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Stats during exam

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Has anyone figured out how the game calculates your stats during the exam?

I've been collecting a bit of data. Here's a few guesses, but I don't yet have enough data to claim I've proved anything. Treat them as suspicions for further research rather than beliefs.

STR, INT, DEX, Will and Luck always seem to have numbers of 1000 or higher, and on several occasions at least one has been exactly 1000. I suspect they're being calculated as a base number of 1000, with extras added based on some properties of the character. Luck has always been exactly 1000 for me.

I suspect active talent has some sort of effect. In the Dan test I seem to get higher DEX with the Archery talent active, higher STR with the Close Combat talent active and higher INT with the Magic talent active. I noticed this when my Giant was having more success with Thunder Dan tests than my Human. Outside tests, my Human has more INT than my Giant. But my giant had Magic as the active talent and had 1345 INT during the dan test, where my human had close combat as the active talent and only got the base 1000 INT for the dan test.

Unfortunately, I didn't record what the active Grandmaster status was when that happened, so not sure if that also had an effect. However, I've had a run with Grandmaster merchant as active GM. That normally gets a talent bonus of 40 Luck, but in the Dan test Luck was still at the base figure of 1000. So maybe active grandmaster has no effect, or maybe Luck just always stays at 1000 for Dan tests. Since in most (all?) dan tests the monsters don't drop anything but potions, it's possible the developers just decided Luck was irrelevant.

Librarian (talk)18:48, 24 April 2022

I would imagine the stats probably mostly come from the various Skills you're allowed to use in the missions, i.e. having Rank 1 of an allowed skill means you also get Rank 1 Stat bonuses from that skill.

Lint (talk)01:02, 25 April 2022

Thanks Lint. That checks out for a run I just did for D2 Ranged Attack on my human. For STR, INT, DEX, Will and Luck, the stats are always 1000 + whatever the loadings are for the skills that appear in the Stats dialog within the mission. For a human with all the relevant skills at R1 (or dans) this gives:

  • STR 1078
  • INT 1000
  • DEX 1183
  • Will 1114
  • Luck 1000

I retract my suspicion that active talent has some effect.

Librarian (talk)00:50, 26 April 2022