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For the Residential Areas, see Housing.
For the Bandit's hideout, see Outlaw's Homestead.
For the Enchant, see Homestead (Enchant).
For homestead-related events, see Homestead Preparation Event, Homestead Candy Tree Growing Event, Homestead Fishing Event, Homestead Dragon Tamer Event, Homestead Candy Bonanza Event, and Homestead Renewal Event.
For a list of other Homestead items, see Category:Homestead Items.
For homestead houses, see Homestead Houses.
Level 1 Uladh Homestead


Level 1 Connous Homestead
Level 2 Physis Homestead
  • To create a homestead, you need a Homestead Ticket, which is received from the Receivable Quest Board after reaching a total level of 10 along with the "Create a Homestead" quest.
    • You can create a homestead by clicking the homestead button (the plant icon) and then clicking "Create a Homestead" and selecting a location to establish the new Homestead.
    • The name of the homestead can be up to 20 characters long and you can use spaces.
    • A homestead may not be deleted.
      • Homestead may later be moved and renamed using a We-Haul Homesteads Ticket bought from the Cash Shop.
        • This method cannot be used to rename a homestead without moving it to a different region.
    • A cutscene will occur upon entering a newly created homestead.
  • All homesteads start at level 1. Level 2 can only be obtained by building a Camp or Igloo.


Create a Homestead
How to Get Quest

Reach cumulative level 10.

Briefing Since the discovery of this Mysterious Ore, containing the power of earth, I have decided to sell land to all of Erinn's adventurers. After adventuring under the stars at night and breathless battles against wild beasts during the day, I invite you to put your swords and wands aside for a day to rest and enjoy life. -Blatt
  • Click the Homestead button to create your own Homestead.


The homestead information seen from the menu bar.
1-Homestead Name and general information 2-House information 3-Pet House information 4-Crop Information.
  • To enter your homestead, click the Homestead icon in the Menu Bar
  • To enter another player's homestead, right click them and select "Enter Homestead". This can also be done through the friends list.
    • Permission for who may enter the homestead is based on the Homestead Menu's authorization settings.
    • The homestead owner does not have to be online for anyone to enter their homestead.
      • It is possible to enter the homestead of a character on the same account provided they are in the same guild.
    • You cannot enter any homestead if someone else is in it on a different channel. You will be prompted to move to that channel in order to enter.
  • The owner of the homestead may right click on an unwanted guest's character and select the "Expel from Homestead" option.
  • A player may also access another player's homestead through the Homestead Map.
    • Only homesteads added to favorites will be shown on the map.
    • To add a homestead to favorites, simply visit the desired homestead and click the Add Favorites button in the upper right hand corner.
      • The type of house you have does not affect the number of homestead friends you can have, but affects the amount of people you can add to your visitor list.
  • Any items dropped on the ground will disappear upon all players leaving the homestead.
  • If you log off from your homestead, you will log back in to your location before entering the homestead.
  • Entering a homestead does not count as leaving a channel, so you will not lose place in a queue or part-time job by entering.
  • If you change channels immediately after exiting your homestead, homestead access is locked to the previous channel you left for one minute.
  • When entering a homestead, hidden Weather effects may be present. These provide a bonus to production skill success rate and may cause homestead herb patches to yield more herbs.
    • The hidden weather effects will stay present until all characters leave the homestead.
    • The hidden weather effects reset every five minutes real time, but will not take place unless you exit and reenter.
      • Unlike other locations, homestead weather can differ between channels. However once a homestead is entered, it is time locked to a particular channel.


  • You may not change channels while in a homestead.
  • You may not use Continent Warp while in a homestead.
  • You may not enter a homestead while the Log Off penalty is applied.
  • You may not enter a homestead from certain locations, such as Guild Hall.
  • You may not leave a homestead while transformed into a creature or while 1st Couples Flight is active.
  • Since the 8-Nov-2018 update, it has become possible to summon Pets inside a homestead and to enter a homestead while a pet is summoned.
    • Prior to that update, the only characters which could be summoned in a homestead were Partners and Mini Gems.
      • Partners will help you gather as long as the target prop is authorized to be used by anyone.

