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I'm in the process of reading all the books we've recorded in order to glean important information from them. My main intention here is to document names of landmarks in Erinn but it's expanded to other things....

As such we've decided a few things:

  • All NPCs will get their own pages, even if they're only mentioned in books.
  • Glossary page will likely shrink and eventually be converted into just a reference for gamer shorthand or other things that won't have pages.
  • Wiki needs a lot more lore info!!

Started a page on map data here

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 24 July 2021 at 17:15.
Edited by Kadalyn (administrator) on 24 July 2021 at 18:21.

Some unsorted bits we've discussed so far:

  • Quasar = Cessair
  • There are some storybook pages from the Ninja questline that aren't uploaded yet afaict. Kids bullying Anju, Hagi scares them as bear, and two of Hagi and Anju talking.
  • Crashdown Attack = Assault Slash
  • Hearsay that Petrock betrayed his kind to be with Nao: A Campfire Story
  • The Aliech kingdom has always incorporated Emain Macha, it's probably something like a dukedom which is officially run by a Lord (however, this is a generic title).
  • Similarly, the guild leader who owned a castle in housing districts was officially considered a Lord, as well, with a special exception that they did not have to pay taxes to the king (in an effort to restore the land from the ravages of war). The 10% fee for running the castle was payment to the workers (sent by the kingdom) to build and maintain the castle.
  • Scuabtuinne is in Erinn somewhere, rather than being its own world.
  • Should have a Tragedy at Emain Macha section on Emain Macha's page.
  • Mag Tuiread war can get its own page
  • Would be good to add citations like <ref>[[Book or gen or whatever]]</ref> to lore on pages so we can know who said it and why rather than accepting everything as raw truth.
  • "The wheat harvested around Tir Chonaill in the northern parts of Uladh is considered the highest quality of its kind, thanks to its cold, yet sunny weather."
  • Switch all character name placeholders to (Character Name)
  • From the book An Adventurer's Memoir:
    • Stewart might charge tuition at the school? But seemed to freely help the Animal-loving Healer after she bought a book.
    • Dungeons are colder than the surface, unlike being underground.
    • There is water in Rabbie Dungeon, possibly an underground lake or possibly a lake above the dungeon which seeps through.
    • Sometimes, the Skeletons are dead adventurers.
  • "As a piece of construction over land, [residential area] houses are still publicly owned property."
  • From the book Animal-loving Healer:
    • Dunbarton has a sales tax.
    • There may have once been rats between Dunbarton and the Dugald logging camp.
    • This book inspired the Healing dan test.
    • Probably not a story about Adelia, since the story seems too recent.
  • Antonio is gay for Bassanio (Antonio's Final Letter (Content))
  • From the book Basics of Lightning Magic: the Lightning Bolt:
  • Palara = Palala
  • Where is the Soul Stream? Is the rebirth stage properly inside of it? During the Shakespeare chapter, Morrigan and Cichol refer to it as a "hole in the sky" they added a door to.
  • The fuck is a Gordisse?
    • "Hymerark mentions that Aton Cimeni created both Cichol and the Gordisse, and eventually gave Cichol charge over the Gordisse."
    • Gordisse is an old term Kristell uses, she calls herself a 본디 고르도슈 Bondi Gordisse instead of a Fomor
      • Bondi is a Korean word meaning "originally", likely this portion is a mistranslation.
      • Original Korean line: 네... 저는 본디 고르도슈. 당신들이 마족 혹은 포워르라고 부르는 자...
      • Official Japanese line: …私は、もとはサキュバスの一族。
        • Translation (by me): ...I am formerly a member of the succubus race.
          What you all call monsters, or otherwise Fomors...
      • Official English line: Yes...I am Bondi Gordisse. I'm what you people call Fomor. A monster...
    • As far as I can understand this claim, it may be that the Gordisse are the non-true Fomors; that is, creatures being controlled by Fomor magic. However, other sources say Succubi are genuinely Fomors, so Gordisse may be what Fomors call themselves.
  • Dorcha itself likely isn't related to Dorcha Feadhain.
  • Ether Mac Cuill = Ethur Mac Cuill
  • Boiling: The Basics of Heat Cooking refers to water as an element, which may have some relation to Alchemy, though this is pre-Alchemy. (Lots of fiction relates cooking and alchemy.)
  • Lassar grows herbs at the school.
  • Enchant burning is known as "counter-enchanting" (Campfire : The Mystery of Flame)
  • From the book Campfire Manual
    • "Campfires will usually last about half a day."
    • "First, once you start a campfire, animals will not be able to approach near it."
  • Rano collection books are terrifying.
    • These are insults ? "Oh, you wild dogs of Nubes, you grand temple of Baekdu, you fire-breathing lion, you!"
    • Possibly some ritual used to be performed at Kaypi Canyon
    • Iria had ducks somewhere
    • Muyu skeletons ???
    • Is the blood red sheep the Heart of Courcle?
  • Shyllien meteor impact site conspiracy.
  • Korean books were probably more lore-rich. :( --Kett
  • Discussion about lightning bolt chaining....needs testing (see the book)
  • Juice boxes exist ? (Culinary Artist's Course: Steaming)
  • From the book The Dunbarton Environs
    • The borders of the Antrim Mountains are ticky but we know the eastern border is just west of Dunbarton and that there's a river called "Erinn river" along the western border of them, before Emain, which doesn't appear on any map. The northern border is before the Mourne mountains, where Tir is (different book). We don't know where the southern border is, but it's past Osna Sail.
    • Dunbarton is considered high-altitude.
  • Grass textures are randomized wtf?
  • Keywords need to be semantified!!
Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 24 July 2021 at 18:21.