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Secret Shops

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Some NPCs have Secret Shops in which they sell special items to their closest friends. They contain skill books and other items that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game.

All secret shops reset at 12:00AM Pacific Time (3:00 AM Eastern Time).

To access the shop, players must raise the NPC's Intimacy by giving them gifts, performing Part-time Jobs for them, or completing quests, at which point new items can be found in the NPC's normal shop or in a new shop tab.

Over time, intimacy level decreases. Players must maintain intimacy with the NPC in order to continue accessing the Secret Shop.

List of Secret Shops

In the column "Gifts they Like" the nearest NPC selling a desired gift is in bold.

The column "Potions Needed" indicates the maximum number of Likeability Potions or Glittering Gems needed to access the NPC's shop.

NPC Difficulty Gifts they Like Potions Needed Items Notes
Hard Candlestick (Pencast, Kristell and Endelyon - 100 g) 5 What is an Ensemble?
Compose Rank D→C
The Path to Composing
Compose Rank C→B
Instrument Ranges
Compose Rank B→A
The Fundamentals of Becoming a Great Composer
Compose Rank A→9
Easy Heart Cake (Caitin, Glenis and Jennifer - 150 g)
Slice of Cake (Caitin, Glenis and Jennifer - 100 g)
Bread (Caitin, Tracy, Glenis, Jennifer, Effie, Granites and Ruwai - 56 g)
6 Resting Guide
(3,800 g)
Rest Rank E→D
Hard Anthology (Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites and Zeder - 150 g) 7 Quick and Effective First Aid
(4,700 g)
First Aid Rank F→E
Average Anthology (Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites and Zeder - 150 g)
Cubic Puzzle (Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites and Zeder - 150 g)
2 Weapon Collection Series Vol. 1
(7,700 g)
Hooked Cutlass (Hidden)
Special Item Collection - Signs
(7,700 g)
Big Pelican Protector (Hidden)
Food Collection - Snacks for Everyone
(7,700 g)
Apprentice Chef's Hat
Food Collection - Meal that's Simple, yet Filling
(8,800 g)
Advanced Chef's Hat
Food Collection - A Special Dinner with Someone
(9,900 g)
Professional Chef's Hat
Collect Music Bottles
(12,000 g)
Big Slit Full Helm
Hard Bread (Caitin, Tracy, Glenis, Jennifer, Effie, Granites and Ruwai - 56 g)
Candlestick (Pencast, Kristell and Endelyon - 100g)
5 Scary Library Pass
(4,444 g)
10 per In-Game Day
Scary Library Access
Awakened Strength Powder
(50,000 g)
Material for step 7 Special Upgrade stones.
Ladeca Blue Upgrade Stone
Eweca Red Upgrade Stone
Average Gift Ring (Eavan and Nora - 500 g) 7 Master Chef's Cooking Class: Baking
(5,500 g)
Cooking Novice→F
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Simmering
(5,500 g)
Cooking Rank F→E
About Kneading
(6,000 g)
Cooking Rank E→D
Boiling: The Basics of Heat Cooking
(9,800 g)
Cooking Rank D→C
About Noodle-Making
(9,900 g)
Cooking Rank C→B
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Frying
(11,800 g)
Cooking Rank B→A
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Stir-frying
(25,800 g)
Cooking Rank A→9
Hard Gift Ring (Eavan and Nora - 500 g)
Wine (Caitin, Glenis, and Jennifer - 200 g)
5 0 Sign
(2,000 g)
  • Lucas's secret shop can only be accessed through a membership that can be bought for 50,000 g
  • Only 2 items appear in his secret shop per in-game day with some exceptions where he will sell an additional 1-2 extra items.
European Comb
(44,000 g)
Couple Ring Glove
(25,000 g)
Glove of Extravaganza
(85,000 g)
Purple Rose Decoration
(25,000 g)
Purple Rose Bouquet
(50,000 g)
Single Purple Rose
(35,000 g)
Average Anthology (Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites and Zeder - 150 g)
Candlestick (Pencast, Kristell and Endelyon - 100 g)
Stuffed Bunny (Nora and Eavan - 250 g)
(Walter, Kristell and Eavan are closest to Effie via Continent Warp, whereas Granites and Zeder are closest via Mana Tunnel)
5 High Quality Log
(3,500 g)
Used In Collect High Quality Log
Campfire Rank 9→8
Very Hard Underwear Set (Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites and Zeder - 600 g) 5 Pot of Basil
(2,000 g)
Abstaining from Emotion
Taunt Novice
Very Hard Wine (Caitin, Glenis, and Jennifer - 200 g) 6 The Good Son - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
10 1s, 15 2s and 20 3s)
Cooking Rank 8→7
Pastry Discussion Vol.1: Pie - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
20 2s and 30 3s)
Cooking Rank 7→6
Culinary Artist's Course: Steaming - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
30 1s and 35 2s)
Cooking Rank 6→5
Very Hard Teddy Bear (Nora, Eavan - 150g) - Handbell for Giants (C~G)

