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Dugald Aisle

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Logging Camp


A steep mountainous pathway leading inland from Tir Chonaill.

The Dugald Aisle, a rocky mountainous route leading into Dunbarton, was forged centuries ago by merchants looking to trade goods in the city. Known to be populated by abundant wildlife, Dugald Aisle was once a prospective town.[1]

Dugald Aisle is a mountainous passageway connecting Tir Chonaill and Dunbarton. Logging and forestry allowed for a popular though short-lived demand for construction of a functioning settlement in the area. Local fauna include foxes and raccoons in the lumber camp in the center of the aisle. As well, many bears, Wisps, and other animals dwell in the forests to the west. In the plain to the south-southwest resides wolves. In the hill to the south-southeast resides more wolves and wisps. At night, various mushrooms grow abundantly in the forest west of the camp.

To the southeastern most point lies Spiral Hill. It is known that the hill holds a mystery, with fierce animals roaming around it.

At the west end of Ulaid Forest is an entry to Sliab Cuilin, a throughway to Taillteann. East of the logging camp is a path to Dugald Residential Town and Dugald Castle.

To the south, the stones you pass by may be mined with a pickaxe to gather Castle Masonry to build a guild castle in Dugald Residential Town, Sen Mag Residential Town, Abb Neagh Residential Town, and Cuilin Residential Town.

During Generation 8, Pierrick was seen wandering around Dugald Aisle at certain times of the day.


A map of Dugald Aisle

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Lumberjack Logging Camp


Northern Dugald

Central Dugald

Western Forest

Southern Dugald

Field Boss