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Portrait of Krug SeerbarschFile:Krug.png
Krug Seerbarsch
Race Giant
Gender Male
Occupation King of the Giants
Location Vales
(Chief's House)
Track Bolero
On behalf of the Giants, I want to welcome you to Physis.




His imposing red tattoo around his eye, his snow leopard armor and commanding loud voice, makes you quickly realize that you're standing in the presence of the Physis Giant king.

Krug Seerbarsch is a stern Giant, who is also the revered King of the Giants and has a pet eagle called Waschbar. Krug is located in the southern part of Vales, inside the Chief's House. His wife is Queen Kirine and she can be found nearby him. His sister Karpfen was sent to Taillteann as a representative for the Giants.

Krug will "bless" Giants and Giant-allied Humans when talked to. Giants will receive 15 Strength and Will, while allied Humans receive 10 Strength and Will. This blessing will last indefinitely unless a player logs out, changes channels, leaves Vales, or becomes Knocked Unconscious.


Mainstream Story


  • The "Normal" prices are those offered to Giants and non-allied Humans.
  • The "Special" prices are those that include the 8% discount Krug offers only to Giant-allied Humans (it is not offered to Giants).
  • On Alban Heruin (Wednesdays), the daily effect of a 5% reduction to NPCs' shop prices will apply.


  • Krug's NPC equipment (Unobtainable)


Track Title
Entering Vales's Chief House/Speaking to Krug


  • Krug's theme is a rendition of Maurice Ravel's Boléro.
  • Prior to the Generation 17 Vales revamp update, Krug was stationed outdoors.
  • Krug is the German word for jug while Seerbarsch is the German word for sea bass.
  • His father was the late King Gepard. Gepard means cheetah in German.
  • Krug and his sister Karpfen share the same red face tattoo. They also share the same hair braids, snow leopard pelt, and gold medallions.
  • He has a pet Eagle named Waschbar.
    • Despite Krug's NPC portrait showing Waschbar as a brown Eagle, his character model shows it as a black and white eagle.
    • Waschbär (similar to Waschbar) means raccoon in German.