Making a Homestead

Homestead Stones

Ore Deposit
  • The player can mine Homestead Stones with a Pickaxe. These stones are used to build objects and pay maintenance fees.
    • Collected Homestead Stones will be displayed in the top corner of the player's screen.
    • It is possible to get a Lucky Bonus (2 Stones) & Huge Lucky Bonus (20 Stones) while collecting Homestead Stones.
    • An ore deposit will contain 10 Homestead Stones at most at any given time.
    • Homestead Stones regenerate once a day at 12:00am PST100.
    • You cannot collect Homestead Stones from other player's homesteads.
    • Partners with a disposition of 80+ (241+ for Commerce Partners) will multiply the amount of stones gathered.
    • Homestead Stones can be harvested from Outlaw's Homesteads. These stone piles only have two stones and do not regenerate.


The two customization options, toggled between Edit and Construction mode. Partner Placement button not shown.
The menu that appears when clicking on a Camp in Edit mode.
  • The player can toggle between Construction Mode, Edit Mode, and Partner Placement Mode.

Construction Mode

  • The player can click on the hammer icon to build various objects with their homestead stones. Some objects may also require additional materials, usually production skill items. Some can only be purchased with Pons or obtained through Events and Gachapon.
  • When you begin building the object you desire, it will take a certain amount of time to be completed. The time spans from a few minutes to several hours or days.
    • Objects will continue to build/grow while you are offline, or otherwise away from your homestead.
  • Successfully building/growing an object will reward you with Kons. These represent the homestead's experience and value, and are needed to level up the homestead. As your homestead levels up, more objects are unlocked to be built.
  • Most objects have various effects. For example, some will generate kons daily, others are workstations for production skills.
    • Some effects affect the entire Homestead region, such as Light Wagons or Kon-generating ornaments. You may only place a certain number of any one ornament before new identical ornaments stop adding to the effect.
      • The Construction List will show the effect in gray instead of blue if new ornaments would not produce the effect. The max allowed of an ornament before the effect stops varies.
    • Some effects affect nearby gathering or production objects, such as how the Homestead Apple Tree increases the collection amount of Bloody Herb Patches.
      • These effects will only take place if the affected object is directly adjacent to the effect-providing item.

Edit Mode

  • In Edit mode the player can click on an object and do the following:
    • view its information
    • adjust authorization settings
    • move or rotate homestead objects
    • paint objects that can be painted (primarily obtained from the Handicraft skill and the Paint Mixing Kettle)
    • remove the object and (if possible) place it as a kit in the player's inventory
  • You cannot edit your homestead while using a skill.

Partner Placement Mode

  • With the Partner Placement window, players can place their Partners around their Homestead.
    • Doing so will make the Partner otherwise unavailable until they are removed from the Homestead.
  • Static Placement allows the player to place a Partner anywhere in their Homestead.
    • Partners in Static Placement can use Partner Motions and Gestures. For more information, see Partner/Homestead Partner Motion.
    • Partners occupy 1x1 squares but can be placed anywhere, including on top of Homestead props.
    • Partners in Static Placement cannot overlap other Static Placement Partners. They can overlap Partners in Interactive Placement.
  • Interactive Placement allows the player to place their Partner on Homestead props, such as seats.
    • Partners are moved and removed alongside their associated prop.

Visitor Information

An example of the Visitor Information.
  • By changing the permissions of the Homestead Options Menu, one may limit the players entering their homestead.
  • If the player chooses, "Owner," only the owner of the homestead may enter.
  • If the player chooses the Authorization Setting "Owner's Friends," they may choose who is allowed to enter their homestead.
    • Players wanting to enter your homestead will send a notification to you.
    • The type of house that you have affects how many friends can be added to the visitor list.
    • In the "View Visitor List" under the Homestead Information icon, players may view: Request, Allow, and Block lists.
      • Players requesting to enter your homestead will appear on the "Request" list.
        • Players may choose to "Accept" or "Delete" your request, or place you in their Block list.
        • These permissions may be changed, at anytime, at the player's discretion.
      • The "Allow" list displays players that have access to your homestead.
      • The "Block" list displays the players that are not allowed into your homestead.
  • If the player chooses, "Guild members," only the members belonging to the same Guild as the player may enter their homestead.
  • Viewing the Homestead Access Menu (visible from outside of the Homestead; default hotkey "U") shows both Today's visitor count and the Total visitor count.
    • Today's Count displays the total number of visitors to your Homestead for that day. It resets at 7:00am PST100.
    • Total Count displays the total number of visitors who have visited your Homestead. It does not reset.

