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Guardian of Partholon

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For the Shadow Mission with a similar name, see Ghost of Partholon.
For more Shadow Missions, see Tara Shadow Missions List and Category:Shadow Missions.


Mission Information

  • Quest Board Location: Sinead (Requires Guardian of Partholon Pass)
  • Party Size: 1~8
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Details: The remaining Parthalonian Army is in the Shadow Realm and growing in strength alongside the resurrected Uroborus. Please defeat the Uroborus so that they won't be able to attack the Royal Castle. -Sinead
  • Info: Defeat the Uroborus inside the Shadow Realm.


Second Floor

Shadow Tara Second Floor.png

Castle Exterior and Garden

Shadow Tara Castle Exterior.png





Map Directions

  • The missions starts at the orb, shown above as Blue, on the second floor of the Rath Royal Castle. Hitting this orb will spawn two rounds of regular enemies and then the first miniboss.
  • Once the Basilisk and Dullahan are dead, the players can either choose to head towards the Castle Ballroom to complete the secret puzzle or ignore the secret puzzle and head straight towards the Hanging Garden, shown above as Red, to defeat the second miniboss and final boss.
    • The two orbs, shown above as Black, located along the path to the Castle Ballroom can be completed as a part of the secret puzzle which is detailed below. They are not required for the mission, but will provide points to increase the ranking for rewards.
      • Journal entries for all secret missions require S-rank completion.
    • Warning:Once you exit to the Garden, you are not able to backtrack in order to go back to the Secret Puzzle.

Secret Puzzle

  • The secret puzzle for this shadow mission are two monster-spawning orbs on the path towards the Castle Ballroom; each reward additional points to the total when completed.
    • The first is located directly to the right of the door when heading out of the second floor hallway. Defeating the monsters that spawn from this rewards 1000 additional points.
    • The second is located directly in front of the door to the Castle Ballroom. Defeating the Blinkers that spawn from this rewards 2000 additional points.
      • Three sets of Barrier Spikes, shown above in Brown, will need to be destroyed to reach the second secret puzzle orb.
  • After completing the secret puzzle, players should head back upstairs to go to the Hanging Garden.

Hanging Garden and Boss

  • A spawn of Python enemies will be occupying the Hanging Garden alongside a Python Wizard miniboss. When they are defeated the Uroborus will spawn.
  • The Uroborus here is considerably stronger than the one encountered in Generation 11; is a powerful foe that can instantly kill unprepared players. Remember that dying too often will cause the party to lose points towards the mission rank.