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Stats during exam

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I would imagine the stats probably mostly come from the various Skills you're allowed to use in the missions, i.e. having Rank 1 of an allowed skill means you also get Rank 1 Stat bonuses from that skill.

Lint (talk)01:02, 25 April 2022

Thanks Lint. That checks out for a run I just did for D2 Ranged Attack on my human. For STR, INT, DEX, Will and Luck, the stats are always 1000 + whatever the loadings are for the skills that appear in the Stats dialog within the mission. For a human with all the relevant skills at R1 (or dans) this gives:

  • STR 1078
  • INT 1000
  • DEX 1183
  • Will 1114
  • Luck 1000

I retract my suspicion that active talent has some effect.

Librarian (talk)00:50, 26 April 2022