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1 player and 4 player missions

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Almost 10-years since this post, but I agree and have tried to implement the split. Just flagging that the few times I've run 4-player the others in my party kill everything too quickly for me to understand what is happening, so my knowledge of how how 4-player operates is pretty thin. Some of the comments I've put in the 4-player section of this page are just things I've copied from the existing material and I cannot vouch for its accuracy. In particular: "The difficulty of the mission scales to the party leader's total level." Sounds a bit odd to me, but I guess it could be true.

Something else on this page that looks odd are the expandable sections listing mobs. What's the point of having two alphabetical list of all non-boss mobs (solo and party) and two alphabetical lists of boss mobs when all that information is then presented again in two list of mobs subdivided by wave? Surely the last two lists are the most useful and render the earlier 4 lists obsolete? At the moment the lists are actually inconsistent because some editors (probably me included) added extra finds to one list without realising they also should appear in another. Should we delete the first 4 lists and just keep the last 2?

Librarian (talk)19:38, 3 May 2022