Authorization Settings

An example of authorization settings for the Homestead Options Menu.
  • Some objects have the option of who can access/use them.
    • There are 4 different Authorization Settings: Anyone, Owner, Owner's Friends, and Guild Members.
    • To set access rights, click on the object in Edit Mode and select View Information and adjust Authorization Settings.
    • It is possible to select both Owner's Friends and Guild Members at the same time, the other options are mutually exclusive.
    • You do not need be present on your Homestead for another person to use your tools if they have the necessary permission.
  • The Homestead Options Menu, accessed by clicking the "Options" button on the Homestead Menu, will edit the authorization of all props at once.


Inventory icon of Homestead Kit

1 × 1
Stack: 100

  • Most animals, ornaments and products become a kit when removed from a homestead.
  • Kits are used to install objects on the Homestead which usually costs gold.
    • Installing from a kit does not require materials or Pons.
    • The price of using the kit is listed in the item's description.
      • Most Ornaments cost 80 gold.
      • Most Products cost 2000 gold.
      • Most Animals cost 3000 gold.
    • The homestead must meet all normal eligibility requirements regarding level and location.
    • Kons are not earned when installing from a kit.
    • Gathering nodes made with such kits will start out empty, even if the kit came from one that was full.


  • Homestead crops differ from crops farmed in Taillteann.
    • They require a seed of the type of crop you wish to plant.
    • They require no maintenance.
      • Unlike harvesting farmed crops in Taillteann, homestead crops are harvested instantly.
    • They may not be sold for gold, but instead are the most efficient method of gaining Kons for your homestead.
  • Music can be played or sung to plants growing on your field.
    • This requires Rank F Playing Instrument or Song.
      • The higher your playing rank is, the more time is decreased on the crops.
    • If the music is considered too easy or is a bad result, the plants will dislike it and no change occurs.
      • You may try again if the plants do not like the music.
    • You cannot play music to someone else's plants.
    • Plants will only respond to music once per harvest.
      • Playing Instrument and Song effects do not stack. Only one will affect the crop timer but not both.


  • Certain items require Homestead Stones and Homestead Stone Fragments to maintain. The maintenance costs will automatically be deducted from your current amount of Homestead Stones once every week.
    • If you do not have enough Homestead Stones when maintenance is due, a fee of 10 Pons can be paid in its place.
      • If the player cannot pay the fee, the homestead items that have maintenance costs will become unusable and unremovable until the next successful payment.
        • When the next payment is due, the player must pay both the current and all previously unpaid maintenance cost.
    • A Fragment is 1/10th of a Homestead Stone, and will not show up in your costs until you owe a full stone's worth.

Homestead Size and Experience

For player experience, see Experience.
  • Homestead Experience is represented as Kon.
  • A cutscene occurs once the player's homestead reaches level 2.
  • As the player's homestead levels up, the homestead size also increases, allowing more room for homestead objects.
  • Once a player's homestead size increases, the map will refresh itself in order to accommodate the change.
  • To access the sizes for Stage 1 to Stage 6 requires a Homestead Expansion Permit which can only be used for Homesteads that are at level 14 and higher. Each permit must be used in numerical sequence to allow the Homestead to be expanded; Stage 1 must be used first to allow Stage 2 expansion and Stage 2 must be used to allow Stage 3 expansion.
Level Experience to next level Total experience gained
1 50 0
2 250 50
3 500 300
4 1,100 800
5 1,900 1,900
6 3,100 3,800
7 4,800 6,900
8 7,200 11,700
9 11,000 18,900
10 18,000 29,900
11 26,000 47,900
12 32,500 73,900
13 40,000 106,400
14 49,000 146,400
15 60,000 195,400
- - 255,400
Level Length × Breadth Total Increase(%)
1 9 × 9 81 -
2 17 × 17 289 +256%
4 25 × 25 625 +116%
10 33 × 33 1,089 +74%
14 49 × 49 2,401 +120%
55 × 55 3,025 +26%
61 × 61 3,721 +23%
67 × 67 4,489 +21%
75 × 75 5,625 +25%
83 × 83 6,889 +22%
91 × 91 8,281 +20%
Visual Representation

