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Rapid Fire Maniac

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Name Type, Rank Enchants Onto Effect(s) Comes On/From
Rapid Fire Maniac
Enchant enabled rank regardless
Prefix, 1 Dual Guns
When Flash Launcher is Dan 3 or higher Balance +10%
When Shooting Rush is Dan 3 or higher Critical +15%
When Flash Launcher is Dan 1 or higher Max Damage +20~25
When Shooting Rush is Dan 1 or higher Min Damage +12~15
When Bullet Storm is Rank 2 or lower Min Damage -10
When Reload is Rank 2 or lower Strength -10
+900% Repair Cost
Reward for obtaining Dan 3 in all Dual Gun skills

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  1. Note: Once an item is personalized by an enchant, the personalization is permanent, even if the personalizing enchant is later overwritten by another enchant.