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Merchant Group Commerce

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Basic Information

The Merchant Group Commerce Bulletin Board
Make Group Commerce Interface
Merchant Group Commerce Interface
A comparison of prices between no destination selected (Left) vs. with a destination selected--which is marked with an asterisk (Right.)
  • Merchant Group Commerce is a form of Commerce that can only be used in Iria in which players form a Party to start. A different set of Commodities is used during this form of Commerce, but the only places you can trade to are the Trading Merchants of Qilla Base Camp, Filia, Vales, and Cor.
    • In Order to form a Merchant Group, one must use the Merchant Group Commerce Bulletin Board as the current Make New Party will not work. This is needed to get the different commodities; normal and other parties will not change the Trading Posts' commodities.
      • Making a Merchant Group gives you two options of travel: On-Foot Travel and Air Travel. You must select one to use that means of travel.
      • Selecting a Destination gives a small bonus to the selling price of said destination.
        • The Destination will be marked with an asterisk (*). This will also show on the info page during transit.
        • You cannot be in the Trading window to change destinations. The leader will have to exit and change the destination before buying another commodity.
      • Once a Trade has started, you cannot change any party options, with the exception of "Leave Merchant Group."
      • To change party leaders, the current leader can right click on the square the player they are changing to and click "Appoint Leader."
        • This can also be used to remove players from the group as well as seeing what they bought.
      • Currently, this Party cannot be listed, nor viewed through the Party Board.
  • Any Group Merchant Commodity can be purchased as the inventory is not shared. Someone can take a load of Tier 7 and another can take Tier 1 commodities.
    • Group Merchant Commodities come with their standard stock as well as a limit on how much an Account can trade per week.
    • This limit is shown in yellow when you hover the cursor over the item--just above the price at the very bottom of the description for the item, and is about an entire Airship's worth in number.
    • This limit resets on Saturdays at 7AM, Server Time.
  • Once the group is formed, the ability to travel to Uladh through the boat is unavailable.
  • Members can use Commerce Partners, William Partners, or Alpacas if they so please. They will only affect whoever owns said Partners/Pets.

On-Foot Travel

A Hidden Box (Top) and an Ancient Stella Statue (Bottom)
  • On-Foot Travel is the same as your normal Commerce travel. If you have access to a form of Transportation, you can use that means of travel. Each player is limited to what they own, so it is advised to use the lowest speed of travel available in order to stay as a group. i.e, a Wagon and a Handcart can be used, but the Wagon will pull ahead.
    • This advise is mostly to share the bonuses you might find between destinations.
  • Once the party is made, the Leader must be the first one to pick a commodity. A Message will appear to let other members of the party know that they can purchase.
    • Each player can buy a different tier of commodity, regardless of the Party Leader's rank.
    • Make sure you buy what you can as you cannot buy any more goods once the trade interface has been closed.
  • Bandits encountered are the same Iria Bandit variations; although, they do have a different title/name.
    • Encountering Bandits only stops the player that activates them. The group can move on if they wanted to.
  • On rare occasions, Hidden Boxes or Ancient Stella Statues can be discovered while traveling.
    • The Hidden Boxes will give a random amount of Ducats to the group within a certain radius, even if the player who found it is not the one to open it. (50,000-90,0000)
    • The Ancient Stella Statues give a buff to anyone in the group within a certain radius upon hitting it: Increased profit of goods +2% (Can be stacked 10 times to a total of +20%)
    • Both encounters have a banner a lot like the Bandit Ambush to let players know if they are within the radius for the bonus.
      • Even leaving the radius and returning will show this banner again, until the prize is claimed.
  • Upon arriving at the Destination, any player can sell their items; however, they have to wait for the entire group to finish as well as for the Party Leader to buy the next set of commodities to continue.
    • Each player will get their own rewards for their own commodities.
    • Be sure to have the Party Leader change destinations before they start the next trade for that small bonus!
  • Bandit Reduction Candy and Bandit Warding Candy works like normal; however, these only apply to the player who used them.
    • Other players can still spawn an Ambush on the player that used the candy.
      • This can cause unavoidable bandits as they can spawn under a player's transport.
    • Bandits will persist if another player enters the Ambush radius, which will activate if they get too close, as usual.