Decreased Growth Time for Crops Using Music

  • Playing music to your crops fills up the timer gauge by a certain percentage depending on the player's Playing Instrument or Song rank, which in turn decreases the time needed for growth.
Rank N F E D C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Gauge Filled (%) 0 30 32.5 35 37.5 40 42.5 45 47.5 50 52.5 55 57.5 60 62.5 65
  • This translates into:
Crop Kons Minutes F E D C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Strawberry 200 60 42 40.5 39 37.5 36 34.5 33 31.5 30 28.5 27 25.5 24 22.5 21
Tomato 220 90 63 60.75 58.5 56.25 54 51.75 49.5 47.25 45 42.75 40.5 38.25 36 33.75 31.5
Eggplant 240 120 84 81 78 75 72 69 66 63 60 57 54 51 48 45 42
Cabbage 260 150 105 101.25 97.5 93.75 90 86.25 82.5 78.75 75 71.25 67.5 63.75 60 56.25 52.5
Pumpkin 280 180 126 121.5 117 112.5 108 103.5 99 94.5 90 85.5 81 76.5 72 67.5 63
Kons Per Minute
Crop Kons KPM F E D C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Strawberry 200 3.33 4.76 4.94 5.13 5.33 5.56 5.80 6.06 6.35 6.67 7.02 7.41 7.84 8.33 8.89 9.52
Tomato 220 2.44 3.49 3.62 3.76 3.91 4.07 4.25 4.44 4.66 4.89 5.15 5.43 5.75 6.11 6.52 6.98
Eggplant 240 2.00 2.86 2.96 3.08 3.20 3.33 3.48 3.64 3.81 4.00 4.21 4.44 4.71 5.00 5.33 5.71
Cabbage 260 1.73 2.48 2.57 2.67 2.77 2.89 3.01 3.15 3.30 3.47 3.65 3.85 4.08 4.33 4.62 4.95
Pumpkin 280 1.56 2.22 2.30 2.39 2.49 2.59 2.71 2.83 2.96 3.11 3.27 3.46 3.66 3.89 4.15 4.44
  • The previous only takes into account Time as a limiting factor.
  • All Crops require 1 Crop Seed and 3 Homestead Stones. If Homestead Stones are the limiting factor, more Kons overall will outvalue Kons per Minute.

Homestead Objects



  • In order to build a House, you must click on your Camp or Igloo during Construction Mode.
    • The style of house depends on where the homestead was built.
    • A House must be built in order to upgrade to a Mansion.
    • You may only have one house-type object on your homestead at one time. If you wish to build another house, you must replace the previous one.
    • Like Housing, you can enter a House or Mansion. Unlike Camp Kits, you cannot enter a Camp or Igloo. See Homestead Houses for more info.
    • The type of house that you have affects how many friends can be added to the visitor list. This amount starts at 3 without a Camp or Igloo, and increases to the amount specified in the description column.
  • Building List


Homestead Stone.png

  • Herb Patches reset daily at 12:00am PST100, similarly to Homestead Stones.
    • Standard herb patches contain 5 herbs.
      • Depending on the weather inside the homestead, the patch number increases up to 8 herbs per patch.
    • Using Rank 1 Rain Casting will produce this effect on the area of the cloud.
  • Trees placed adjacent to herb patches they boost will gain an additional 1 herb per patch.
  • You can also obtain a Lucky Bonus or Huge Lucky Bonus on Herb Patches.
  • Cuilin Stones require a Pickaxe to mine.
  • Water can be drawn from wells with an Empty Bottle.
  • Product List


Field (Homestead).png


Cherry Blossom Tree.png

  • Ornaments that generate daily Kons of the same amount stack up to ten times (e.g. 10 ornaments that provide 3 Kons each will provide 30 Kons per day).
    • Ornaments that generate different amounts of Kons can stack together (e.g. ornaments that provide 3 Kons will stack with ornaments that provide 1).
    • There are three types of Kon generating ornaments: 1 Kon, 2 Kons, and 3 Kons.
      • Having ten of each results a maximum of 60 Kons a day.
    • If you have not gone to your homestead for some time to collect bonus Kons, any Kons from previous days will be given to you the next time you go.
      • You will only accumulate up to 30 days worth of Kons for a maximum of 1,800 Kons.
  • Bonus effect from Wagons and Scarecrows do not stack.
  • The homestead ornaments with an bonus side effect will list it in their explanation description from the construction list. If the side effect can still be obtained, the text will be in blue, otherwise it will be written in gray (e.g. if there are too many single Kon-generating ornaments placed on the homestead, all ornaments that generate 1 Kon will have that side effect written in gray)
  • Trees that give bonuses to Herb Patches do not stack, regardless of the type of tree.
    • Herb patches placed next to bonus-giving trees will only receive the bonus if both patch and tree have been there for at least one real-life day.
  • Ladders for Ladeca and Eweca are not accessible under the Ornament tab. In order to construct one you must click on the associated Ladeca or Eweca.
  • Ornament List


