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Portrait of Fleta
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Wandering Saleswoman
Location Sen Mag Prairie
9:00 am - 11:00 am
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Repair Magical Equipment Repairs, 98%


A petite girl wearing a brown dress, with straight blonde hair flowing down.
There is not a hint of smile on her small lips,
and her big, deep eyes stare straight this way without even a slight hesitation.

Fleta likes to go out to Sen Mag Prairie because of the peace and quiet the area has. She has a refined taste for high class items, shown when you talk to her about foods or general items. She never went to school, but is quite intelligent on most subjects. She doesn't like talking much about other subjects, and so not much is known about her. It is revealed by her speech and actions during quests that Fleta is a talented magic user and appears to be familiar with the people and merchants in both Emain Macha and Dunbarton. She is also Tin's aunt.

Fleta's wares are mostly made up of equipment and manuals that cannot be bought anywhere else. She creates the clothes herself through magic, so she is the only one capable of repairing them. However, some of the items she sells which do not have age requirements are repairable by other clothes repairers.

She has a faithful Labrador Retriever named Rab.


Fleta and her dog Rab appear around the central crossroad of Sen Mag Prairie during the following in-game times.

  • 9:00 am - 11:00 am (12-hour clock) or 9:00 - 11:00 (24-hour clock)
  • 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm (12-hour clock) or 15:00 - 17:00 (24-hour clock)
  • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm (12-hour clock) or 19:00 - 21:00 (24-hour clock)

Note that she can appear up to 25 (in-game) minutes later than the times quoted above. If she appears later then she will also disappear later. A bright flash of light indicates that Fleta has either arrived or left.

Because of her tendency to walk, she may not be in exactly the same position on every channel and in some cases may be quite far from the crossroads. It is recommended to check the minimap for a green triangle for her location, but if she still cannot be found, quickly change channels. Her spawn location is set back to the central crossroad after a patch or maintenance. Note that unlike most NPC shops, the colors of the equipment Fleta's sells will change between channels.

Favorite Items

  • Any 4 or 5 star foods
  • The name of the closest NPC selling a favorite item is in bold.
Gift Price Sold by
Gift Ring 500g Nora and Eavan
Bouquet 300g Endelyon and Kristell


  • The colors of the items shown vary from channel to channel.

Side Quests

Fleta's Chore

How to Get Quest
Briefing From the description of "Fleta's Chore" keyword:
I received a request from Fleta asking me to place various items in the box. (Spice, 'A flower that even shines at night', and 'an herb grown by angels.' I'd better ask the people of Emain Macha using this keyword.
  • Gather three different items from the NPCs in Emain Macha by using the keyword "Fleta's Chore."
  • Speak with Fleta again with all of the requested items.
  • Aeira's Special Coupon
Additional Information

You will receive Aeira's Special Coupon from Fleta. She will give you access to a special, secret shop.

Be sure you have at least 13,200 gold to get her secret shop book because this coupon may only be used once. You may do the quest again to receive another coupon. (Note: The keyword disappears upon completion of the quest. You must bring another empty chest to Fleta before regaining the keyword in order to redo the quest).

With the coupon in your inventory, Aeria will ask if you want to use the coupon when you choose to open her shop. If you agree to use the coupon, the shop window will have a new tab that says "Special Goods." You will have to scroll through the shop tabs to see this new tab. It contains one book:

Rab's Dog Collar

  • Become familiar with Fleta You only need to do one of the following:
    • Give her 6+ Gift Bouquet and talk to her using [Private Story] as well as [Nearby Rumors] after each gift.
      • If she becomes irritated after 6 Gifts, give her 4 coins in a row and then 1 Gift Bouquet. She should immediately become friendly and offer the keyword.
    • Give her 6+ Gift Ring and talk to her using [Private Story] as well as [Nearby Rumors] after each gift.
    • Give her 6 Gift Bouquet, 3 Gift Ring and talk to her using [Private Story] as well as [Nearby Rumors] after each gift.
    • Giving her 1 Likeability Potion will also do the trick.
  • Talk to Fleta using [Private Story] and you will get the "Rab's Dog Collar" keyword.
  • Go to Elen, Edern or Ferghus and talk to any one of them using the keyword "Rab's Dog Collar" to obtain a blacksmithing manual for Gold, Leather or Chain Dog Collar respectively.
    • All forged Dog Collars are tradeable.
    • Tip: If you have attained Rank 8 Refining, Elen's Gold Necklace is likely the easiest to forge, since Elen is in Bangor, where you will most likely be getting your ores and smithing the collar itself. All collars require two rounds of successful Blacksmithing to complete, and the material cost is cheapest with Elen's manual.
    • You do not need to finish Elen's Gold Necklace to give to Fleta.
  • Talk to Fleta with any one of these dog collars in your inventory.
    • If you talk to her with multiple collars in your inventory, she will take them all.
  • Having any one of the three collars in your inventory will cause Fleta to reward the coupon without taking the quest.

  • Reward:
    • You will receive Manus' Special Coupon from Fleta. You may obtain three books from Manus' Secret Shop:
Name Effect Price
First Aid Using Splints First Aid from Rank E to Rank D 8,000g
True Value of a Mental Rest Rest from Rank D to Rank C 6,190g
Rest Time is the Best Time - Part 2 Rest from Rank 3 to Rank 2 35,000g


Fleta's Chore Images

Fletas Chore Mixing the Ingredients.png
Fletas Chore Casting a Spell.png
Fleta mixing the collected items into the empty treasure chest and then casting a spell on it.

Fleta's Equipment



On a rainy day, she'll wear a yellow Trudy's Rain Robe (which she also sells) and Leather Shoes (Type 3) as in the image on the left.

If there is a thunder storm, she will have the hood up.

If the weather changes, so will her clothes.

Note: Fleta also wore this attire during the 2011 Christmas Event while it was snowing.