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Poison Attack

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For Cerberus's poison, see Cerberus/Skills#Gas Attack.


Poison Attack.png
  • Passively causes melee attacks to Poison the target, steadily draining the target's HP over time.
    • Poison rate is ?.
    • Damage is based on the target's HP; the higher the monster's current HP, the more it loses, and vice-versa.
      • Poison ignores defensive stats and Mana Shield.
        • This makes poison effective on enemies with high HP and defensive stats.
      • Poison cannot lower a targets HP past 1.
        • If the target has 1 HP, the poison will do no damage and display a 0 for Poison damage.
      • Poison damage cannot score criticals.
  • Not be confused with Mirage Missile's shock state or Dischord's sustained damage.
  • Attacks blocked with the Defense and Counterattack skills will not inflict Poison status.
  • Certain monsters may have a resistance to poison, or will be immune altogether.
    • Resistance is a percent value and reduces poison damage by that percent.
    • Targets that are immune to poison will never become poisoned.
  • Antidote Potions, Respite, Berserk, and Holy Shower can cure poisons, though Respite has a specific chance.
  • Players can gain Poison Attack by applying a Poison Bottle or Potion on their weapon, by using the Venom Sword, or having a Coral Cobra or Desert Cobra pet.
    • Poison Attack through a poisoned weapon only works on melee or archery attacks.
    • The poison effect on a poisoned weapon is temporary and wears off after ?.
      • The Venom Sword passively and permanently hosts a poison effect.

Monsters with the Skill

Monsters Immune to the Skill

Pets with the Skill