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Fabric Weaving Loom

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Weaving Loom.png Fabric Weaving Loom In-House.png
2 x 3 In-House

A loom that can be used inside the house. If you have the Weaving skill, you can use the loom to weave your own fabric using threads. The success rate will increase when you produce the fabric. You can charge the visitors of your home a usage fee if they wish to use this production equipment.

Resell Value is 6,232g.

A Loom for Fabric is used for weaving in a player's home.

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It can be used to make either Fabric or Silk.

Increases the success rate of making Fabric, though whether it affects the quality of fabric made is unknown.


Only usable in a player's house.

Methods to Obtain


Name Item Rank Skill Rank Production
Materials Needed
Fabric Weaving Loom
4 9 5,800 Wood Board × 2
Large Nail × 6
Tough Thread × 6