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User:Rydian/Training Tips

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This page lists common tips and tricks to make skill training faster and more efficient.

Different types of skills can make use of different methods, so this guide is split into different common methods.


  • Being in the right talent gives 2x training counts for skills under that talent.
    • This means if you do something once, the game counts as if you did it twice.
  • Being over level 100 grants bonus points to training methods in your current talent.
    • If you have a 1.5x bonus from this, something that would normally give 0.5 points will give 0.75 points each time.
  • Homestead Houses can give a training benefit to some life skills.

Life / Production Skills

Alternative Sources

  • If you're having trouble getting a specific ingredient, check the wiki page for it and do searches to see if there's other sources.

Fragmenting Items

  • Using the Fragmentation skill, you can break down certain items to get a few materials back.
    • Unfortunately not many things can be fragmented, so you might want to plan what you craft for training to make it possible.

Synthing Materials

  • The Synthesis skill can be used to turn nigh-useless "high value" items into useful raw materials.
    • Smaller gems are a good choice, since they have a high internal value but NPCs won't buy them.
      • Even a group of 3cm gems can commonly turn into a fine or finest silk/fabric.

Combat Skills

Combat Power (CP)

  • Combat Power is something many players struggle with, but there's a few things you can do to make managing it easier.
    • Use Shadow Mission for training, since you can take them at multiple difficulties, and thus get the same enemies at different CP values.
    • Tendering Potions (of different levels) are available from events and Saga Viewing Coupons, use these to make enemies stronger temporarily.
    • Various enchants can lower your CP (and thus make enemies stronger) when worn. A lot of these come from gachas and can be bought from players.

Finish Rule

  • Sometimes it can be useful to get an additional hit on the same enemy, or weaken the enemy before using a specific skill to finish it off.
  • If you make a party, you can set the Finish Rule near the bottom to "Anyone in the Party".
    • This makes it so that every enemy "killed" is put into the "finish" state, taking one more hit to finish.

Grouping Enemies

  • Many skills benefit from (or require) using them on multiple enemies at once, so finding groups helps.
  • If you can't find tight spawns, you can use Enthralling Performance to lead enemies in tight circles so they stack on top of eachother.

Barrier Spikes

  • Some skills only require you to use them or hit any target, and don't care about kills or strength. Barrier Spikes in various missions are ideal targets.
    • Barrier spikes spawned in missions tend to have large amounts of HP, letting you use skills on them repeatedly for training.
      • The Provocation mission is a classic training ground, with no enemies if you avoid hitting the orb, and tanky spikes, but needs 3 characters to start.
      • Saga I Episode 7 has barrier spikes you can access solo after you kill any NPC to fail the mission.
      • (Barrier spikes do not provide Proficiency unless you drink some sort of Tendering Potion.)

Music Skills

Repeat Playing

  • If you turn on the repeat playing option, you can AFK train requirements for Playing Instrument and Song.
    • Menu -> Options -> Game -> Repeat Playing Instrument