Air Travel

Airship Interface
  • Air Travel uses the Airship as the means of transportation.
    • Only the Group Leader needs the Airship.
    • You need to be Silver Rank 5 for the season to buy an Airship
  • In order to spawn the airship, you need to set the starting point in the Merchant Group Interface.
  • Just like On-Foot Travel, each member of the party can select their own commodities based on their tier at the trading post; unlike On-Foot travel, you cannot avoid encounters.
    • Each player must purchase a commodity in order to board the airship.
    • Players do not share inventory, so each one can max out on what they want.
    • Commerce Partners do not increase the weight limit, nor add an extra inventory slot. The Grandmaster Talent Bonus does give you its weight and slot increase, however, the weekly item limit only gives enough to fill an Airship's regular inventory.
  • The Airship behaves like Hot-Air Ballooning, but does not require Flint. It also comes equipped with six Ballistae for defense.
    • Only the Group Leader can use the helm to control the Airship.
    • Piloting the Airship steadily uses Stamina.
    • The Airship has durability, which can be lost during an encounter.
    • The Ballistae use Ballista Bolt (Merchant Group), which can be bought from the Trade Assistants.
    • Players can also purchase Protection and Enhancement Stones, which can be used against encounters.
      • Stone of Protection makes the ship invulnerable to the Wyvern attacks for 5? seconds, and using another during the time period extends the duration. It will not protect from the Red Dragon encounter.
      • Enhancement stones increase Ballista Attack Speed by +5% per stone for the current encounter. Using it again during the boost increases the attack speed even more. This can be used for both encounters.
  • Upon travel, you will have a random encounter with Wyverns, Red Dragon, or a Wind Gust. See Air Travel Encounters below for more information.
  • Each player will receive 5 Protection Stones and 5 Enhancement Stones.
  • Upon reaching the threshold where you can cross to the next region, your group will warp and the party leader will have to take the helm again.
    • You cannot fly over normal no-fly zones. You can, however, get from Qilla to Cor by flying to Lutra River.
  • If your Airship's durability reaches to 0 from the encounters, the Airship Crashes, the Party is disbanded, players lose all items they were transporting, and the reputation of the trading post the commodities were bought from will decrease.

Air Travel Encounters

Wyverns Attacking an Airship
  • At Random, an encounter will occur during Air Travel. Unlike ground travel, there is no warning sound that an encounter is nearby for either combat or a Wind Gust. These encounters cannot be avoided, not even with Warding Candy (needs testing if all players use one,) with the exception of the Wind Gust.
  • Wind Gusts will appear on screen and need to be passed through to activate.
    • Wind Gusts give either a +50% speed boost for 3 minutes, or restores some of the Airship Durability upon passing through them..
  • There are two combat encounters: Wyverns or Red Dragon both with different conditions to win. When engaged, you cannot move the ship besides turning.
    • Wyverns are similar to the Hot-Air Balloon ones, where you must attack with either a bow, atlatl, bolt magic, or ballista.
      • The Wyverns will fly around and attack the Airship. If the Airship takes a set amount of damage, you lose the battle.
        • Stones of Protection will give the ship damage immunity for 5 seconds. Using another stone during the duration extends the timer.
      • Players must defeat all wyverns to progress.
    • The Red Dragon will be nearby charging an attack.
      • There is a short time period in which the players must damage the Red Dragon. If this timer runs down to 0 before the Red Dragon is defeated, the Airship will take massive damage and the encounter will end.
      • The hits required to defeat the red dragon scales with the size of the group.
      • Damage done is set with the Ballistae, and normal attacks doing 1 damage.
      • If Someone leaves the party after the leader has bought an item, the Dragon's difficulty will remain as if they player was still there.
  • Losing an encounter not only decreases your ship Durability, but invokes a debuff as well: Airship Speed Decrease (-10%)
  • Winning an encounter will reward your group with a small buff. Either a Airship Speed Increase (+10%), Increased Seasonal Ducat Reward (+1%), Reputation Reward Increase (+1%).
    • These rewards are received at random and will stack on each other.
  • If your Airship's durability reaches to 0 from the encounters, the Airship Crashes, all trade goods are lost, you lose merchant rating, and the party is disbanded.

Group Commerce Commodities


Commerce Qilla Icon.png
Requires "Group Commerce Party of 2" or More
Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Building Lumber Icon.png
Building Lumber
Unprocessed lumber that, once processed, is used extensively in construction projects of all sorts. 15 537~?
Weekly Limit: 144
60 1? ?
Ancient Fossil Specimen Icon.png
Ancient Fossil Specimen
Fossils of creatures long extinct, found near the Muyu Desert.
Those in good condition are used for research purposes.
8 509~?
Weekly Limit: 180
50 1? ?
Personal Camping Tent Icon.png
Personal Camping Tent
A lightweight camping set that comes with a tent and small, simple camping tools.
Particularly useful when traveling alone.
20 884~?
Weekly Limit: 125
65 3? ?
Lutra Freshwater Eel Icon.png
Lutra Freshwater Eel
Caught only with a permit and in limited numbers, Lutra freshwater eels are only used for the finest cuisine due to their notable rarity. 7 617~?
Weekly Limit: 198
38 5? ?
Kaypi Red Clay Icon.png
Kaypi Red Clay
Red clay that can be gathered in Kaypi Canyon.
Refined several times, it is especialy fine-grained and soft to the touch and is widely used in cosmetics and the crafting of ceramics.
6 838~?
Weekly Limit: 144
26 7? ?


