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Hillwen Mine

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The largest deposit of Hillwen Ore located in the back of Floor B3 of the Hillwen Mines. This will only drop Hillwen Ore Fragments.

Northwest of Vales is the Hillwen Mine. It is said that the ancestors of the Giants used ancient technology created from Hillwen Mine to combat their enemies. Here, players can drill into its vast resources and use engineering to obtain materials needed to create Dual Guns and other various tools.

According to Dr. Lambert's theory, the appearance of Hillwen Mine is the result of geographical changes caused by the Irinid's Curse breaking, which supposedly happened after Generation 8 and before The Saga: Iria.

To enter the mine's depths, speak with the Elevator Guard. However, this NPC, along with others, will not be present during the first 5 Episodes (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) of The Saga: Iria.

Powerful and dangerous emerald monsters also lurk within the deep depths of the mine. These monsters, with the exception of the Emerald Bison, are not affected by elemental Reforges. Emerald Golems can be found resting in the deepest part of the mines, caution is advised when approaching.

Unlike other locations of Iria, Hillwen Mine has background music, with the exception of the Mine Entrance.


Mine Entrance

Hillwen Mine Lobby.jpg

Floor B1

Hillwen Mine Floor B1.jpg

Floor B2

Hillwen Mine Floor B2.jpg

Floor B3

Hillwen Mine Floor B3.jpg

Marked Maps

Tips for surviving B3

  • Go with others!
  • If going with others is not possible, remain as stealthy as possible. The detection monsters have for spotting you is limited, so you can sneak between crevices and get hillwen ore. If you get spotted by a monster (or monsters, if you're rather unlucky), it has been discovered that you can counterattack the monster on its final sliver of health to prevent another monster from immediately spawning.
  • If there is a crevice you can go into to evade monster detection, but it is guarded by monsters, try utilizing Hide if you're an Elf class, or Crisis Escape, Playing dead if you are a human. Humans will have a harder time accomplishing this feat. Shadow Cloak from Ninja skill works too.

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Engineering Researcher.png
Engineering Researcher
Hillwen Mine Technology Union Hillwen Mine Entrance
Excavation Expert (unofficial).png
Excavation Expert
Hillwen Mine Technology Union Hillwen Mine Entrance
Mineral Expert.png
Mineral Expert
Hillwen Mine Technology Union Hillwen Mine Entrance
Elevator Guard.png
Elevator Guard
Hillwen Mine Technology Union Hillwen Mine Entrance
Hillwen Mine B1
Hillwen Mine B2
Hillwen Mine B3
Grandmaster Engineer Hillwen Mine Entrance
Hillwen Mine Interim Engineer.png
Interim Engineer
Hillwen Mine Technology Union Hillwen Mine Entrance
Secret Agent K.png
Secret Agent K
Black Raven Hillwen Mine Entrance
Spy Q.png
Spy Q
Black Raven Hillwen Mine Entrance
Vales Royal Guard.png
Vales Royal Guard
Royal Guard Outside of Hillwen Mine