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Find Caravan Joe

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Find Caravan Joe Advertisement
January 6th, 2014 ~ January 21st, 2014
October 19th, 2016 ~ November 1st, 2016


He’s lost… or is he? Talk to Caravan Joe (…what?) to find out more about his (whose?!) mysterious disappearance…

Head to Joe's hometown to seek out the One True Caravan Joe amidst a sea of imposters.

Between the dates of January 6 - January 21, you’ll be provided with a variety of clues to help you spot the elusive Caravan Joe, a true master of disguise.

Caravan Joe’s identity is of the upmost importance – and a world with too many Event NPCs is a world of chaos. Seek him out as quickly as possible and you’ll get yourself Shamala's Transformation Medal (Caravan Joe), to help you do some NPC masquerading of your very own.

Additionally you’ll earn Caravan Joe’s Coupon - collect a few more and earn yourself Caravan Joe’s prized Training Seal, good for 25 Training EXP.

Complete the event to earn...

  • AP 3 potion
  • 15,000 EXP
  • 5,000 Gold
  • Caravan Joe’s Coupon

Complete the event in 5 minutes to earn...

  • AP 6 potion
  • 30,000 EXP
  • 10,000 Gold
  • Caravan Joe’s Coupon

Complete the event in 3 minutes to earn...

  • AP 9 potion
  • 45,000 EXP
  • 15,000 Gold
  • Caravan Joe’s Coupon

Complete the event in 1 minute to earn...

  • AP 15 potion
  • 75,000 EXP
  • 25,000 Gold
  • Caravan Joe’s Coupon

Where in the world is Caravan Joe? It's up to you to find out...[1]


  • Log in during the event to receive the quest, Caravan Joe's True Identity.
  • Talk to Caravan Joe, located near Dunbarton's Unicorn Statue, to enter the Shadow Mission, Find Caravan Joe.
    • You will role-play as yourself, with no skills or pets/mounts to assist you.
    • The objective is to find and talk to Caravan Joe's brother in the midst of his doppelgangers as fast as possible.
      • All NPCs are named Caravan Joe and have the same hairstyle. Their eyes, outfits, and headgear are all different. Additionally, some may spawn equipped with Wooden Clubs, Pillows, devCAT Balloons, Paper Gloves, Rock Gloves, O Signs, X Signs, or Fishing Rods.
        • There are 3 eye types with 17 headgears each, and a mix of 6 outfits distributed haphazardly across 51 NPCs, making a 1 in 17 chance of getting the right NPC with the first clue.
          • On a more technical level, there are no Santa Suit or Cloth Mail Caravan Joes with Empty Eyes and there are none in Carpenter Clothes or Torque Blacksmith Suit with Innocent Eyes. This has the potential to narrow the possibilities down.
        • Beware that some Caravan Joes have the same features.
        • Also beware that some of their headgears may cover their eyes.
      • The Caravan Joes may walk around, making it much more difficult to track down the real brother.
    • You are given a total of three picture hints to find the real brother.
      • Each picture hint is displayed for 5 seconds. The name of the hint is said by the character which can be reviewed in the chat log.
      • The first hint is given at the end of the dialog when entering the mission. The second is given after three minutes after the mission starts and the third after six minutes.
        • It is possible to receive the second and third hints before the first hint if one does not finish the initial dialog.
      • The order of the hints are eyes, outfit, headgear.
    • If you talk to the wrong Caravan Joe, you will be warped back to the mission's starting point.
      • It is recommended to exit and retry the mission if you are unable to find him quickly; there is no penalty for leaving.
    • The faster you find Caravan Joe's brother, the better the rewards given.
      • The timer starts ticking down immediately after starting the mission.
      • The reward is determined when you click "Mission Complete" after finding the right Caravan Joe, not when you find him.
      • The rewards, except for Shamala's Transformation Medals, are only given for the first success of the day, resetting at
        7:00am PST

Event Bugs

  • Finishing the event right at the 1 minute mark (i.e. 1 minute has passed) will result in rewards equating to 5 or more minutes.
  • It's possible to become stuck when trying to talk to one of the NPCs. The NPC dialogue will not show up, but you become unable to move or take most actions, including actually talking to a nearby NPC. You are forced to exit the mission and try again.
  • Some NPCs may spawn inside props, making it difficult to determine their features.


  • Below is a gallery of hints you may receive during the mission.
  • These hints will appear as a picture for 5 seconds.
    • The name of the description will also be spoken out as text by your character.
Descriptive Part Picture
Eyes Caravan Joe Hint (Eyes).png
Outfit Caravan Joe Hint (Clothing).png
Headgear Caravan Joe Hint (Headgear).png
Additional Equipment Caravan Joe Hint (Weapon).png
  • One system for narrowing down results is to work through the most common outfits until the 2nd clue narrows it down further.
    • For Innocent Eyes the Santa Suit is the most common, followed by the yellow Star-Shaped Magician suit.
    • For Empty Eyes the Tork Blacksmith and Carpenter clothes are the most common, in that order.
    • Tired eyes have more outfit diversity than the other eye types, but the Cloth Mail and Aladdin outfit are still more common.


Caravan Joe's True Identity
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Find Caravan Joe event

Briefing Have you noticed that every time there is a special event Caravan Joe seems to appear? Don't you wonder what his identity is? I'll let only you in on the secret. - Caravan Joe -
  • 5,000 Experience Points


Time < 1 Minute

Time < 3 Minutes

Time < 5 Minutes

Time > 5 Minutes

Caravan Joe's Coupon