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Category:Guard Cylinders

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Basic Information

  • Guard cylinders are a special type of cylinder which also function as a shield.
    • Equipped in the left-hand slot.
    • When used without an accompanying cylinder, a damage penalty is applied.
    • Can use all alchemy skills that would otherwise require just a cylinder.
      • When a cylinder is equipped alongside:
        • The use of Hydra Transmutation, Elemental Wave, and Golden Time is enabled.
        • The Summon Golem system and interface is altered.
        • The Attribute Marble interface appears, but only if the player has learned Elemental Wave.
        • Contrary to its appearance, wielding both a cylinder and a guard cylinder is not the same as Dual Wielding, as the player does not attack with both cylinders simultaneously, even though certain skills animate the player into appearing that both cylinders are in use.
  • Benefit from both Guard Cylinder Mastery and Shield Mastery (classified as a small shield).
  • In addition to all the properties of a shield, guard cylinders also provide additional Magic Defense and Magic Protection.
    • Guard cylinders do not have base Defense nor Protection, which are replaced by the two aforementioned defensive stats. However, they are present as hidden defense bonuses.
  • Accepts both cylinder- and shield-type enchants, but only receives shield-type reforges.
  • Proficiency gained and Durability lost for a guard cylinder is affected in the same way as a cylinder and shield, minus melee.

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