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Mabinogi World Wiki:Administrators

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Administrators (also known as SysOPs, short for System Operators) are users who have slightly more power than normal users.

What an Admin can do

  • Delete pages
  • Protect and unprotect pages
  • Perform a rollback (however, any user can undo a revision via the "history" tab)
  • Block users
  • Edit the text of the interface

What an Admin cannot do

  • Grant other users Admin or Bot status (this is restricted to the user group Bureaucrat)
  • Change site settings (this requires access to the wiki configuration files, SysOps do though)
  • Modify the database (Requires shell access to at least the webserver; the database server has no Internet access and never will; otherwise, see above)
  • Other stuff that requires shell access to the servers, including
    • Banning particular misbehaving people from reading the wiki, or reaching the server at all, altogether.

Current admins

If you want to contact an admin, it is recommended to talk to an active admin. Inactive ones probably won't reply.

Click on the "Talk" link next to the admin's name, and then click the + sign at the top of the page to open the discussion form and leave a message.

Active or Semi-Active

  • Wiki lead: Kadalyn (Talk) Primary contact: "Kadalyn" on the official Nexon Discord or user page.
  • Director of beautification: Yai (Talk) Primary contact: "lepeltje" on the official Nexon Discord or user page.
  • Velocity7 Primary contact: "velocity7" on the official Nexon Discord.
    • Wiki administrator at the user level

Becoming an Admin

Presently, becoming an admin is at the sole discretion of the active site administration. We're not looking for any.

Server Administration

For any questions or suggestions regarding the wiki itself at the software level or the servers themselves or to report trouble, the following admins have access to the site itself along with the servers:


  • Wiki administrator at the user level
  • Shell access to the account which runs the wiki (including complete access to MediaWiki's database server and on-disk files on the webserver)


If you're having an issue with a page or user, or have questions, you can contact one of our moderators. You're best off contacting any of them via their talk pages.

Active Moderators

You may also contact them on the Discord

Becoming a Moderator

We only handpick these when needed.