NPC Relations

  • NPCs have a more complex relationship with players than it may seem at first, keeping track of three invisible values per character.
    • "Memory" is how well the NPC knows you. This goes up when you talk with them using keywords, as they become familiar with you.
      • This value goes down over time, which can be seen by NPCs eventually forgetting your name.
      • This value must be at least a certain amount (~8-9 talks) for an NPC to let you into their shop, but raising this value too much also raises "stress".
    • "Stress" goes up if you repeatedly interact with the NPC in the same way in a short time period, such as the same gift or constant talks.
      • This value goes down over time or by gifting them something different than normal, such as small amounts of gold.
      • This value must be a low amount in order for an NPC to let you into their shop.
    • "Favor" is how much they like you. This goes up when you give them gifts or do them favors such as part-time jobs.
      • This value must be high in order for an NPC to let you into their shop, and is the main reason NPCs are given gift items repeatedly.
      • This value affects which facial expression they use, their happiest face shows up about 4/5ths of the way to unlocking a shop.
  • Due to the interactions of these three values, you cannot simply give an NPC a gift item over and over to get into their secret shop.

Standard Method

  1. Purchase gifts appropriate for the NPC you wish to impress.
    • The more an NPC likes a gift, the fewer gifts you need.
  2. Go to the NPC and offer your gifts. You may wish to offer 2-3 gifts at a time, depending on how hard your target is to "crack".
  3. After each set of gifts, talk to the NPC with Nearby Rumors and/or Private Story to become familiar with them and check progress.
    • When you talk with an NPC, their attitude towards you is indicated in parentheses
      • Their keyword responses change as their attitude towards you improves, they will often give you more personal information.
      • Their expression changes as their opinion of you improves, with the happiest face being about 4/5ths of the way to unlocking the shop.
    • Hidden Shops may open before maximum intimacy is reached, therefore it is advised to check the shop regularly.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the NPC's secret shop is available.
    • If the NPC becomes irritated, this message will appear: "... is giving me a look that it may be better to stop this conversation".
      • This is a sign that you're talking to them too much and they're becoming stressed.
      • Correct the situation by giving them 1 gold, 4 times in a row, then talking to them to see if their mood has improved. Repeat gold until they calm down, at which point continue with gifts.

Likeability Potions

  • Likeability Potions immediately grant a large increase to an NPC's "favor" with you, and are recommended to get into a secret shop.
    • Potions increase favor so much that you only need to give a few of them, which keeps the NPC's stress level down, greatly shortening the process.

Special Coupon Shops

Aeira and Manus also have a special shop that can only be accessed with a coupon from Fleta and not by gifting them their favorite items.

List of Special Coupon Shops

NPC How to Unlock Items Effects
Fleta's Chore Quest The History of Music in Erinn (4)
(13,200 g)
Musical Knowledge Rank B→A
Rab's Dog Collar Quest First Aid Using Splints
(8,000 g)
First Aid Rank E→D
The True Value of Mental Rest
(6,190 g)
Rest Rank D→C