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Inventory icon of Firewood

1 × 3
Stack: 100

A piece of wood that seems to have been split and dried well

Methods to Obtain


Monster Drops


Feeding Monkeys


Used In


A campfire can be created by using five pieces of Firewood.




Part-time Jobs

Usually, only one type of requirement(s) is offered per in-game day by an NPC (on all channels per server), however, the part-time job's requirement(s) can be checked before accepting it. Note that, Piaras and Tracy only offer the Firewood gathering part-time job, whether the player is doing a basic, intermediate or advanced job.

NPC Difficulty Requirements
Piaras, Tracy Basic Gather 10 Pieces of Firewood
Intermediate Gather 20 Pieces of Firewood
Advanced Gather 30 Pieces of Firewood
Eabha Basic Gather 10 Pieces of Firewood
Intermediate Gather 15 Pieces of Firewood
Advanced Gather 20 Pieces of Firewood



  • To have Taunes and Meles activate the Old Furnaces in Vales and Filia, respectively, a player must give them Firewood. One piece of Firewood will activate an Old Furnace for one minute and five pieces for five minutes.