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User:Erorserv/Talent Training Guide

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Talent Training Guide

This guide will detail the information in mastering and completing talents. By extension, this will also detail the basic requirements for maxing all skills.


AP Tips

  • It requires 37,355 AP to max every skill in the game.
    • This includes Crusader and Divinity skills, as well as getting Dan 3 in all possible skills.
    • See Skill List for AP required for each skill tab.
  • Avoid AP Training unless it is absolutely necessary. It's always quicker to train the skill than to obtain the AP to train it.
  • Reaching Expert in any talent will reward a total of 230 AP for that talent.
    • Reaching Expert in all Talents rewards a grand total of 4,600 AP.
  • Completing the talent tutorials on the Beginner Battle Class Board will award some rank F skills, bypassing the need to spend AP on rank novice.
    • Obtain these quests by rebirthing into a talent for the first time.
  • Some events will allow you to purchase AP potions, e.g. Mojito.
    • It's possible to obtain a significant amount of AP if properly invested in.
  • x2 AP events are so rare it will be more worth your time to rebirth once per week.

Training Tips

  • Save Skill Training Potions for hard to train ranks.
    • These potions only exist for some skills.
    • They CANNOT train beyond rank 1, thus cannot be used to train Dan ranks.
  • Stack as many multipliers as possible.
    • Multipliers DO NOT count towards Transformation or Demigod skills.
    • As they are multiplicative, it's possible to receive up to x384 skill training if all are used. See Training Multipliers below for details.
  • If below level 1000, it's recommended to stay below level 1000 to receive unlimited free skill resets from Duncan. This will allow training CP intensive skills with relative ease, as well as refund you the AP to train subsequent skills.
  • Use the Level EXP Bonus to avoid the otherwise mandatory requirements.
    • As the Level Bonus doesn't increase the count towards training requirements, it's possible to receive twice the maximum possible EXP for requirements. Using this, cooking can be ranked without the need for cooking books.
  • Familiarize yourself with accessing Secret Shop's, as many ranks will require this.

Training Multipliers


  • Adds x2 training towards chosen talent skill requirements.

Level EXP Bonus

  • Adds level dependent multiplier to chosen talent skills.
  • DOES NOT add towards skill requirements, making it one of the most useful modifiers.

Homestead Workshops

Skill 2x EXP Potion

  • Adds x2 training towards skills requirements under a specific skill tab, not to be confused to talents.
  • Purchasable from Cash Shop and obtainable via events.

Complete Skill EXP Potion

  • Adds x2 training towards all skill requirements.
  • Purchasable from Cash Shop and obtainable via events.
  • Event potions may be themed according to the event, e.g. Long Island Iced Tea.
    • These are identical to Complete Skill EXP Potion's and cannot stack with each other.

Blue Prism

  • Adds x2 training towards all skill requirements.
  • Obtainable via events.

"the Returned" Title

  • Adds x2 training towards all skill requirements.
  • Obtained for 30 days after not logging in for 90 days.

Event EXP Multiplier

  • A global passive modifier added by events such as Double Rainbow Event.
  • Can be for specific skills, talents or all skills depending on the event.

Reforge EXP Multiplier

  • Adds +10% skill training per reforge level up +100%
  • DOES NOT add towards skill requirements

Overview Table

  • Difficulty is determined by click intensity + (time spent training / amount of skills) + rarity of materials.
    • This is using level 200 exp bonus and optimal training methods. See Training Tips on each skill page for more info.
  • CP Skills defines the number of skills that have CP requirements within the talent.
  • Note: All skills in each talent are accounted for. Therefor, there are overlapping skills and tallying these values will lead to inaccurate estimates.
Icon Talent Name CP Skills Difficulty to Master Difficulty to Complete AP to Complete Total Stat CP
Gold Adventure Icon.png Adventurer 2 1 - Low 4 - Very High 1,538 394.3
Gold Archery Icon.png Archery 6 2 - Medium 3 - High 2,288 91.3
Gold Battle Alchemy Icon.png Battle Alchemy 11 2 - Medium 2 - Medium 3,539 237.5
Gold Carpentry Icon.png Carpentry 0 3 - High 3 - High 559 133.9
Gold Chain Slasher Icon.png Chain Slasher 0 2 - Medium 3 - High 2,716 222
Gold Close Combat Icon.png Close Combat 8 1 - Low 2 - Medium 4,306 421.3
Gold Cooking Icon.png Cooking 0 2 - Medium 3 - High 1,001 255.9
Gold Dual Gun Icon.png Dual Gun 0 3 - High 4 - Very High 1,474 290.6
Gold Holy Arts Icon.png Holy Arts 0 3 - High 4 - Very High 1,853 265.8
Gold Lance Combat Icon.png Lance Combat 4 1 - Low 2 - Medium 2,264 231.1
Gold Magic Icon.png Magic 14 2 - Medium 3 - High 5,897 467.2
Gold Martial Arts Icon.png Martial Arts 0 2 - Medium 3 - High 1,920 165.9
Gold Medicine Icon.png Medicine 0 1 - Low 3 - High 432 110
Gold Mercantile Icon.png Mercantile 1 1 - Low 2 - Medium 672 6
Gold Music Icon.png Music 2 3 - High 3 - High 2,334 147.9
Gold Ninja Icon.png Ninja 0 3 - High 3 - High 1,727 392.5
Gold Puppetry Icon.png Puppetry 2 3 - High 3 - High 2,021 116.1
Gold Smithing Icon.png Smithing 0 2 - Medium 4 - Very High 402 125
Gold Tailoring Icon.png Tailoring 0 3 - High 4 - Very High 583 97.9
Gold Transmutation Icon.png Transmutation 0 2 - Medium 4 - Very High 2,287 203.8

Training Tips

Details highly efficient training techniques for different skills. If a skill is not listed, it does not have a specific technique. Keep in mind, most CP skills are best trained in Shadow Cast City with CP armor or Cooking Dungeon.
Common terms:





This talent is very straight forward. Use skills and crit.

  • Use barrier spikes in EP7 to train tumble. Hitting them counts as being in battle.
  • High multiplier recommended.


Best trained over time and over night.


This talent is very straight forward. Use skills and crit.

  • High multiplier recommended.

Dual Gun

Grind intensive. High multiplier recommended.


Grind intensive. High multiplier recommended.

Chain Slash

This talent is very straight forward. Use skills and crit.

  • High multiplier recommended.