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Category:Alchemy Skills

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  • Alchemy Skills are skills related to Alchemy.
  • Offensive Alchemy skills have multiple requirements in addition to needing a valid target:
    • A Cylinder and/or Guard Cylinder's Alchemy Crystal Storage to be equipped.
    • Adequate Crystal(s) in the player's inventory or Guard Cylinder's storage (amount and type varies by skill).
    • Adequate Stamina (and sometimes Mana) to prepare the skill.
    • The skill to be off cooldown (varying by skill; some have none).
    • To wait for a period of time (varying by skill) on-cast as the skill loads/charges.
    • Additionally, some skills (primarily Rain Casting and Barrier Spikes) are location-restricted.
  • Some Alchemy Skills gain Damage, based off of the player's Health, Mana, and Stamina stats: