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Portrait of Gillach
Race Marionette
Gender Male
Occupation Assistant Archeologist
Location Tory Ravine

Track Dream of Moonlight


A unique marionette capable of understanding speech and emotions. The robes he wears to shield him from strong winds and the goggles that neatly keep his silver hair out of his face lend him an adventurous mystique. As one might expect from the sole assistant of the wandering archeologist Brielle, he's clutching a musty tome of some sort.

Mainstream Story


  • TBA


Track Title
Dream of Moonlight
Speaking with Gillach
Theme for the Secret Moonlight Hideout


Gillach was one of the main participants of the Moonlight Dreams Event. He wore the following:


  • Gillach's name is based off of the Irish word gealach, which means moon.
    • During the Moonlight Dreams Event, Kristell is aware of both of these facts and will comment on the unusualness of the name to the player.
  • Talking to Gillach while wearing either the Moonlight Dreams Warlock Attire (M) or Moonlight Dreams Witch Attire (F) will cause him to comment on it.
  • Gillach writes poetry, which he sometimes shares with the Milletian.