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User Guides

  • Dul Brau Dairam Shanon: Dul breá (going perfectly) d'agair mé (I pleaded) Shannon (the river Shannon)?.
  • Talvish: there are the names Thàmhais and Tavish (Scottish, sometimes Irish) forms of Thomas but Thomas is a bit weird of a name for Talvish since it means "Twin" (it does come from one of Jesus' Disciples though) it could be something like toil ’bhith in Scots Gaelic, toil bheith in Irish (will/wish to be)
  • A Guide on Buffs and Debuffs WIP
  • TODO: Fragment Guide. Notes: Professional Silk Weaving Gloves can fragment into twice as many Fine Fabrics, and Mandrake potions with grandmaster can fragment into twice as many mandrakes.
    • RE Potions are Four Leaf Clover "Mandrake Potions" for the same reason.
    • Ethna's Jasper addiction can lead to many Finest Leathers and Synthesizing three gems can lead to Finest Fabrics reliably. Giant Scathach Spiders drop Fine Silk commonly and Finest Silk on occasion. Finest Silk also can be fragmented from Selina Sexy Bare Look and Becky Witch Dress.
  • Master Synth Guide, assuming infinite money:
  • Good Places for Phantasmal Remnants:
  • Guard Cylinder Tests: Gains Piercing, Sword of Elsinore visual flame, BUT no Poison, no Tethra effect
  • Partner Mounts ignore aggro, and can be used to gather Emerald Cores.
    • Also, the engineering rack in Saga 5 can be used alongside Rain Casting.
  • Blossoming Cage = Branches drop often from Shadow Lancers in Basic Missions/Iron Bars?
  • Pan Pie Crust.png Pie Crust is common enough reward by gifting Glutton Monkeys store-bought chocolate milk from Wanst.
  • The Sneaky in Counterattack will often spawn in one of the first rooms, including the squire's; check all squire rooms.
  • A Guide on Earning Gold
  • Music Buff Calculator

Helpful Things

Bake that Cake

To Do

  • Pet Expedition/Rewards needs constant love.
  • Write up Zebach Raid page, and clean the others up. Purification_Missions needs love too. Also Party.
    • Parties for guild battles and connous arena are max 20. jam band and squad and mini game too.
    • You cannot join a party if the character has not yet rebirthed once?
  • Partners could use some love, also a guide?
  • No Mafia page exists
  • Merge Guide:Awakened_Abyssal_Lord with [[Awakened_Abyssal_Lord]
  • Add notes to pages concerning Actions#Freestyle_Jam.
  • Ghostly Alban Priests drop Wild Boar enchant, also ygg. sprites. Crystal fish drop Large Meat.
Sold by:          Template
Usable in:        North
Limit:            10,000,000
Sales Fee:        1%
Exchange Fee:     1%
Price:            10000
Note:             Direct Bank Transaction enabled

To Do Baltane

Walk Masquerade Library
  • Steamed Shark Fin
  • Run Away
  • Mana Herb Garlic Steak
  • (Seem to think the food is Okay) Spaghetti alle Vongole +11
  • (Seem to like the food) Chicken Wings +14
  • Get Angry
  • (Not) Lively Looking Guest
  • (Seems to Like Quite a Bit) Guest with sharp eyes +13
  • (Seems to Like Quite a Bit) Guest with Bronzed Tan +10
  • (Seems to Like Quite a Bit) Black-haired Guest +13
  • (Seems to be Pleased) A Giant's Expedition to the Zardine Volcanic Region +13
  • (Seems to be Pleased) Brifine Carp Book
  • (Seems to be Pleased) Behold the Dungeon
  • (Seems to be Pleased) Fire Arrow, the Ultimate Archery +13
  • (Seems to be Pleased) Master Chef +13
  • (Seems to be Pleased) Legend of the Giant Bird +14
  • (Seems alright) There's Something about the Cheese Bread she Makes +10
  • (Seems alright) Draw a Bow +10
  • (Seems alright) Glewyas Mythril Chef Recipe Book +11
  • (Doesn't Seem to be Pleased) Seal Stone Research Almanac: Ciar Dungeon
  • Croque Monsieur
  • Gateau Au Chocolat
  • Kind looking guest
  • Short haired guest
  • Friendly looking guest
  • Cover
  • The Good Son
  • Squire
  • (Seems to be thinking deeply) Run Away +10
  • (Is okay) Spaghetti Aglio e Olio
  • Guest with Sad Eyes
  • (Seems to like quite a bit) Light Brown Hair