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Waxen Wing of Goddess

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Inventory icon of Waxen Wing of Goddess

1 × 3

With this wing, you can choose a town from your Travel Diary and quickly go there. Made of wax, it's easy to melt, allowing only 1 person to use it at once. Other party members cannot accompany. Also, you cannot move to a town you haven't been to yet.

This item will instantly transport a player to certain locations but the type of location depends on what continent the destination is on.

A Waxen Wing of Goddess will only last for seven real-life days.

A good way to stretch your Waxen Wings (of any type) while in party, is to create a chain of pets. Say you have people A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H in a party (8 people max). Party member B (who may or may not be the leader) has a Waxen Wings. In order to utilize the wings to full effect, Party member B summons a pet, say a Halflinger, which can seat two people. C & D mount the Halflinger. Then C summons an Antique Mimic, which can seat three people. E, F, and G can fit comfortably in the mimic, mount, and do so. Then G can summon a White Cotton Ostrich, which seats two. A & H mount the Ostrich. When B, who is still standing not on an animal, uses his/her Waxen Wings, the entire party will travel because of the nature of pets.

Methods to Obtain