Sheep (Homestead).png

  • Wool, eggs, and milk reset daily at 12:00am PST100, similar to Homestead Stones and Herb Patches.
  • Standard sheep, hens, and cows contain 10 wool, eggs, and milk respectively.
  • You can only have up to 5 of each animal.
  • Animal List

Pet House


After a long day of hard work, there's no better way for your pets to relieve all that Fatigue than to relax in one of the many new Pet Houses available to install in your Homestead!

Pet Houses come in 5 types, each with multiple levels that you can upgrade. You can only have 1 of each Pet House type installed on your Homestead.

  • This means Cloud Cushion Stage 1 and Cloud Cushion Stage 2 cannot both be on your Homestead at the same time.
  • However Cloud Cushion Stage 1, Cat Tower Stage 2, and Stable Stage 3 can all be on your Homestead simultaneously.

Pet House types include the following:

  • Cloud Cushion: For Small pet types. Can be upgraded up to Stage 4.
  • Cat Tower: For Small, Terrestrial, and Cat pet types. Can be upgraded up to Stage 4.
  • Medium Pet Pasture: For Medium pet types. Can be upgraded up to Stage 4.
  • Stable: For Medium and Horse pet types. Can be upgraded up to Stage 4.
  • Large Pet Pasture: For Large pet types. Can be upgraded up to Stage 2.

Pet Houses require multiple materials including a blueprint in order to install or upgrade. Check the Pet Adventurer Guide to see where the materials can be obtained from.

Once you install the Pet House, click on the sparkling spot in order to bring up a list of pets that can rest there.

While resting at the Pet House, your pet will graciously provide stat buffs to you, the Milletian!

After fully resting at the Pet House, your pet's Fatigue will be gone, and the stat bonuses they were providing will also go away. You can always let your pet rest longer if you want the bonuses to stay!

You can check on your pet's rest progress by clicking on the Pet House. You can also cancel the resting period, though by doing so your pet's Fatigue will not decrease.

Homestead Growth Tips

  • The Nails for Stones daily quest can provide 2 additional Homestead Stones each day by delivering 5 Large Nails to Madoc.
  • With a large stockpile of Homestead Stones and seeds, Homestead Strawberry Seeds give the most Kon per minute until level 13.
    • Otherwise, Homestead Stones should be used to plant the highest level of seed available until level 12.
  • Building ornaments becomes an efficient alternative to planting seeds at level 12.
    • At level 12, building Scarecrows is a very efficient way to gain Kon. Scarecrows give nearly as much Kon per Homestead Stone as seeds without requiring any materials. To get to level 13, it takes 5 hours and 728 Homestead Stones to build and remove 91 Scarecrows.
    • At level 13 and above, building Flower Pots is the fastest way to gain Kon. To get to level 14, it takes 5 hours and 672 Homestead Stones to build and remove 112 Flower Pots. To get to level 15, an additional 137 Flower Pots (822 Homestead Stones) are required. In total, 1,494 Homestead Stones and 5 hours are required to get from level 13 to 15.
    • Also at level 13 and above, building Food Kiosks is the cheapest way to gain Kon without seeds. To get from level 13 to 15, 1,116 Homestead Stones and 24 hours are required to build and remove 36 Food Kiosks.
    • Note: Building Scarecrows, Flower Pots, or Food Kiosks when the weekly maintenance occurs will cost extra Homestead Stones in maintenance fees.
  • While they are an uncommon Event and Gacha item, Homestead Golden Sprouts instantly grant 500 Homestead EXP at no cost.
    • Sprouts cannot increase EXP from level 14 to level 15, however.


  • An outdated Nexon guide is offered here.
  • The quest "Create a Homestead" and a Homestead Ticket used to be delivered automatically upon reaching cumulative level 10.
  • The Skill Icon for moving props during Construction Mode used to be unique in the Korean Test Servers during G13.
Moving a Homestead Prop during the KR G13 Test Server.