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Knocked Unconscious

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Unconscious postures vary depending on gender and weapons equipped. Female characters lie on their sides whereas males lie on their backs.

Knocked Unconscious, referred to as Dead or Lying Down in Experiencing the Miracle of Resurrection with 100 Gold, is a status activated when a player, pet, marionette, monster, or NPC receives damage that brings their current Health to 0.

Player Characters and Pets

A player character or pet will be thrown upon the ground and unable to do perform any actions (including accessing the UI) except chat (in public and via messenger).

The Play Dead action puts the user into a state nearly identical to being unconscious. Similarly, monsters will normally stop targeting the player and the user is immobile and useless. However, players using Play Dead will lose the false unconsciousness if attacked in some way.

Nothing dies in Erinn,
but you have been temporarily incapacitated.
You must make a choice before you can wake.
Each choice will have penalties and consequences,
some more severe than others.


—Knocked Unconscious dialogue

Revival Methods

Interface that appears upon being Knocked Unconscious.

Unconscious players can be revived through seven methods. These methods all have an experience penalty. (For the specific amount of EXP lost, see here.) Certain methods also provide exclusive benefits.

  1. Revive at Town:
    • The player revives at the most recent town they have stepped into. If a player did not directly enter the town, they will revive at the previously entered town.
      • If revived at Town, Dungeon Entrance, or Goddess Statue, any fallen equipment will get sent to the Lost and Found.
      • In Iria, the player will warp to the previously visited Landmark. In the case of Zardine, the player will warp to the previously visited Mana Tunnel.
    • Reviving with this method activates the 3 minute "Revive Here" cool-down.
    • If the player is commercing, 10% of the carried commodities are lost.
  2. Revive here:
    • The player revives directly on the spot where they were rendered unconscious.
    • This can only be done in a field zone or Coill Abyss.
    • This option is unavailable if the player's experience level were to exceed -90% EXP.
    • Reviving with this method activates the 3 minute "Revive Here" cool-down.
    • This option can only be used if the 3 minute cool-down is not currently activated.
  3. Revive at Goddess Statue:
    • Only available within Dungeons.
    • This takes the player to the latest Goddess Statue they clicked on within the dungeon. Otherwise the player will be taken to the very beginning of the dungeon.
  4. Revive at Dungeon Entrance:
    • Only available within Dungeons.
    • Players will be sent to the altar of the corresponding dungeon.
    • The current dungeon will be forfeited but the player may re-enter the dungeon by offering the same tribute used for the creation of the dungeon.
      • If the player re-enters, completes the dungeon, and defeats the boss, no key will be received for the opening of end reward chests.
  5. Ask Nao for help:
    • Requires a Nao Soul Stone.
    • All equipped items will be blessed upon being revived.
    • Exclusive to this method, Nao will temporarily appear to revive the player..
      • Only the player actively using this method will see the NPC.
    • Reviving with this method activates the 3 minute "Revive Here" cool-down.
  6. Use Guardian Soul Stone:
    • Requires a Guardian Soul Stone.
    • Resets any existing Transformation limit and gives the player invulnerability for 10 seconds.
    • Reviving with this method activates the 3 minute "Revive Here" cool-down.
  7. Wait for Rescue:
    • Requires a Phoenix Feather, Party Phoenix Feather, Advanced Phoenix Feather.
    • A Phoenix Feather symbol appears over the character's unconscious body.
      • Allows others to revive the player using the previously mentioned feathers.
      • If the player has a summoned pet carrying a Pet First-Aid Kit, the player will be able to use it.
    • Players revived through the usage of an Advanced Phoenix Feather will lose a little more EXP (Current Level*?? EXP).
    • Selecting this option, even if you aren't revived, activates the 3 minute "Revive Here" cool-down.
  8. Revive at Camp:
    • Requires the player to have an active campfire tent.
    • Revives the player and places them inside the campfire tent.


  • The character's health can become negative, resulting in the Deadly status.
    • While the Deadly status is active, the next attack is ensured to be a finishing blow, knocking the target unconscious. This includes attacks that do not deal damage (i.e. Rock Throwing).
    • Players at full health cannot be Knocked Unconscious with a single attack; instead, the character will enter the Deadly status.
  • Upon being Knocked Unconscious:
    • Blessed, equipped items have a chance(%?) of losing their blessing.
    • If the player has a Tyrfing equipped, they gain an additional 95 Min Damage and 130 Max Damage for a short duration.
    • If the player has the Flame of Resurrection buff, they will immediately be revived when rendered unconscious. Additionally, if user's Phoenix possesses a Fire Erg Crystal, the player's equipment will be blessed and and they will fully recover their Health and Stamina.
    • The player's Attribute Marbles reset.
    • Being rendered unconscious with a Lorna Balloon or Pan Balloon equipped immediately revives the player with no EXP penalty.


Pierrot Marionette's and Colossus Marionette's state of unconsciousness vastly differs from their controllers. They do not cut anyone's experience upon revival. To revive a defeated marionette, their controller must use a Marionette Repair Set, a Fine Marionette Repair Set, a Complete Marionette Repair Set, or ask Huw to fix them for a cost of 200g. Their Spirit Gauge will also reset.

Monsters and NPCs

Unlike players or pets, any monster or NPC whose HP drops to zero is killed and cannot be resurrected. The deceased body will disappear in a small cloud of smoke after a few seconds.

Not all NPCs may be targeted by monsters. Likewise, those untargetable NPCs will not engage in any action.

Some Shadow Missions and Theatre Missions require NPCs to stay alive. Too many NPC deaths will result in the failure of the mission.

A few Shadow Missions present Offering Circles which requires slain monster bodies as a "sacrifice".

See Also


  • Being Knocked Unconscious is often remarked as death. For example, in Episode 4 of Lorna and Pan, Pan was rendered unconscious several times and while reminiscing this he stated that he had "died" a large number of times. The term "dead" is also used in Experiencing the Miracle of Resurrection with 100 Gold to describe an unconscious state. However, Knocked Unconscious and Death are two different things.
  • From the in-game quote, "Nothing dies in Erinn..." is incorrect. The real reason why players and their pets cannot die is because they are Milletians, a race which does not experience death according to an unconfirmed theory. NPCs have been known to die throughout history and the Mainstream Storyline.
    • Milletians can "die", but are immediately sent back to the Soul Stream and are able to physically return to Erinn.
  • Strangely, when equipped with a Lance upon being Knocked Unconscious, the character's eyes are still open.

You are completely knocked unconscious.
You are unable to move on your own.
But you are in Erinn, the world where death does not exist. Being unable to move does not equate to death.
You are now about to make a choice.
Even though you may not be able to move your body,
you can make a decision on how your body will be revitalized.


—Old dialogue