Commerce Filia Icon.png
Requires "Group Commerce Party of 2" or More
Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Sun Hourglass Icon.png
Sun Hourglass
An hourglass produced as a specialty of Filia.
While it has no special function, it's quite popular as a souvenir with visitors to the region.
70 1930~?
Weekly Limit: 35
12 1? ?
Shyllien Icebox Icon.png
Shyllien Icebox
A box that keeps food cool.
Having one may be a luxury during one's adventures, but is always appreciated when it keeps things from spoiling.
Its mana needs to be periodically replenished for it to maintain its chilly temperature.
120 3636~?
Weekly Limit: 20
20 1? ?
Desert-Terrain Wheel Icon.png
Desert-Terrain Wheel
Suitable for use in deserts and other sandy environments, this thick, sturdy wheel won't sink into the sand due to its wide outer edge. 90 2973~?
Weekly Limit: 27
27 3? ?
Filia Traditional Carpet Icon.png
Filia Traditional Carpet
A rug woven with a traditional pattern long used in the Filia region.
Softer than it looks, it feels nice to sit on.
It doesn't fly, though (except, perhaps, in your imagination).
35 1367~?
Weekly Limit: 71
20 5? ?
Gem Parasol Icon.png
Gem Parasol
A parasol adorned with colorful gems that has proven a popular item with collectors of luxury goods.
It has been waterproofed and so can be used as an umbrella, but most would rather employ a cheaper solution to fend off the wind and rain.
20 820~?
Weekly Limit: 125
25 7? ?


Commerce Vales Icon.png
Requires "Group Commerce Party of 2" or More
Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Calida Flint Icon.png
Calida Flint
Calida Flint is known for its high quality and long-lasting usefulness.
It's used not only in the lighting of hot air balloons, but also for general heating.
5 480~?
Weekly Limit: 180
10 1? ?
Physis Sled Icon.png
Physis Sled
The most widely used means of transportation in Physis.
One would think its uses limited to frozen ground, but surprisingly, there's a healthy demand for them in other regions.
10 1196~?
Weekly Limit: 90
5 1? ?
Portable Hand Warmer Icon.png
Portable Hand Warmer
A hand warmer made from the principles of Hillwen engineering.
It gives off a cozy amount of warmth for a long time without any need for oil or mana.
2 676~?
Weekly Limit: 180
10 3? ?
Ice Statue Icon.png
Ice Statue
An ice statue often used as a showpiece for big events.
It's been specially treated so it doesn't melt easily and can maintain its shape.
8 921~?
Weekly Limit: 144
8 5? ?
Hillwen Commemorative Coin Icon.png
Hillwen Commemorative Coin
A limited edition commemorative coin made of Hillwen ore.
Similar coins have been criticized in the past for being overproduced, so now only limited amounts are minted, making them a true collectable.
4 587~?
Weekly Limit: 270
15 7? ?


Commerce Cor Icon.png
Requires "Group Commerce Party of 2" or More
Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Lipai Pattern Textile Icon.png
Lipai Pattern Textile
A textile delicately embroidered with a pattern based on flowers that only bloom in Cor.
While light and soft, it is surprisingly durable and resistant to tearing.
6 327~?
Weekly Limit: 270
15 1? ?
Cor Honeycomb Icon.png
Cor Honeycomb
Honey produced in the Courcle region is famous for its quality.
This popular and highly marketable product is sold all over Erinn.
12 455~?
Weekly Limit: 208
13 1? ?
Swamp Ash Icon.png
Swamp Ash
Swamp ash wood is less prone to deformation when properly sourced and dried.
It is prized for use in making furniture due to its beautiful grain.
18 696~?
Weekly Limit: 138
9 3? ?
Rosewood Icon.png
Rosewood with an impressive, distinctive color.
It has nothing to do with roses, despite its name.
Because its high density gives it excellent acoustics, it is often used in the crafting of musical instruments.
25 1038~?
Weekly Limit: 100
10 5? ?
Ebony Icon.png
The jet-black interior of ebony wood gives it a very posh, luxurious look.
It's classified as a rare wood, so only a limited amount is logged each year.
28 1292~?
Weekly Limit: 89
8 7? ?