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Current Project

This page is about how the random elements of dungeons in Mabinogi are generated. Yes - I do realise that over 99% of Mabinogi players have no interest in this topic, so there's not a lot of point adding this information to the main dungeon pages. But if you're interested in creating your own games you might be interested in how Mabinogi generates random dungeons.

In March 2022 I began collecting detailed data on Alby Basic in an attempt to understand how the game generated instances of that dungeon. Hopefully the underlying principles generalise to other dungeons. I have begun collecting data on other dungeons starting with Ciar Advanced. If I get enough data to figure out that structure, I'll add it below.

Older Projects

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Ulaid dungeons underwent a major revamp on 7-Oct-2021. Following that revamp, I began collecting data on spawn patterns and rewards found in the dungeons. At that time, I wasn't trying to fully understand the process of generating a dungeon instance. So while I built a list of spawn patterns for each dungeon, I didn't keep any record of the order in which they were encountered. Thus this data is not useful for the newer project described above, other than perhaps as a check on whether I've encountered all the possible spawn patterns yet.