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For a quick comparison of shadow missions and difficulties, see Category:Shadow Mission Lists.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.


  • Pile up enemy corpses inside the light blue Offering Circle.
    • 10 corpses will cause the circle to become smaller and turn dark blue.
    • 20 corpses will cause the circle to shrink again and the shade of blue turns darker.
    • 30 corpses will cause the circle to shrink even further and turn white. The remaining spawns will disappear and the boss will be in their place.
    • You are not told how many corpses have been piled into the circle.
  • Enemies spawn every 50 seconds.
  • The mission will fail if:
    1. 80 monsters have been killed and still failed to spawn the boss.
      • If the last monster is killed to spawn the boss, it will count as a failure.
    2. There are over 15 monsters on the field.

Mission Information

  • Quest Board Location: Taillteann
  • Party Size: 1~4
  • Time Limit: 40 minutes


Click to enlarge. Boss room is marked in red.

Taillteann Shadow Mission Map.jpg


Monster Spawn Patterns