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Valentine's Day Cake Event (2013)

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Valentine's Day Cake Event Advertisement
For other Valentine's Day Events, see Valentine's Day Events.
For the previous event, see Potion Love Events (2012)#Event 1 - Secret Chocolate Cake Event.
February 4th, 2013 - February 24th, 2013


Valentine’s Day is near, and love and cake are in the air. Cake? Yes, cake! The Valentine’s Day Cake event is here from February 4th to February 18th, 2013 to make everyone’s day a little sweeter! Hop online and make the sweetest cake possible for a special Valentine’s Day gift.

How, you ask?

1) Speak with a Commerce Imp to receive Flour Dough.
2) Purchase Cacao from Caitin or Glenis.
3) Grab yourself some sugar.
4) Mix it all together to make the perfect Chocolate Cake!

Once finished, you can give a Chocolate Cake to the Commerce Imp once per in-game day and you will receive a Valentine Dungeon Pass and learn the Proposal Action. What a great Valentine’s Day treat!

Dungeon Rewards:

I Love You gesture coupon
Soy Chocolate
Mustard Chocolate
Wasabi Chocolate
Herbal Chocolate
Vinegar Chocolate

-The Mabinogi Team-[1]


  • Upon logging in, you will receive the quest Secret Chocolate Cake and Flour Dough.
    • If you fail in making the cake, you can talk to a Trade Assistant Imp to obtain another Flour Dough once per in-game day.
  • Using the Cooking skill, create a Cacao Chocolate Cake.
    • Despite the fact that most cakes are made through Baking, the Cacao Chocolate Cake is made with Mixing.
    • The recipe for the cake is 34% Flour Dough, 33% Cacao, and 33% Sugar.
    • The cooking ingredient, Cacao, is sold under the Events tab in Caitin and Glenis's shop for 95g.
  • With the cake in your inventory, talk to any Trade Assistant Imp.
    • The Imp will only accept the cake between 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM in-game time.
  • When you turn in the cake, you will be given a Valentine's Day Dungeon Pass and the Courtship Gesture.
  • The boss monsters, as well as the end chest, have a chance of dropping an I Love You! Gesture Coupon.
    • The Gesture Coupon can be traded between players and stored on pets.



All gems from the reward box will be 10 cm.



Secret Chocolate Cake
How to Get Quest

Login during the Potion Love Event

Briefing Take some dough to Trading Post Imp Nunu in Dunbarton.
  • 10000 Experience Points
Additional Information

The NPC can be found outside the north entrance to Dunbarton at the Trading Post.



  • Despite it stating various chocolate types as obtainable in the official description, this year's event cannot reward you with them.