  • Dual Guns can utilize Enchants designed for Two-Handed Weapons.
  • Damage done with dual guns is influenced by the user's Strength, Intelligence, and Dual Gun Mastery.
    • Every 5 Str adds +1 to Maximum Dual Guns Damage; 6 Str adds +1 to Minimum Dual Guns Damage.
    • Every 5 Int adds +1 to Maximum Dual Guns Damage; 6 Int adds +1 to Minimum Dual Guns Damage.
      • The exact formula for maximum dual gun damage is (Str + Int) / 5. Example: If a player has 50 strength and 120 intelligence, it would be (50+120) / 5 = 34 additional maximum damage.
      • The exact formula for minimum dual gun damage is (Str + Int) / 6. Example: If a player has 50 strength and 120 intelligence, it would be (50+120) / 6 = 28.33 additional minimum damage.
  • The Gunslinger Talent increases the user's minimum and maximum damage when equipped with Dual Guns.
  • Dual Guns vary by clip size, which is the ammunition within the weapon used to fire the gun.
    • Guns use Mana Bullets to not only increase the damage of guns but is required to use Reload to refresh the gun's ammo.
      • The Mana Bullet's damage bonus will be displayed in blue next to the Dual Gun's damage.
      • If the player has insufficient ammo to use a normal attack or skill, the message "Not enough Mana Bullets." will appear and Reload will execute automatically.
    • All Dual Guns start off with no ammo.
    • In general, the less damage the gun possesses, the bigger the magazine size; likewise, the stronger the gun, the smaller the maximum magazine size is.
    • A Dual Gun's magazine size are independent from one another, meaning that guns have their own magazine count and do not share among each other.
  • Dual Guns can be repaired from anywhere with Dual Gun Repair Kit 81 and 92.
  • All Dual Guns share the same upgrade path with the exception of Artisan Upgrades.
  • Most Dual Guns can be made with the Hillwen Engineering skill with the exception of Black Star and Dowra's Golden Gun.

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