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Holiday Hide & Seek Event (2017-2018)

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Holiday Hide & Seek Event Advertisement
December 20th, 2017 ~ January 3rd, 2018


With his workshop completely filled with troublemakers, Ol' Saint Nick is going to have his hands full this holiday season. How will his presents be ready in time with elves and reindeer running amok in the workplace?[1]


  • Log in during the event to receive the quest, 2017 Hide-And-Seek Event and a Blue Wing of Goddess (Dunbarton).
  • While not in a party, talk to Caravan Joe, located at Dunbarton Square, to register for the Shadow Mission, Ready or not, here I come!
    • Every character can participate a maximum of 5 times per day. This resets at
      7:00am PDT
    • Up to three players can participate. The party ad "Waiting to enter the event." appears over registered player's heads.
      • Entering is based on a first come first serve basis.
      • You may opt out by talking to Caravan Joe. Entering a different map (e.g. indoors) or changing channels will also withdraw your registration.
      • In the event that you do not enter due to an error, talk to Caravan Joe to reapply.
    • All players will role-play as Miss Santas, equipped with a Santa Hammer, along with 3 Movement Speed 40% Increase Potion (15 secs) (Event) and 5 Status Remedy Potions. They also have the event skill Freeze! Stop Right There!
      • The RP notably takes place in second person perspective rather than third.
    • The objective is to uncover Rudolphs, Christmas Elves, and Humbuggers hiding in the props scattered throughout the room for the first three stages. On the fourth stage, the players must defeat all the NPCs.
      • Each stage lasts approximately 1 minute. During the transition, players are warped into random spots around the room within the exception of the fourth stage.
      • The mission ends when 30 seconds remain, and all NPCs will despawn by then.
      • Each uncovered NPC is worth 50 points. Each defeated NPC is worth 150 points.
      • Once an NPC is found from a prop, it will shrink.
        • If the player moves out of the prop's visual range, it may regrow. However, hitting the regrown prop does nothing and it will not re-shrink.
      • Beware that props and/or other player's progresses may slow you down, freeze you in place, or turn you into a Sheep which cannot move.
        • However, while frozen or transformed, it is still possible to attack props within reach.
        • Using a Status Remedy Potion will cure being frozen or transformed, but not while slowed down.
    • Staying in one spot during the event for 30 seconds will forcibly remove you from it for idling.
      • You can still be kicked out for "idling" even while hitting a prop, if you have not moved from that one spot for 30 seconds.
      • To avoid getting booted, you just need to move around the room. You do not actually have to hit anything or anyone or even score points.
      • Conserve your Status Remedy Potions, because being consecutively immobilized by being frozen or turned into a Sheep can put you in jeopardy of being kicked out.
    • After completing the mission, leave it and talk to Caravan Joe to receive your reward.
      • If any participant leaves, disconnects, or is kicked out during the mission, any remaining players may still compete for rewards.
        • However, the person who left will not receive any rewards, and tries are not refunded.
      • Rewards are based on placement, that is, the player with the most, middle, or least amount of points, not necessarily how many points one has.
        • In an event of a tie, rewards is base on where the player stands. If they are rank 1, then they will receive the First Place prize.


  • Christmas Trees contain two NPCs, resulting 100 points. However, there are very few and are occasionally obstructed by multiple obstacles.
  • Reindeer props will take 1 hit, but some may be empty and cause status ailments to occur instead.
  • Piles of boxes always takes 3 hits.
  • Giant sacks and boots may take 1 to 5 hits.
  • The easiest way to score points is to hit the giant sacks and/or boots.
    • Another easy way, although risky, is hitting all the Reindeer statues and Christmas Trees first. Beware of status ailments.
  • Status Remedy Potions can be hotkeyed. Hotkey the potion the moment you enter the mission, allowing for a faster recovery when needed.



Bonus Point Exchange Shop

Gift Boxes

Each box has the same items, but you have a higher chance of getting rare items in the higher boxes. Based on performance, you’ll be eligible to receive one of the following:


First place:

  • 150,000 exp; 12,000g; Caravan Joe's Complete Gift Box.

Second place:

  • 120,000 exp; 8,000g; Caravan Joe's Slightly Incomplete Gift Box.

Third place:

  • 90,000 exp; 4,000g; Caravan Joe's Incomplete Gift Box.

Caravan Joe's Complete Gift Box

You will receive this gift box for every 10 wins, but for a maximum of 80 wins.

Caravan Joe's Slightly Incomplete Gift Box

You will receive this gift box for winning 2nd place in the Hide & Seek Event.

Caravan Joe's Incomplete Gift Box

You will receive this gift box for winning 3rd place in the Hide & Seek Event.


  • The fireplaces in the event are over-sized Dry Ovens.