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Portrait of Effie
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Storekeeper,
Grocer and
Location Qilla Base Camp
Part-time Job General Shop
7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Report From: 9:00 am
Repair Tailor Repairs, 98%
Miscellaneous Repairs, 98%

Track A Lost Music Box


With eyelids that seem to shake like the translucent wings of a firefly and fragile shoulders, above which hangs her layered hair, she wears delicate accessories that are hanging unstably as if a heavy chandelier. She speaks with a quiet tone, calmly speaking each word until she inexplicably falls, quite suddenly, into utter silence.

Effie is a somber-looking woman with long, gray hair. She manages the General Store in Qilla Base Camp. She is also a very prominent quest giver, notably Metallurgy, Rest, Campfire, Composing, and Musical Knowledge.

She also has a lost brother named Kelpie.

Favorite Items

NPC Intimacy

Desired Gift Price Sold by
Anthology 150g Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites, Zeder
Candlestick 100g Endelyon, Kristell
Bunny Doll 250g Nora, Eavan

Special Access

Effie has a Secret Shop, which is accessed by raising your level of intimacy with her. Put simply, you need to give her a number of items that she likes and these are listed in the "Favorite Items" section above. See the "How to impress an NPC" section on the Secret Shops page for more information.

  • Her secret shop will open once her reply to the "Private Story" keyword begins with "What I'm looking for... is my long-lost brother who had run away from home many years ago" and her reply to the "Nearby Rumors" keyword begins with "There seems to be a lot of people riding around on horses here".
  • When access to her secret shop is obtained then a "Special Item" tab will appear in her shop (it will be after the "Sewing Pattern" tab). See the Shop section below for the contents of the "Special Item" tab.
    • There is currently a glitch that occurs when you get the new tab. You will lose the "General Goods" tab during your friendly period with her.


  • With a total exploration level of six or higher, talk to Effie using the Skills keyword and she will give the Collect Gold Ore Fragments quest, which gives as rewards the Metallurgy skill (at rank F), 50 gold coins and 2,600 experience points.
    • If a Metallurgy Sieve is already equipped when the quest is received from Effie then unequip and re-equip it to activate the "Equip a Metallurgy Sieve" requirement. If a Gold Ore Fragment is obtained before doing this then it will not count and another Gold Ore Fragment must be found. Changing weapon slots twice is sufficient to complete this quest requirement.
  • With stamina at zero, talk to Effie using the Skills keyword and she will give the Looking for Delicious Ingredients quest, which gives as rewards the book "Rest in Paradise", the food item Mushroom Marinade and 100 experience points.
    • You already need to have Rest at Rank A to get the Quest.
    • Successfully reading the book will complete the requirements for rank A of the Rest skill and will allow it to be leveled to rank 9.
    • The best way to keep stamina at zero is to use meditation or Counterattack.
    • The tropical fruit to be gathered are Coconuts.
  • With a Gathering Axe equipped, talk to Effie using the Skills keyword and she will give the Gathering Firewood quest, which gives as rewards the book "Campfire : The Mystery of Flame" and 100 experience points.
    • Successfully reading the book will complete the requirements for rank C of the Campfire skill and will allow it to be levelled to rank B.


Part-time Jobs

  • When doing the part-time jobs on Alban Elved (Friday) there is a 20% increase to the experience points and gold rewarded for completing them.

Effie's Equipment


  • "Welcome..."
  • "The wind is..."
  • "I wonder where it is..."
  • "I wonder if the ship has docked yet..."
  • "I guess a lot of people will be leaving... for expeditions soon..."
  • "Are you looking at some of the merchandise? ..."
  • "Am I missing anything..."
  • "..."


  • Previously, Effie had a hazel eye color. This was erroneously changed to an alabaster eye color with the 2021 Beauty Update.