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Equipment Combination Effects

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For Designer Sets, see Designer Sets.

Basic Information

For details on the actual changes granted by sets, see Status Effects.
An item with Set Effects listed at the bottom of the window with the Item's stats.

Equipment Combination Effects, often referred to as Set Effects, are activated when you wear a special combination of items with a certain stat in the "Set Item" box of an Item's Stats. Certain equipment provide points towards a combination effect. In order to activate the effect, at least 10 points towards that effect must be equipped. The equipment does not necessarily have to be the from same item set for the effect(s) to activate. Wearing more than 10 points of an Equipment Combination Effect does not increase the efficiency of set effect in question.

Reforges may also add points towards an Equipment Combination Effects. However, the amount given largely depends on the level of the effect from the Reforge.


Certain blacksmithed and tailored equipment will provide an addition effect point when crafted with a grade of A or above. For example, an equipment that provides 3~4 points towards an effect means that the minimum points provided to that effect is 3. If crafted with a grade of A or above, the effect's point is boosted to 4. When there is only one number listed here, the equipment provides that many points towards the effect, regardless of the quality.

Bold numbers indicate the highest value available for that effect.

See Status Effects for effects' description.

Armor/Clothing Poison Immunity Petrification Immunity Explosion Defense Stomp Defense Mana Usage Reduction Stamina Usage Reduction Attack Speed Increase
Dustin Silver Knight Armor 3~4 3
Dustin Silver Knight Helm 4 3
Dustin Silver Knight Vambrace 2~3 4
Dustin Silver Knight Greaves 2~3 3
Bone Marine Armor (M) / (F) 3~4 3
Bone Marine Helm 3 4
Bone Marine Gauntlet 3 3
Bone Marine Boots 3 3
Valencia's Cross Line Plate Armor (M) / (F) 3 3~4
Valencia's Cross Line Plate Gauntlet 2 3~4
Valencia's Cross Line Plate Boots 3 3~4
Magic School Uniform (M) / (F) 3 3~4
Wizard Suit for Men / for Women 3 3
Magic School Shoes 3 4
Mongo's Wizard Hat 4 3
Broad-brimmed Feather Hat 4 3~4
Starry Wizard Hat 3 2
Mongo's Large Visor Wizard Hat 3 3
Karis Wizard Suit 4
Karis Wizard Shoes 4
Lava Cat Robe 2
Turban Shell Armor (M) / (F) 3 3
Turban Shell Helmet (M) / (F) 3 2
Turban Shell Gauntlet 2 2
Turban Shell Boots (M) / (F) 2 3
Colin Plate Armor 4 2
Colin Plate Helmet 2 4
Colin Plate Gauntlet 2 3
Colin Plate Boots 3 2
Spika Silver Plate Armor (Jousting) 4
Rose Plate Armor (Jousting) 4
Leminia's Holy Moon Armor (Jousting) (M) / (F) 5
Chinese Dragon Armor 3 3
Chinese Dragon Helm 3 4
Chinese Dragon Gauntlets 2 2
Chinese Dragon Boots 3 2
Colossus Helm 4 3
Colossus Heavy Armor 3 3
Colossus Gauntlets 2 4
Colossus Boots 2~3 3

Named Equipment Sets

These equippable items have differently styled bonus effects to those previously seen, and are also much more variable in what they offer. However, the bonuses are essentially consistent across items of a set. Certain sets will have equipment that give a bonus of 0~4 of each respective bonus. As with previous status enhancement effects, at least 10 points are required to achieve the desired effect.

Set Bonuses Max Equippable
Adonis Stamina Usage Reduction / Fishing Enhancement 4 (3 for Males)
Belmont Gold Strike Enhancement / Metallurgy Enhancement 4
Bhafel Slayer Assault Slash Enhancement 4
Birnam Plate Explosion Defense / Charge Enhancement 4
Bohemian Magnum Shot Enhancement / Support Shot Enhancement 4
Broken Horn Hunter Smash Enhancement / Poison Immunity 4
Broken Horn Trainee Stamina Usage Reduction / Mana Usage Reduction 4
Caswyn Judgement Blade Enhancement 3
Colossal Valiance Absorption Enhancement 4
Cressida Flame Burst Enhancement / Water Cannon Enhancement / Life Drain Enhancement 3
Flamerider Flame Burst Enhancement 2
Fleet Feet (M) | Fleet Feet (F) Movement Speed Enhancement 1
Grandmaster Wings | Master Wings | Champion Wings Speed Enhancement / Attack Delay 1
Hebona Icebolt Enhancement / Firebolt Enhancement 4
Improved Altam Judgement Blade Enhancement 3
Improved Avelin Judgement Blade Enhancement 3
Improved Llywelyn Judgement Blade Enhancement 3
Improved Talvish Judgement Blade Enhancement 3
Lamellar Warrior Attack Speed / Stamina Usage Reduction 4
Languhiris Chaser Attack Speed 4
Millia Absorption Set Bonus 1
Patron Refining Enhancement / Blacksmith Enhancement 4
Pihne Judgement Blade Enchancement 3
Saint Guardian's Absorption Enhancement / Attack Speed Increase 4 / 10
Shamala Transformation Enhancement 1
Thames Plate Smash Enhancement / Assault Slash Enhancement 4
Trinity Mana Reduction / Healing Enhancement 4 (3 for males)

Weapon Sets

Certain pieces of equipment give 0~10 points of each respective bonus.

As with previous status enhancement effects, at least 10 points are required to achieve the desired effect.

Weapon Bonuses Points
Celtic Royal Knight Sword Increases critical damage / Enhanced Bash / Decrease durability loss 5 / 5 / 5
Divine Blade Smash Enhancement / Decrease durability loss 10 / 10
Divine Bastard Sword Decrease durability loss / Increases critical damage 5 / 5
Divine Shield Charge Enhancement / Decrease durability loss / Increases critical damage 10 / 5 / 5
Divine Short Lance Lance Charge Enhancement 10
Frosted Borealis Hammer Increases critical damage / Enhanced Bash / Decrease durability loss 5 / 5 / 5
Frosted Borealis Blade Smash Enhancement / Charge Enhancement 5 / 5
Frosted Borealis Shield Smash Enhancement / Charge Enhancement 5 / 5
Shield of Avon Charge Enhancement 10
Soluna Blade Windmill Enhancement / Enhanced Bash 10 / 10


Some enchants contribute points toward set effects. See Status Resistance Modifiers and Other Modifiers.


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  • Some effect bonuses share the same visuals as others (e.g. Poison Immunity visuals are the same as Flame Burst Enhancement).


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